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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

International Wig Company Donates Thousands of Masks and Goggles to Workers on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Crisis

MyFirstWig provides first-responders, healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and others free medical supplies

My First Wig mask donations

New York, NY — As part of a major initiative to support first-responders, health care workers and other frontline workers during this COVID-19 pandemic, MyFirstWig, one of the world’s most popular brands in the lace wig industry, has donated thousands of free medical supplies to these fearless workers.

The total donations included 1,000 N95 masks, 1,000 surgical masks, 3,000 gloves and 300 goggles, donated to these workers primarily in New York City.

“Although what we can do is limited,” Nicole Wilson, a manager at MyFirstWig. “We tried our best to support those who work on the front line. If we all stick together and support each other, there is nothing we can’t overcome.”

In making the donations, MyFirstWig executives said they are “deeply conscious of the serious shortage of medical supplies these workers are facing.” In an expanded statement, the company said, “They are risking their lives to save others at this tough time. Difficult times won’t pass without those heroes. To help them more efficiently, MyFirstWig came up with a creative idea by providing a platform so they can apply for free medical supplies directly.”

MyFirstWig also reached out to customers and other supporters, via its social media channels, encouraging them to thank and support all the healthcare workers. The company also held several live shows for healthcare workers. The company’s sister website RPGShow has donated PPE supplies to hospital in NYC.

“This is such a nice thing to do for healthcare workers,” said Allison, one of the nurses receiving some of the donated supplies. “We see every patient that comes in with COVID-19 symptoms. You have no idea how much this means to us at this time. The mask that I currently have, is one that I’ve had for two weeks now. We have to keep using it until they can get more for us to use. So, to have clean mask, is such a blessing! We all are truly grateful for people like you and your team. Thank you so much!”

For more information, please visit www.myfirstwig.com


About MyFirstWig
MyFirstWig, one of the most popular brands in the lace wig industry, was created to suit people new to wigs. With an emphasis on customer needs and care, MyFirstWig has distinguished itself as by providing beginner-friendly wigs and dedicated tutorials for those who are new to wigs. Its sister website, RPGShow, is a leading provider of luxury full lace and lace front wig company. Learn more at MyFirstWig.com.


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