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Monday, August 28, 2017

The Los Angeles Grand Jury Has Been Requested to Investigate California Governor Jerry Brown for Corruption

— Special interest groups are partnering with state and federal government agencies to run innocent Black business owners out of business. —

California Governor Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown

Nationwide — Billy Earley is a black Physician Assistant who posted an article on BlackNews.com in December of 2015, titled: California Medical Board Accused of Illegally Targeting Minority Doctors. In that article, Mr. Earley asked the Governor of California to launch a criminal investigation into the Medical Board of California for corruption. He comments, “The Medical Board consists of a hidden police department and they have joined forces with the Attorney General.”

Mr. Earley identified misconduct, consisting of, but not limited to: falsifying reports, manufacturing evidence, tampering with evidence, and Mr. Earley had forensic proof that police misconduct was done by the police. Governor Jerry Brown forwarded the complaint to the perpetrators and Mr. Earley quickly became the subject of severe harassment and government retaliation.

“Historically, the police are always screwing with black people lives, shooting and incriminating them,” he comments. Mr. Earley is fighting for his rights and the right to take care of his family without any legal help. Case Number: 15:16-CV-02274 AB(SK).

Mr. Earley has called on the Grand Jury to investigate ties between CVS and Jerry Brown. CVS Health was sued by Mr. Earley for calling his patients “negritos” short for the N-word and they said “black people” did not have pain. CVS recently opened 3,500 retail clinics inside of their pharmacy stores all over California and in other states. CVS has bolstered that they plan on taking over the “community” clinic market shares in this country. I am requesting that the Grand Jury investigate Brown and CVS because the pharmacy giant had access to government top secret investigative files and they are using this to point out doctors and get rid of them to take market shares. This is where the Grand Jury complaint for corruption begins…

CVS admitted in a Superior Court document that they have a “background partnership” with unknown Federal and State government officials. The document goes on to say that CVS is tapping into government resources to identify “bad” doctors and then pointing them out to their government “partners” to investigate these doctors; this includes tapping into the Controlled Substance Utilization Review System (CURES), not to identify patients, but to identify doctors.

Mr. Earley comments, “California Law, pursuant to 11165.1 – CVS access to CURES should be denied because CVS had their DEA registration revoked and they were charged with criminal violations stemming from the Florida ‘pill mill’ epidemic where people came from all over the U.S. to buy prescription drugs from their stores. Brown is accused of allowing CVS to utilize the CURES and California government agencies like the DEA to target and falsely investigate doctors; in order for CVS to accomplish their hideous and unlawful agenda of taking over the patients.”

He continues, “Here is a short list of what CVS, with the help of the federal and state government is telling patients all over the country: “Your doctor is under DEA investigation, FBI investigation, Police investigation, he is unlicensed, a murderer, no good, and he should be in jail.” The Grand Jury has been requested to investigate this because CVS has access to all of these government agencies, including Governor Brown, and they have partnered with them to provide unlawful investigations designed to target the doctors, many with false and fabricated evidence, stripping them of their due process rights and stealing their patients in the long run. This type of crime affects Black and brown people more than anybody else because of our color and because of their history.”

How can you help?

Sign Billy’s Petition on Change.org:
Requesting Congress to Enact a Law appointing a Civilian Police Review Commission to monitor and identify police misconduct.


If you would like to help – Write to:
Billy Earley
2144 Wembley Lane
Corona, California 92881


Billy Earley

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