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Monday, February 22, 2016

New School Black History Magazine Reveals the Hidden History of Black People

New School Black History Magazine

2nd edition of New School Black History Magazine

Nationwide — Via the second edition of a new magazine called New School Black History Magazine, the hidden history of Black people is now being unearthed after over 200 years of racism. Published by MPC Publishers, the information within this publication is a continuation of the book Black History In A Nutshell by Allen J.Z. Shabazz released in 2013.

New School Black History Magazine is published periodically for the public (and for schools), and it claims to feature ancient artifacts hidden in museums around the world about the advanced technology of ancient pre-historic Black space travelers.

According to MPC Publishers:

“Highly advanced ancient Africans were in America before the coming of Columbus, and even before the existence of the Neanderthal white European race came on the planet. The true aboriginal Native Americans were Black Africans who were in America before any other race came to America. The first government was not the United States Government established by the European 13 colonies, but the first governments in America were pre-historic governments of the Black Atlanteans (10,000 B.C.), the Black Olmec Egyptians (1500 B.C.), and the Iroquois League of Nations established in America by the West African Moors (1312 A.D.-1774 A.D.). These ancient American governments ruled by Black men were in America before the coming of Mongolians (Eskimos) or so-called Native Americans.”


New School Black History Magazine gives readers a glimpse of the Black African pre-historic governments and nations in America before any other race came to America, and it contains black history that the publisher says was purposely left out of white American history books because of racism.

The second edition of the magazine features 127 photos of paintings, drawings, and other ancient artifacts by early American British and French explorers of the 17th century proving all of their claims.

To purchase a copy and/or for more information, visit www.blackhistoryshell.com or Amazon.com.


MPC Publishers

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