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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Introducing F-MONDE™ – the World’s First Ultra-Premium, Naturally Wavy Hair Brand.

— F-MONDE™ is the new, edgy, Hair and Beauty Brand created by Follea®, the company known for its luxurious European hair, to provide unique hair texture choices to women of all nationalities, for all reasons. —

F-MONDE by Follea

Beverly Hills, CA — Follea Inc., the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of natural, European Hair, next generation wigs and hair loss solutions, announces the creation of its new sister Brand: F-MONDE™. The origin of the Brand name takes the classic “F” from Follea and joins it with “MONDE,” meaning “World” in French. F-MONDE expands Follea’s appeal on a global level to the great number of women for whom silky, straight European hair is not their personal answer. F-MONDE launches day-1 with a world-class collection of naturally wavy, lightweight, and breathable next generation wigs, based on Follea’s already famous Aero™and Gripper™ cap constructions.

Michael Leigh, Follea’s Beverly Hills based President, stated: “The launch of the F-MONDE Brand is the most exciting and significant new product launch since Follea of Beverly Hills opened its doors in January 2008. Follea is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful, silky, straight with natural body, ultra-premium, fine European hair. It is stunning, and has become the industry benchmark for hair quality, but it is not for everyone. Many of our Caucasian Clients from Europe and America, as well as our African American, African, Asian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Follea clients have all asked us to create a world-class naturally wavy wig and hairpiece collection with premium quality hair, that closely replicates their desired look. They say it does not currently exist. We think we have achieved that goal with F-MONDE. F-MONDE is destined to become the quality benchmark for any women who desires the best naturally wavy hair available.”

F-MONDE features Follea’s new World Preferred™ hair – rare ultra-premium, naturally wavy hair sourced from their global network of professional hair collectors. Follea is prepared to pay premium prices for the best hair and it shows in the finished results. Each F-MONDE next-gen wig is consistent, free flowing and beautiful. These wigs are not permed, with one notable exception. F-MONDE’s new collection also offers a texture choice of their “real as it gets” Relaxed hair, which is gently created using Follea’s NaturPerm™ proprietary process. It gives new choices to women of color searching for something noticeably different than anything else currently available.

The first F-MONDE collections are available in layered hair lengths ranging from 6″ to 18″. Because of the layered construction, the “overall” visual lengths (from crown to tips) are significantly longer, ranging from the shortest at nape length, to all the way down your back. A comparative length chart is shown on the F-MONDE section of Follea’s website. For hair color, there are multiple TruLife™ Follea sophisticated color blend options, ranging from rich black, to highlighted brunettes to low-lighted blondes. There is even a gorgeously unique Ombre choice.

F-MONDE collections are designed and crafted by the same Follea team that creates the Follea Brand European hair collections. Leigh added: “We carefully sort the hair for length and texture and then sort it a second time to remove the majority of shorter hair. This unique “double-drawn” process helps to create that full, extravagant look. It is a very expensive way to make wigs, but it is worth it when you see the results.” Availability is immediate from Beverly Hills, California.

Follea was founded over 15 years ago and has become the undisputed industry benchmark for hair quality and innovative design. Follea is the only US-owned hair company with its own Asian manufacturing facility, providing Follea with a significant quality control and innovation leadership advantage.

In January 2008, Follea Introduced its first Follea-Branded European Hair collections from its new Beverly Hills, California, headquarters. Follea has forever changed the added-hair industry. Follea now operates worldwide and is globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, craftsmanship, and service. Hair professionals from the US to Europe and Australia have acclaimed Follea’s reputation as Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair®.

To download the new F-MONDE hair collection, go to www.follea.com/F-MONDE/

For more information on Follea, and images of the F-MONDE™ Brand collections, contact: Laura Grenot. Office: 310-858-0100. Email: Laura@Follea.com.

Toll-free: 1-888-4-FOLLEA (1-888-436-5532). Visit www.follea.com

To find your nearest Follea Reseller or ICARe™ Representative, click on “Find Us”.

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