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Urban Issues

Miami Cop Used Police Car to Try to Run Over Black Teen Who Was on His Bike

Jaydon Stubbs, Black teen who police tried to run over

Hollywood, FL — Jaydon Stubbs, a 15-year old from South Florida, said police brutally arrested him because they were suspicious of him while he was riding his bike with his […]

Father Criticized For Spanking 12-Year Old Daughter After Learning She is Sexually Active

Father beats 12-year old daughter

Nationwide — A video of a father beating his 12-year old daughter after he allegedly caught her having sex has gone viral after it was posted on Twitter and Instagram […]

H.R. 40 - The Study of Reparations: How America Remembers and Defines African American Enslavement

African slaves

By Tolson Banner Nationwide — House Resolution Bill 40 (named for the 40 acres and a mule that Black people never got) introduced by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, if passed, […]

Store Employee Called the Police on Black Woman Because She Didn't Like Her Tone

CVS store employee calling the police on a Black woman

Tulsa, OK — Kendriana Washington, a Black woman who was trying to pick up her prescription at a CVS Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said she received poor customer service from […]

White Security Guard Pointed Gun at and Tried to Arrest a Black Sheriff in Full Uniform

Black sheriff, Alan Gaston, confronted by white security guard

Toledo, OH — Alan Gaston, a Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy who is Black, was completely shocked when Seth Eklund, a security guard who is white, confronted him and pointed a […]

Brother of Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Gets 2 Months in Plea Deal After Rape Allegations

Police Officer Vincent Crump arrested for assaulting women

Tallahassee, FL — Vincent Crump, a 44-year old former police officer from Florida, will be spending 2 months behind bars after being convicted of sexual battery in connection to the […]

Man Ignores Son's Requests Not to Call the Police on a Black Man Who He Says Was "Trespassing"

Christopher Cukor, man who called police on Black man

San Francisco, CA — Christopher Cukor, a white executive who reportedly works at YouTube, called the police on Wesley Michel, a Black software engineer who was waiting for his friend […]

Man Pretends to Be Black While in Court Facing Road Rage Charges

Mark Char, man who pretended to be Black while in court

Oahu, HI — Mark Char, a man from Hawaii who was charged with attempted murder and assault for a road rage incident in 2016, appeared in court wearing blackface as […]

Off Duty Police Officer Killed an Unarmed Black Teen -- But This Time, It Wasn’t in the U.S.

Israel — Outrage against police brutality has once again been sparked, but this time in Israel after an off-duty police officer shot and killed Solomon Teka, an 18-year old unarmed […]

Man Charged For Attacking 13-Year-Old Black Teen, Accusing Him of Vandalizing Playground

Thomas D'Andrea, white man who attacked Black teen at playground

Pittsburgh, PA — Thomas D’Andrea, a 46-year old white man, has been charged for allegedly jumping on and assaulting a 13-year old Black boy because he thought he was vandalizing […]

Black Hospital Patient Recovering from Pneumonia Handcuffed, Accused of Trying to Steal IV

Shaquille Dukes, Black man arrested at hospital, accused of stealing IV

Freeport, IL — Shaquille Dukes, a 24-year old Black man trying to recover from pneumonia at a hospital in Illinois, was shocked when a security officer approached him and accused […]

Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund Chief Investment Officer Testifies Before U.S. House Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion

Angela Miller May of the Chicago Teachers' Pension

Testimony highlighted the approach Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) has used to increase opportunities for diverse investment managers over the last 20 years Chicago, IL — The Chicago Teachers’ Pension […]

20-Year Old Dad Killed After Leaving Hospital to Visit His New Born Twins

Tyrese Garvin, Louisville man killed after visiting new born twins

Louisville, KY — Tyrese Garvin, a 20-year old first-time father from Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed in a tragic incident on Sunday. He was walking down the street from […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Turned Entrepreneur's New Board Game Keeps Teens Out of Prison

April D. Preyar, creator of JustUs Junkie's Trials & Trump boardgame

April D. Preyar, creator of the game, says that 35 minutes of play can save teens from having to serve 3 to 5 years in jail. Nationwide — Chicago native, […]

Texas Police Officer Charged With Murder After Killing Unarmed Man

Michael Dunn, police officer in Texas who was indicted of murder

Dallas, TX — Michael Dunn, a 43-year old police officer from Farmers Branch, Texas, has been indicted on a murder charge after he reportedly shot and killed 35-year old Juan […]

Research Reveals That Black Children Were Fed to Hogs and Used as Alligator Bait in the Early 1900s

Black children fed to hogs and alligators as bait

A man named Johnny Lee Gaddy recently shared with peonage researcher, Dr. Antoinette Harrell, that in 1957 he witnessed African American children being literally fed to the hogs that were […]

Leadership and Mentoring Summit to Help Place Black Male Students in Selected Colleges

Manifest Academy Summit at Morehouse College

Nationwide — College Campus Tours, LLC has created an awesome generational changing program that will enhance the college graduation rates for many students. They will present, the inaugural Manifest Academy […]

Street Artist Arrested, Accused of Vandalism While Working on City-Approved Mural

Sheefy McFly, artist arrested

Detroit, MI — Sheefy McFly, a talented and well-known mural artist, was recently arrested in Detroit after being accused of vandalism while he was painting a mural commissioned by the […]

Mother of 5 Killed By a Man Falsely Claiming to be a Cop For Allegedly Shoplifting -- Family Wants Justice!

Sircie Varnado, Black mom killed by Walgreens manager

Chicago, IL — Sircie Varnado, a 46-year old mother of five, was shot and killed by a man who pretended to be a police officer inside of a Walgreen’s store […]

15-Year Veteran Black Police Officer in Detroit Says He Was Racially Profiled By a Young White Cop

Chris Williams, Black police officer in Detroit

Detroit, MI — Chris Williams, a Detroit police officer who is Black, says he was manhandled and handcuffed by a young fellow officer who is white, apparently for having too […]

National Forum to Be Held in DC About the Promise of Reparations for African Americans

Reparations Forum

Nationwide — On the anniversary of Juneteenth, the National African American Reparations Commission and American Civil Liberties Union will hold a national forum titled “Healing and Reconciliation: H.R. 40 and […]

Man Arrested After Killing His Father on Father's Day

Marcus Saker, man who killed his father on Father's Day

Miami, FL — Marcus Sakers, a 32-year old man from Miami, was arrested on Monday after police said he shot and killed his own father during a fight – ironically […]

Black Woman Who Couldn’t Afford $500 Bail Found Dead in Her Jail Cell

Layleen Polanco, transgender woman found dead in jail

New York, NY — Layleen Polanco, a 27-year old transgender woman, was found dead in her cell on Rikers Island in New York a week before she was due to […]

Father Publishes Book That Helps Children Survive Divorce and Separation

Cow on Two Farms by Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson – a father, actor, writer, director, and entrepreneur – has published a new book for his children entitled “The Cow on Two Farms” to remind them that fatherhood […]

Family Suing Phoenix Police Dept for $10 Million Over Excessive Force After 4-Year Old Stole a Doll

Black family suing Phoenix Police Dept

Phoenix, AZ — A family is suing the Phoenix Police Department for $10 million over claims of police brutality after they were accused of shoplifting. Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper […]

Teacher Accused of Choking Students and Hitting Them on Their Heads

Ava Williams, teacher accused of choking a student

Pembroke Park, FL — Ava Williams, a third-grade teacher at Watkins Elementary School in South Florida, was fired last week after being accused of choking a student. Throughout her two-decade […]

Award-Winning Playwright to Debut “The Central Park Five” Opera Performance

Cast members of The Central Park Five Long Beach Opera performance

Featuring Music By Anthony Davis, and a Libretto by Richard Wesley The live performance will premiere on June 15 and June 22 at 7:30 pm, and June 23 at 2:30 […]

Black Cop Who Shot a White Woman Sentenced to 12 1/2 Years in Prison

Mohamed Noor, Black cop sentenced for killing white woman

Minneapolis, MN — White police officers who fatally shoot African Americans usually get away with it without any charges. But Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis police officer who is Black, […]

Astonishing Theft of $10 Million from Black Businesswoman Anne Kihagi – Here’s Her Plight

Anne Kihagi

Nationwide — Anne Kihagi, an African American businesswoman and real estate investor, has been the victim of judicial injustice in San Francisco. Judge Angela Bradstreet has perpetrated many injustices against […]

Baltimore Brothers Set Free After 24 Years in Prison for Wrongful Murder Conviction

Baltimore brothers wrongfully convicted

Baltimore, MD — Two brothers, Kenneth “JR” McPherson and Eric Simmons, are finally walking free after spending 24 years in prison for a crime they never committed. They were recently […]

Florida Man Charged With First-Degree Murder Was Released From Jail... By Mistake!

Eric Vail, murder suspect accidentally released from jail

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Eric Vail, a 28-year old accused murderer, is now on the loose after being mistakenly released from jail by the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Broward […]

3 People Arrested After Foster Child Beaten For Not Finishing Homework

Child abuse suspects

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Three people have been arrested in Florida for reportedly brutally beating a child with several things such as jump rope, belt, clothes hanger, and even a […]

Black Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied -- Now the Parents are Suing the School!

Mya Vizcarrondo, Black teen who committed suicide

Bronx, NY — Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios, a 16-year old high school student at Harry S. Truman High School in New York, committed suicide by jumping off a roof after allegedly being […]

Employee Fired For Pointing a Gun at a Black Couple Over Picnic Reservations

White campground employee points gun at Black couple in Starksville, Mississippi

Starkville, MS — A white female campground employee has been fired after she reportedly threatened and pointed a gun at a Black couple who were just looking for a nice […]

A Call to Bernie Sanders and Cornel West on Reparations: “Black People Can’t Wait!”

Cornell West and Bernie Sanders

By Tolson Banner Nationwide — Have you ever been caught in the middle of “sumptin” where it seemed as if there was no way out? Like table tennis, you are […]

Florida Mom Grieving After Daycare Worker Left Her 4-Month Old Baby in Hot Van

Lancia Isaac, mother of baby that a daycare worker left in a hot car

Jacksonville, FL — Lancia Isaac, a grieving mother from Florida, is asking for support after her 4-month old baby named Brooklyn tragically died after being left in a hot van […]

Man Graduates College From Same University Where He Once Worked as a Janitor

Frank Baez

New York, NY — Frank Baez, who moved to New York from the Dominican Republic when he was a teenager, used to work at New York University’s Langone Tisch Hospital as […]

Illinois Man Sentenced to 76 Years in Prison Based on Testimony From a Legally Blind Person

Darien Harris

Chicago, IL — Darien Harris was 18-years old when he was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 76 years in prison for his alleged involvement in a deadly shooting. Now 26-years […]

Did Sacramento Police Put a Plastic Bag Over a 12-Year Old Black Boy's Head During His Arrest?

Black boy arrested by Sacramento Police with plastic bag on his head

Sacramento, CA — The Sacramento Police Department is under fire again after a video has surfaced showing police officers brutally arresting a 12-year old Black boy using what appears to […]

School Bans Black Mom After She Confronts Her Daughter’s Bullies

Christian Tinsley, mother banned from school

Laguna Niguel, CA — When Christian Tinsley learned that her daughter was being bullied and sexually harassed at school, she instinctively wanted to protect her child. However, when she confronted her […]

Texas Home Care Worker Charged with Killing 12 Elderly Women

Billy Chemirmir

Dallas, TX — Billy Chemirmir, an illegal immigrant from Kenya who worked as a home care worker in Texas, has been charged with the murder of 12 elderly women and […]

Millions of African Americans Are Unemployed, But This Web Site Solves That Problem!

African American job seekers

Nationwide — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national Black unemployment rate is about 7%, meaning that at least two million African Americans are currently unemployed. But BlackJobs.com […]

Man Who Killed Two Black Shoppers in a Grocery Store Found Incompetent for Trial

Gregory Alan Bush

Jeffersontown, KY — Gregory Alan Bush, the man who was facing several charges for fatally shooting two Black shoppers at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky last year, has been found currently […]

This Foundation Has Reunited Over 3,000 Fatherless Children With Their Biological Fathers

Child reunited with his biological father

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. and Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, are experts at reuniting children with their fathers. Nationwide — Michigan Native, Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, […]

Meet the Ex-Felon Who Graduated From Yale and is Now a Lawyer

Reginald Dwayne Betts

Hartford, CT — Reginald Dwayne Betts was 16-years old when he was convicted of carjacking. After serving over eight years in prison, he strived hard to improve himself, landed a job, […]

Single Black Mother Called Racial Slurs After She Asked Landlord to Repair Leaky Roof

Winter Whittaker, single Black mom called racial slurs by landlord

Richmond, VA — Winter Whittaker, a single Black mother from Virginia, says she feared for her life after her landlord, Dean Parsons, made derogatory comments and used racial slurs at […]

Black Woman Yelled “I’m Pregnant” Right Before Being Shot and Killed By a Texas Police Officer

Pamela Turner, pregnant Black woman killed by Texas police

Baytown, TX — A Black woman has been shot and killed by a police officer after she allegedly grabbed the officer’s taser and resisted arrest. However, a video of the incident […]

Once Homeless, Black Doctor Tells His Story of Beating the Odds in New Film

Dr. Tommy Watson

Nationwide — Dr. Tommy Watson is sharing his empowering life story in a new film called Resilient that is scheduled to be released in Charlotte, NC in the summer of […]

Man Awarded $60K After Being Arrested for Refusing to Give Police His Name During Traffic Stop

Robert Mitchell settles with Bakersfield Police Dept

Bakersfield, CA — Robert Mitchell, a Black man who filed a lawsuit against the Bakersfield Police Department for allegedly making an “unconstitutional arrest” on him during a traffic stop two […]

Mentally Ill Father Accused of Setting His Car on Fire With His 3-Year Old Daughter Inside

Martin Pereira, father accused of burning his daughter alive

Queens, NY — Zoey Pereira, a 3-year old little girl from New York tragically died after being burned alive inside a locked car. The girl’s father, Martin Pereira, has been […]

Body Cam Shows Maryland Police Officer Calling Black Men the N-Word

White police officer called Black men the n-word

Montgomery, MD — A white female police officer from Maryland is being investigated after she was recorded on Instagram Live and on her own body camera calling several Black men the […]

Black Teen, Now 32-Years Old, Still Serving 11 Life Sentences in Prison For Crime He Didn’t Commit

Juan Raymond

Lancaster, CA — Juan Rayford Jr. was 17-years old when he was wrongfully accused of attempted murder and ultimately sentenced with life imprisonment despite his non-involvement in the crime. Now […]

14-Year Old Football Star Featured In Sports Illustrated Killed By Stray Bullet

Jaylon McKenzie

Belleville, IL — Jaylon McKenzie, a 14-year old who aspired to be an NFL player, recently died after being hit by a stray bullet while leaving a party in Illinois. […]

Baltimore Mayor Resigns Over Book Deal Scandal

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Nationwide — Catherine Pugh, the mayor of Baltimore has finally resigned after a recent controversy about her questionable book deals was discovered. The Baltimore Board of Ethics claims the former […]

Bank Calls Police on Black Mayor in His Own City

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas

Banking While Black: Chase Calls Cops on Mayor Richard Thomas While Professionally and Peacefully Inquiring About His City’s Signature Account Nationwide — On Monday, Mayor Richard Thomas discussed how staff […]

Felony Charge Dropped Against Former NFL Player Desmond Marrow in Police Brutality Case

Former NFL player Desmond Marrow with his attorney

“This is what happens when God steps in,” said Marrow. Nationwide — The Law Office of Gerald Griggs announces the conclusion of Desmond Marrow’s criminal case. Desmond Marrow faced one […]

Texas School Implements Dress Code For Parents -- No Hair Rollers, Bonnets, and Shower Caps Allowed!

Black woman wearing hair rollers

Houston, TX — Carlotta Outley Brown, a high school principal in Texas, has implemented a new dress code — not for students or school staff but for parents who come into […]

Prosecutors Say Officer Was Justified in Killing Black Man During Traffic Stop

Officer Charles Starks from Arkansas

Little Rock, AR — Charles Starks, the police officer who killed Bradley Blackshire, a Black man from Arkansas, by firing 15 shots into the car he was driving, will not face […]

School Principal Suspended For Using a Marker to Fill in Black Student's Hair Cut Design

Juelz Trice, student whose teacher colored his hair cut design

Pearland, TX — An assistant principal at Berry Miller Junior High School in Texas has been placed on administrative leave and is facing other disciplinary actions after drawing on a student’s […]

15-Year Old Black Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Being Gay

Nigel Shelby, gay Black teen who committed suicide

Huntsville, AL — Nigel Shelby, a 15-year old Black student attending Huntsville High School in Alabama, has taken his own life after being bullied for being gay. A lot of […]

Florida Police Officer Slams Black Teen’s Head to the Ground, Punches Him

Florida police slamming Black teen's head on the ground

Tamarac, FL — A Broward County deputy has been placed on administrative leave after a video has surfaced where he can be seen slamming a Black teenage boy’s head to […]

Mocha OB Makes Recommendations for Black Women Health Initiatives During Black Maternal Health Week

Mocha OB

Orlando, FL — Mocha OB, a group comprised of over 500 female OB/GYNs, OB trained Family Practice Physicians and Cardiologists of color have issued the following statement for Black Maternal […]

11-Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied About His Weight

Phillip Spruil, 11-year old boy who committed suicide

Philadelphia, PA — Phillip Spruill, an 11-year old boy from Philadelphia, committed suicide apparently after being bullied repeatedly for months by his classmates. The fifth grader, who was targeted by […]

Umpqua Bank Rejects $2 Million from Black Owner Seeking to Pay Off Mortgage -- But Takes Offer From White Male Buyer!

Anne Kihagi

Nationwide — After more than 10 years of reliable mortgage payments, Anne Kihagi, an African American landlord in San Francisco, says she is under attack by Umpqua Bank for allegedly […]