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Monday, March 7, 2016

“Cosby” Star Admits He’s Losing Money Because of Reruns Not Being Aired — Says, “What About Woody Allen?”

Malcolm Jamal-Warner

Malcolm Jamal-Warner

Nationwide — Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Theo on the 1980’s hit sitcom The Cosby Show, recently opened about how he feels about the show’s reruns being pulled off the air. During a recent appearance on BET’s The Real, he said, “It’s literally taking money out of my pocket. So I got my own personal feelings about that, because it personally affects me.”

During the interview, he also he said that its unfair that Cosby’s show has been pulled, but other accused actors and directors such as Stephen Collins, Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski remained unaffected. All of these mentioned have also faced sexual assault allegations.

Warner comments, “No one that has been calling for Woody’s movies to be pulled off the air. Roman Polanski is still celebrated. Stephen Collins’ show still comes on. So it’s just interesting how it’s very unbalanced.”

But Warner added that he is concerned that officials want to remove Bill Cosby’s Hollywood star, but says that he in “no position to defend” Cosby for the allegations. “But nor will I throw him under the bus,” he says.

Bill Cosby was charged last year with sexual assault for an alleged incident that took place at his home in 2004. Since then, he has been accused publicly of assault and misconduct by more than 50 women. The Cosby Show his hit sitcom television series aired on NBC from 1984 to 1992, won several major TV awards, and was a classic favorite among American families of all ethnicities.

Watch the video interview:

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