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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yaba TV Presents Black History Month Gala: A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

— Africa comes to Beverly Hills for Black History Month Celebration, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair embracing 5 African countries with African American Infusion that includes an Authentic Live Band, Cuisine, Fashion Show, Dancers and more. —

Black History Month Gala

Beverly Hills, CA — On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the Beverly Hilton Hotel will host the 3rd Annual Black History Month Gala, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair presented by Yaba TV and the excitement is mounting!

Yaba TV is known for highlighting the traditions of African American and Africa cultures such as the lifestyles, music and business ethics. In addition, Yaba TV brings insightful conversations to the forefront bridging the gap to over 20 million Southern California viewers through its weekly media channels of the “MotherLand Gospel Show” on Radio Free KJLH 102.3 and 93.5 KDAY; “Yaba TV Show” on Channel 13 KCOP; and Y-Magazine. The Black History Month Gala will not be without acceptance!

The Black History Month Gala, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair will bring authentic African Cultures to Beverly Hills intertwining 5 African Countries with African American celebrations of black awareness. The gala is African theme including attire and will celebrate various individuals (announced later) with awards for their influence in the African inspiration experience. In addition, a Celebrity Black Carpet Affair is scheduled and produced by Entertainment Publicist KimiRhochelle of KRPR Media. Announcements of celebrities, hosts and awardees will be announced in January 2016.

Guests will experience the ambiance, the true flavors and aroma of African Culture. The Black History Month Gala includes the following:

Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ethiopian and Togo Fashions by Lola, Tess, Amevi and others. African Dance groups include: Najite Agindota & Cultural Group from Nigeria, Chief Camara & Group from Senegal, Ruben Gobah African Arobics Dancer from Liberia & Guinea, Ghana Cultural Dancers and Ethiopian Cultural Dancers.

The African Cuisine will be served by International Chef Nene that will include Egusi soup and pounced yam, Jollof rice, Fish stew & steamed rice, Fried plantains and more.

The Black History Month Gala will be featured on KJLH and KDAY via “MotherLand Gospel Show;” Channel 13 KCOP via “Yaba TV Show” and Y-Magazine.
Tickets are now available as well as group tables and can be purchased by visiting http://bit.ly/BlackHistoryMonthGala

There are opportunities to brand and/or advertise such as:
1. celebrity black carpet entrance/step n repeat
2. celebrity green room / product placement, logos, tastings, etc.
3. swag bags / place min of 100 items, samples, etc
4. program book ads

For more information, please send requests to sponsors@krprmedia.com

The Black History Month Gala is also accepting vendors. For more information, please send requests to vendors@krprmedia.com

Black History Month Gala Black Carpet RSVP’s for celebrities are sent to: talent@krprmedia.com .
For all MEDIA INQUIRIES, please send requests to: media@krprmedia.com


WHAT: BLACK HISTORY MONTH GALA & Celebrity Black Carpet Affair presented by YABA TV


WHERE: THE BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL, 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


VENDORS: For info email vendors@krprmedia.com

ADVERTISERS / BRANDING / SPONSORS OPPORTUNITIES: program book, celebrity black carpet, and others- for info email: sponsors@krprmedia.com


About YABA TV – (www.yaba.tv)

Their core mission is to connect Africa with America by integrating the cultures on a first-hand-knowledge basis.

Yaba TV media is focused on educating everyone about Africa. Through our media, African children born in America can learn about Africa even before their first visit to Africa. All American can be enlightened even more about the African cultures through our television show.

The Yaba TV Show highlights the many aspects of African life including different cultures, traditions, family values, morals, beliefs, investment opportunities, business, tourism ideas, special events, and exclusive grassroots footages about Africa; in other words, Africans presenting the motherland as we live it. African-American viewers can now begin to cultivate their ancestral roots as we present detail footage on a given country one at a time.

In July 2009, President Obama visited Ghana, West Africa. As a result, many African-Americans are now interested to learn more about Ghana and other African countries. The Yaba TV Show plays an important role in connecting Africa to the world. We will visit Africa periodically to capture authentic footages on art, cultures and life styles to be aired on our TV show.

Our long term goal is to build a cultural resource center for our communities and teach our authentic African cultures. We will have African artists visit the United States and America artists visit Africa in an effort to encourage cultural diffusion in the art, music and lifestyles. A portion of proceeds will also benefit orphans and widows in Africa, one country at time.

Yaba TV Show is a non-profit corporation with a 501C 3 status and all donations are tax deductible.

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Radio Free KJLH 102.3 – Motherland Gospel airs every Sunday, LIVE Prime-Time 6:30pm-7:00pm

93.5 KDAY Premiering Sunday January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am

Channel 13 KCOP – Yaba TV Show airs every Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm

Y- Magazine 50,000 monthly circulation in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas


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