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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Picture of Black Mom and Her Twin Daughters Goes Viral — People Can’t Figure Out Who’s Who!

Kaylan Mahomes with her mom and her twin

Kaylan Mahomes with her mom and her twin

Nationwide — Kaylan Mahomes (@kaylan_17) recently posted a photo/ video of herself with her twin sister, Kyla (@kylllllaaaaa), and her mother on her Twitter account, but she had no idea just how viral the post would go. The three of them, from Indianapolis, Indiana, look completely identical, and it really is hard to tell which one of them is the mom.

Because of the amazement of the photo, the photo/video has been retweeted and shared thousands of times on both Facebook and Twitter, and the hashtags #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackDontCrack have become an international trend.

Not only that, news programs all over the world, from Denmark to England to the Bahamas to Nigeria, are talking about it, and even Kaylan’s Twitter followers have increased to more than 8,000. She has since started an already popular Instagram account at www.instagram.com/momtwinandme/

So who exactly is who? Well, the mom is actually the one on the far left. The two on the right are the twin sisters.

Here’s what people are saying on social media:

“FLAWLESS!! I just had a debate about who mom was” — Andrea Pack

“You are all blessed to be so lovely. Stay beautiful girls” — Hugh Tellin

“Multigenerational Triplets. Flawless. #DontCrack” — LowKeyLeftEye

“Beautiful family!! You look like sisters, not mother and daughters” — Peace Diva

“Well, I saw it on the news here in Denmark.” — Tennis Bolden

“You all are exceptionally beautiful! Stay humble and level-headed amidst this new celebrity. But By All Means #UseEveryBitOfIts” — Andre H.


The three are even starting to get invitations from radio and TV stations around the country to be own their show. Most notable is an invitation from, you guessed it – The Ellen Degeneres Show!


Watch their short video below:

When your mom thinks it’s a picture..lol #whosthemom ?

Un vídeo publicado por #momtwin&me (@momtwinandme) el

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