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Urban Issues

Michigan Police Officer With KKK Memorabilia in His Home Has Been Fired

Police Officer Charles Anderson

Muskegon, MI — Charles Anderson, a Michigan police officer, was discovered to have kept and displayed a KKK memorabilia in his home. He has been fired since it went public […]

Black Couple Wins $11 Million Discrimination Lawsuit Against the State of Michigan

Lisa and Cedric Griffey

Lansing, MI — Lisa and Cedric Griffey, who sued their former employer Michigan Department of Corrections for alleged racial discrimination, recently won the lawsuit. The jury ruled in favor of […]

Man Who Burned Cross Outside Black Family's Home Gets 11 Years in Prison

Louie Revette, man who burned cross in front of Black family's house

Seminary, MS — Louie Revette, a 38-year old white man, has pleaded guilty to the racist act of burning a cross outside the home of an African-American family on October […]

California Becomes First State Sued by Black Patients Matter (BPM)

California State Government

BPM safehouse joins underground railway saving Black lives Washington, DC — A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against multiple members of the MBC Medical Board of California and […]

Black Mom Who Adopted White Baby Says the Police Have Been Called on Her Twice

Keia Baldwin, Black mom who adopted white 2-year old son

Kernersville, NC — Keia Jones-Baldwin and her husband Richardro, an African American couple, have recently adopted their fourth child, 2-year old Princeton who is white. Keia recently shared her experiences as a […]

Man Charged with Hate Crime After Biting Black Woman During Road Rage Dispute

Jeffrey Calhoun

North Buffalo, NY — Jeffrey Calhoun, a 62-year old white man, is facing several charges of hate crime after he allegedly harassed Jeanneie Muhammad, a Black woman, during a recent […]

Innocent California Prison Nurse Found Guilty of Workers Compensation Fraud After Prison Guard Changes Testimony

Ndiawar Diop, prison nurse found guilty

Nationwide — Ndiawar Diop, a former nurse employed with the California State Prison in Chino, California, has been falsely accused of workers compensation fraud and perjury during a deposition after […]

13-Year Old Student Creates Community Closet For Kids In Need

Chase Neyland Square, founder of a student community closet for kids in need

Port Allen, LA — Chase Neyland-Square, an 8th grade student at Port Allen Middle School in Louisiana, is giving back through a community-focused closet he created to provide clothes and […]

70-Year Old Granny Who Pulled a Gun on Black Couple Will Not Go to Jail

Ruby Howell, white granny who pulled her gun on Black couple

Starkville, MS — Ruby Howell, a 70-year old white woman who was convicted of a misdemeanor charge for threatening and pointing a gun at a Black couple last May, was […]

Man Who Was Serving a Life Sentence For Stealing $50 to Be Released From Prison

Alvin Kennard

Bessemer, AL — Alvin Kennard, a Black man from Alabama who has been in prison for 36 years serving a life sentence without parole for stealing $50.75 from a bakery, […]

14-Year Old Boy Facing Murder Charges After Killing Toddler He Was Babysitting

Jonathan Godwin

Jacksonville, FL — Jonathan Godwin, a 14-year old boy from Florida, has been arrested for the alleged murder of a 3-year old girl that he had been babysitting. Godwin was […]

Man Who Punched 11-Year Old Black Girl Sentenced to Probation

David Steven Bell, man who assaulted 11-year old Black girl

Asheville, NC — David Steven Bell, a 51-year old white man who was convicted of two misdemeanors after assaulting an 11-year old Black girl in January, has only been sentenced to […]

Mayor of Atlanta Raises $50 Million in Funding to Provide Homes for the Homeless

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA — Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says that her city has successfully raised the $50 million funding goal initiated almost 2 years ago to provide 550 homes for its homeless residents.

TruUnity Organization Inspires Black and Brown Students to See Themselves in a New Light

Ruby Taylor, founder of TruUnity

Baltimore, MD — The numbers are startling. Research indicates that by 2053, the net worth of African Americans – now valued at $95,261 – will completely dissolve down to $0. […]

Another Black Man Detained By Police For Allegedly Breaking into His Own House

Kazeem Oyeneyin being detained by police in his home

Raleigh, NC — Kazeem Oyeneyin, a 31-year old Black man from Raleigh, was harassed by police who responded to a false burglar alarm and mistakenly thought he was burglarizing the […]

News Anchor Says Her Black Colleague Looks Like a Gorilla on Live TV

Alex Housdon, white news anchor who called her colleague an ape

Oklahoma, OK — Alex Housden, a white news anchor in Oklahoma City, is under fire after she made a racist comment to her Black colleague, Jason Hackett, as she compared […]

The Top 7 Areas to Be Examined in Solving the Race Issue in America

Book cover and author, H.J. Harris

Paradigm Publishing announces the release of “Solving The Race Issue In America,” a new book by H. J. Harris. Nationwide — “When America twice elected Barack Obama as the first […]

Black Partner Moves Forward With $45 Million Lawsuit Against Law Firm That Fired Him

Don Lewis, former partner at Pierce Bainbridge

Pierce Bainbridge Law Firm is being accused of dishonesty, deceit and dysfunction by Don Lewis, a former whistleblowing partner. Nationwide — A look under the hood of the Pierce Bainbridge […]

Police Arrest Man Who Sprayed 14-Year Old Black Teen with Water Hose

KKK Man sprays Black teen with water

Rochester, NY — Glen Nicodemus, a 59-year old white man who says he is a member of the Ku Klux Klan, has been arrested and charged with harassment after he […]

Portland Police Photoshopped a Black Man's Mugshot to Make Him Fit Their Suspect's Profile

Tyrone Lamont Allen

Portland, OR — The Portland Police Department reportedly removed the tattoos on the face of Tyrone Lamont Allen, a 50-year old Black man, using Photoshop to make him look like […]

Attorney Zulu Ali Discusses On-Air the Cost of Being a Black Lawyer Fighting for Justice

Attorney Zulu Ali interview

Nationwide — Justice Watch Radio, a nationally syndicated radio broadcast airing on WCGO in Chicago, KSHP in Las Vegas, NBC affiliate KCAA in California, and via satellite on the GAB […]

After 5 Years, NYPD Finally Fires Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner

New York, NY — After over 5 years of investigation, Daniel Pantaleo, a New York City police officer, has finally been fired for using an illegal chokehold that led to […]

Police Officers Who Tied Up Homeless Black Man With a Rope Will Not Be Investigated

Donald Neely, Black man tied up by police on horses

Galveston, TX — A disturbing video showing Donald Neely, a 43-year old Black man who reportedly suffers from a mental disorder, tied on a rope while handcuffed between two police […]

Store Clerk Found Guilty of Killing Black Teen Over $2 Wine Cooler

Dorian Harris

Memphis, TN — Anwar Ghazali, a store clerk who was accused of fatally shooting Dorian Harris, a 17-year old Black teen, last year over allegedly stealing a $2 beer from a […]

White Woman Calls Police on Black Man Because He Looked "Suspicious"

Devin Meyers

Royal Oak, MI — A white woman in Michigan reportedly called the police on Devin Meyers, a 20-year old Black man for allegedly “looking suspiciously” at her. A Facebook live […]

Woman From Arkansas Held Four Black Teens At Gunpoint

Jerri Kelly, woman from Arkansas who held Black teens at gunpoint

Wynne, AR — Jerri Kelly, a 46-year old woman from Arkansas, reportedly held four Black teens at gunpoint and forced them to the ground while they were going door-to-door to […]

NYC to Award $9.75 Million to Black Man Who Spent 30 Years in Prison For Crimes He Didn’t Commit

Mark Denny

New York, NY — Mark Denny, a man who was wrongly imprisoned for almost 30 years for a rape and robbery he didn’t commit, has been awarded a $9.75 million settlement […]

12-Year Old Black Boy Shot in the Knee By SWAT Even Though His Hands Were Up

Amir Worship, boy shot in the knee by SWAT

Country Club Hills, IL — Amir Worship, a 12-year old unarmed Black boy from Illinois, will never walk normally again after SWAT officers suddenly entered his home and bedroom shot […]

Black Man Acquitted After Killing White Man During Racially Charged Bar Dispute

Stephen Spencer

Pittston, PA — Stephen Spencer, a 31-year old Black man from Pennsylvania, has been found not guilty after he shot a white man to death while defending himself during a […]

The Truth About America's Racist Presidents

Racist white presidents

By Legrand H. Clegg II, Esq. Nationwide — “From the beginning the American presidency has been stained by racial prejudice, often a reflection of broader sentiment among white citizens. Such […]

Black Partner Fired by Law Firm Exposes Racially Charged “Sham Investigation”

Attorney Don Lewis

New York, NY — Don Lewis is adamant that the sexual allegations levied against him by his former employer, Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP (“PB” or “Pierce Bainbridge”), […]

7 Bounty Hunters Acquitted After Killing Unarmed Black Man They Thought Was Someone Else

Jalen Johnson Milan, Black man killed by bounty hunters

Clarksville, TN — Several bounty hunters in Tennessee who were facing murder charges for shooting and killing Jalen Johnson-Milan, a 24-year old Black man they had mistaken for someone else, […]

No Jail Time For White Couple Who Starved and Abused Their Black Adopted Children

Kenny and Kelly Fry, white parents who abused their Black adopted children

Osceola, IA — Kenny and Kelly Fry, a couple from Iowa, pleaded guilty to child endangerment after being accused of starving and abusing two Black children they have adopted. Despite […]

Dallas Police Officers Made Jokes as Man Was Dying During His Arrest

Tony Timpa being arrested

Dallas, TX — A recently released body camera footage showed what really happened in a 2016 incident where Tony Timpa, an unarmed man, died after he was handcuffed and pinned […]

Black Authors Declare War Against Illiteracy with New Educational Model

Why Sammy Still Can't Read

Authors Leroy and Yvette McClure have kicked off a new educational model with “Why Sammy Still Can’t Read: A Service Delivery Model for Creating a Culture of Reading” Dallas, TX […]

Police in Mississippi Choked Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop

Robert Morton, unarmed Black man being choked by Mississippi Police

Clay County, MS — A violent brawl between Robert Morton, a 34-year old unarmed Black man, and highway patrol troopers in Mississippi was captured on video after the officers assaulted […]

Two Moms From Chicago Who Fought to End Gun Violence Have Been Shot to Death

Chantel Grant and Andrea Stoudemire

Chicago, IL — Chantell Grant and her friend Andrea Stoudemire, two mothers who were active members of a group called Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), have died after being shot […]

10-Year Old Black Student Facing Assault Charges Over a Game of Dodgeball

Cameishi Lindley and son Bryce facing assault charges

Canton, MI — Cameishi Lindley, a mother from Michigan, says she was shocked and disappointed when she learned that her 10-year old son, Bryce, is facing assault charges for allegedly […]

Security Guards Falsely Accuse Black Couple of Stealing a T-Shirt While They Were Getting Engaged

Dr. Cathy-Marie Hamlet and her fiance

Walden, NY — Dr. Cathy-Marie Hamlet says that Angry Orchard, a cidery in Walden, New York, falsely accused her and her fiance of stealing a T-shirt from their store in […]

White Woman Calls Two Black Women the N-Word For Being "Too Loud" in a Restaurant

Nancy Goodman

Raleigh, NC — Nancy Goodman is showing no remorse for using the n-word towards Chanda Stewart and Lakesha Shaw, two Black women, because she said they were rude and “too […]

Pregnant Mother Shot and Killed While Shielding Her 3-Year Old Son During Argument

Auriel Callaway, pregnant mother killed

Athens, GA — Auriel Callaway, a 24-year old mother who was 4 months pregnant, died after being hit by a stray bullet while trying to move her 3-year old son […]

Three People Charged in Family Fight at Disneyland That Was Caught on Video

Family members fighting at Disneyland

Los Angeles, CA — Avery Robinson, a 35-year old man from Los Angeles, has been arrested on several felony and misdemeanor charges after being identified on video as one of […]

Miami Cop Used Police Car to Try to Run Over Black Teen Who Was on His Bike

Jaydon Stubbs, Black teen who police tried to run over

Hollywood, FL — Jaydon Stubbs, a 15-year old from South Florida, said police brutally arrested him because they were suspicious of him while he was riding his bike with his […]

Father Criticized For Spanking 12-Year Old Daughter After Learning She is Sexually Active

Father beats 12-year old daughter

Nationwide — A video of a father beating his 12-year old daughter after he allegedly caught her having sex has gone viral after it was posted on Twitter and Instagram […]

H.R. 40 - The Study of Reparations: How America Remembers and Defines African American Enslavement

African slaves

By Tolson Banner Nationwide — House Resolution Bill 40 (named for the 40 acres and a mule that Black people never got) introduced by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, if passed, […]

Store Employee Called the Police on Black Woman Because She Didn't Like Her Tone

CVS store employee calling the police on a Black woman

Tulsa, OK — Kendriana Washington, a Black woman who was trying to pick up her prescription at a CVS Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said she received poor customer service from […]

White Security Guard Pointed Gun at and Tried to Arrest a Black Sheriff in Full Uniform

Black sheriff, Alan Gaston, confronted by white security guard

Toledo, OH — Alan Gaston, a Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy who is Black, was completely shocked when Seth Eklund, a security guard who is white, confronted him and pointed a […]

Brother of Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Gets 2 Months in Plea Deal After Rape Allegations

Police Officer Vincent Crump arrested for assaulting women

Tallahassee, FL — Vincent Crump, a 44-year old former police officer from Florida, will be spending 2 months behind bars after being convicted of sexual battery in connection to the […]

Man Ignores Son's Requests Not to Call the Police on a Black Man Who He Says Was "Trespassing"

Christopher Cukor, man who called police on Black man

San Francisco, CA — Christopher Cukor, a white executive who reportedly works at YouTube, called the police on Wesley Michel, a Black software engineer who was waiting for his friend […]

Man Pretends to Be Black While in Court Facing Road Rage Charges

Mark Char, man who pretended to be Black while in court

Oahu, HI — Mark Char, a man from Hawaii who was charged with attempted murder and assault for a road rage incident in 2016, appeared in court wearing blackface as […]

Off Duty Police Officer Killed an Unarmed Black Teen -- But This Time, It Wasn’t in the U.S.

Israel — Outrage against police brutality has once again been sparked, but this time in Israel after an off-duty police officer shot and killed Solomon Teka, an 18-year old unarmed […]

Man Charged For Attacking 13-Year-Old Black Teen, Accusing Him of Vandalizing Playground

Thomas D'Andrea, white man who attacked Black teen at playground

Pittsburgh, PA — Thomas D’Andrea, a 46-year old white man, has been charged for allegedly jumping on and assaulting a 13-year old Black boy because he thought he was vandalizing […]

Black Hospital Patient Recovering from Pneumonia Handcuffed, Accused of Trying to Steal IV

Shaquille Dukes, Black man arrested at hospital, accused of stealing IV

Freeport, IL — Shaquille Dukes, a 24-year old Black man trying to recover from pneumonia at a hospital in Illinois, was shocked when a security officer approached him and accused […]

Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund Chief Investment Officer Testifies Before U.S. House Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion

Angela Miller May of the Chicago Teachers' Pension

Testimony highlighted the approach Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) has used to increase opportunities for diverse investment managers over the last 20 years Chicago, IL — The Chicago Teachers’ Pension […]

20-Year Old Dad Killed After Leaving Hospital to Visit His New Born Twins

Tyrese Garvin, Louisville man killed after visiting new born twins

Louisville, KY — Tyrese Garvin, a 20-year old first-time father from Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed in a tragic incident on Sunday. He was walking down the street from […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Turned Entrepreneur's New Board Game Keeps Teens Out of Prison

April D. Preyar, creator of JustUs Junkie's Trials & Trump boardgame

April D. Preyar, creator of the game, says that 35 minutes of play can save teens from having to serve 3 to 5 years in jail. Nationwide — Chicago native, […]

Texas Police Officer Charged With Murder After Killing Unarmed Man

Michael Dunn, police officer in Texas who was indicted of murder

Dallas, TX — Michael Dunn, a 43-year old police officer from Farmers Branch, Texas, has been indicted on a murder charge after he reportedly shot and killed 35-year old Juan […]

Research Reveals That Black Children Were Fed to Hogs and Used as Alligator Bait in the Early 1900s

Black children fed to hogs and alligators as bait

A man named Johnny Lee Gaddy recently shared with peonage researcher, Dr. Antoinette Harrell, that in 1957 he witnessed African American children being literally fed to the hogs that were […]

Leadership and Mentoring Summit to Help Place Black Male Students in Selected Colleges

Manifest Academy Summit at Morehouse College

Nationwide — College Campus Tours, LLC has created an awesome generational changing program that will enhance the college graduation rates for many students. They will present, the inaugural Manifest Academy […]

Street Artist Arrested, Accused of Vandalism While Working on City-Approved Mural

Sheefy McFly, artist arrested

Detroit, MI — Sheefy McFly, a talented and well-known mural artist, was recently arrested in Detroit after being accused of vandalism while he was painting a mural commissioned by the […]

Mother of 5 Killed By a Man Falsely Claiming to be a Cop For Allegedly Shoplifting -- Family Wants Justice!

Sircie Varnado, Black mom killed by Walgreens manager

Chicago, IL — Sircie Varnado, a 46-year old mother of five, was shot and killed by a man who pretended to be a police officer inside of a Walgreen’s store […]

15-Year Veteran Black Police Officer in Detroit Says He Was Racially Profiled By a Young White Cop

Chris Williams, Black police officer in Detroit

Detroit, MI — Chris Williams, a Detroit police officer who is Black, says he was manhandled and handcuffed by a young fellow officer who is white, apparently for having too […]

National Forum to Be Held in DC About the Promise of Reparations for African Americans

Reparations Forum

Nationwide — On the anniversary of Juneteenth, the National African American Reparations Commission and American Civil Liberties Union will hold a national forum titled “Healing and Reconciliation: H.R. 40 and […]

Man Arrested After Killing His Father on Father's Day

Marcus Saker, man who killed his father on Father's Day

Miami, FL — Marcus Sakers, a 32-year old man from Miami, was arrested on Monday after police said he shot and killed his own father during a fight – ironically […]