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Urban Issues

Organization to Hold Trump and Congress Accountable for Black Americans Who Died From COVID-19

Black Americans wearing face masks

Triangle ADOS Shares White House Petition and Submitted a Proposal for Concerned Black American Citizens (CBAC) Nationwide — Triangle ADOS in collaboration with ADOS CT, ADOS NE, Twin Cities ADOS, […]

Man Who Vandalized Stores in Minneapolis Appears to Be a Police Officer

Jacob Pederson, St Paul police officer accused of vandalism

Nationwide — Jacob Pederson, a police officer of the St. Paul Police Department, has been identified by some sources as the man in a viral video who is seen vandalizing […]

Mississippi Mayor Says, "If You Can Say You Can't Breathe, You're Breathing"

Hal Marx and Police Officer who killed Kevin Floyd

Nationwide — The violent arrest that caused the brutal death of George Floyd caught in a now-viral video has sparked worldwide outrage against the excessive use of force by police on […]

Minneapolis Police Release 911 Call That Led to George Floyd's Arrest and Death

Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd

Minneapolis, MN — The Minneapolis Police Department has been under fire following the violent arrest that led to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man. Raw footage […]

"American Wisper," the Film Hollywood Hoped Would Never Get Released, is Now Streaming

American Wisper

New York, NY — American Wisper is the true story of the unsolved murders of an African American family. In the summer of 2016, three children and their mother were […]

Florida State Attorney to Re-Examine Case of Man Who Punched 14-Year Old Black Girl in the Face

Charles Wyscaver, white male punching a 14-year old Black girl

Pensacola, FL — Charles Wyscaver, a 60-year old white male from Pensacola, Florida who was seen on camera punching a 14-year old mentally disabled Black girl in her face, was […]

Man Calls Police on Young Black Men Using a Gym in His Building in Minneapolis

Tom Austin, man who called police on young Black men in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — A group of young Black entrepreneurs from Minneapolis say that they were racially profiled when Tom Austin, who is white, confronted them for using a shared private […]

71-Year Old Grandmother Shot and Killed While Protecting Her Granddaughter

Sheila Lucas, grandmother from Washington, DC killed

Nationwide — Just weeks after recovering from the deadly coronavirus, Shiela Lucas, a 71-year old grandmother from Washington, DC has tragically died after being shot while protecting her granddaughter during […]

11-Year Old Black Girl Assaulted By Neighbor, Falsely Accused of Stealing Her Mail

Skhylur Davis, 11-year old Black girl accused of stealing mail

Aiken, SC — Skhylur Davis, an 11-year old girl from South Carolina, says she was scared when her white neighbor assaulted her and falsely accused her of stealing her mail. […]

90-Year Old Grandmother Steps in as Texas Police Officers Point Guns at Her Grandson

Tye Anders' grandmother stopping Texas police from arresting her grandson

Midland, TX — In a dramatic video that has surfaced online, a 90-year old grandmother from Texas can be seen shielding her 21-year old grandson, Tye Anders, from at least […]

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Reportedly to Be Released Early From Prison

Kwame Kilpatrick, former Mayor of Detroit

Detroit, MI — According to Fox 2 Detroit and the Ebony Foundation, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been granted an early release from prison. He had been serving a […]

Black Fatherhood Advocate Pens Children's Books That Help Parents Discuss Ahmaud Arbery Case

Kenneth Braswell, author of books to help children understand Ahmaud Arbery case

Author & CEO Kenneth Braswell wrote these books understanding that cases like Ahmaud Arbery highlight racial trauma for Black parents and children. Atlanta, GA — Kenneth Braswell, Atlanta-based CEO of […]

Black Delivery Truck Driver Blocked from Leaving Gated Community By Man Who Thought He Was Suspicious

Travis Miller, truck driver from Oklahoma City who was blocked in

Nationwide — Travis Miller, an African American delivery truck driver from Oklahoma City, was brought to tears as he recorded his encounter with a white man who demanded to know […]

3 Innocent Black Men Awarded $18 Million Settlement After Serving 39 Years in Prison

Three Black men awarded $18 million settlement for wrong imprisonment

Nationwide — Three men from Cleveland, Ohio — 63-year old Rickey Jackson, 65-year old Wiley Bridgeman, and 62-year old Kwame Ajamu — have been awarded a settlement for $18 million nearly […]

6 Black Patients Who Died From Coronavirus — After Being Denied a Test!

Black patients who died from Coronavirus after being denied a test

Nationwide — Federal data has already confirmed that most of the deadly victims of COVID-19 in the United States are African American. However, many news reports are failing to report […]

Black Teen Body-Slammed By Off-Duty Cop For Refusing to Wear a Face Mask in Walmart

Krystulen Smith, Black teen body slammed in Alabama Walmart for not wearing a mask

Birmingham, AL — Krystulen Smith, an 18-year old from Alabama, was reportedly thrown to the ground in a violent arrest by an off-duty police officer when she refused to wear […]

26-Year Old Future Black Nurse Shot 8 Times By Louisville Police

Breona Taylor, Black woman killed by Louisville Police

Louisville, KY — Breonna Taylor, who was working as an EMT in Kentucky when the coronavirus pandemic started, was reportedly killed after being shot 8 times by police who mistakenly […]

Unarmed Black Man Killed By Driver Who Became Upset After Minor Car Accident

Anthony J. Trifiletti, white driver who killed unarmed Black man, Douglas Lewis

St. Paul, MN — Anthony J. Trifiletti, a 24-year old white man from Minnesota, is facing murder charges for fatally shooting Douglas C. Lewis, a 39-year old unarmed Black man, following […]

Shooters Finally Arrested For Killing 25-Year Old Black Man Who Was Jogging Through His Own Neighborhood

Gregory and Travis McMichael, white men who shot Ahmaud Arbery

Nationwide — Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, two of the men involved in the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, have finally been arrested. Arbery was killed back in February […]

Black Father of 4 Working as a Security Guard Killed For Asking Customers to Wear Face Masks

Calvin Munerlyn, father and security guard killed

Flint, MI — Calvin Munerlyn, a 43-year old beloved father and security guard at a Family Dollar store in Michigan, was reportedly shot and killed by customers who argued with […]

Author's New Book, "Fatherless Fathering," Helps Men and Women Who Grew Up in Broken Families

Jay Cameron, author of Fatherless Fathering

Washington, DC — Philanthropist, entrepreneur and author Jay Cameron has released a new book entitled Fatherless Fathering – A Practical Guide For Men & Women Who Lacked The Benefit of […]

Angry Dad Writes Controversial "Rona" Song After His Son Was Denied a Test For Coronavirus

Nationwide — An African American father who is calling himself The Undiscovered Artist has penned a powerful, but controversial tune about the Coronavirus after his son was denied a test. […]

25-Year Old Black Man Killed While Jogging Because He "Looked Like a Suspect" — No Charges Filed!

Ahmad Arbery, Black man killed while jogging

Nationwide — Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year old unarmed Black man from Brunswick Georgia, was reportedly shot and killed by two white men as he jogged through their neighborhood. The incident […]

This Black Teen From NYC is Tutoring Thousands of Students Online

Alexis Loveraz, 16-year old Tiktok tutor

Nationwide — Alexis Loveraz, a 16-year old from New York City who is homeschooling like most other students during the coronavirus pandemic, has gone viral as he continues to tutor thousands […]

Atlanta Public Schools Partners With I'm a Father F1rst to Deliver Free "Meals of Love" to Families in Need During COVID-19 Pandemic

I'm a Father F1rst food delivery in Atlanta

Hot, chef-prepared meals are delivered to families in Douglass and Washington High School districts. Atlanta, GA — Even though school is not in session, the lessons and love continue with an […]

8-Year Old Boy From Indiana Killed By a Stray Bullet While Quarantining at Home

Roderick Payne, Jr., boy killed by stray bullet in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN — Rodgerick Payne Jr., an 8-year old boy from Indianapolis, sadly died after being shot by a stray bullet while he was eating dinner inside his home. A […]

Philadelphia Police Violently Remove Black Man From City Bus For Not Wearing a Face Mask


Philadelphia, PA — An African American man from Philadelphia was reportedly thrown off a city bus by police because he was seen not wearing a face mask. A disturbing video […]

Teen Killed His Family Because They Were Against His Black Girlfriend

Levi Norwood

Midland, VA — Levi Norwood, a 17-year old from Virginia, allegedly killed his mother and brother because he believed they were racist because they disapproved of his Black girlfriend. His […]

Attorney Helped Save Black Men's Lives By Calling for Suspension of Anti-Mask Law During COVID-19 Pandemic

Attorney Gerald Griggs

Nationwide — Gerald Griggs, an attorney and VP of the NAACP’s Atlanta branch, had began calling for an immediate suspension of the anti-mask law during the COVID19 pandemic to help […]

Black Lives Disproportionately Affected By Virus As Governors Continue to Ban Hydroxychloroquine

African American patient with Coronavirus

By Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. Nationwide — Rev. Dr. Martin L. King said in his sermon, Stride Towards Freedom, “May the problem of race in America soon make hearts […]

Inmate Released From Prison Because of COVID-19 Killed a Man the Very Next Day

Joseph Edward Williams, man released from prison who killed another man

Tampa, FL — Joseph Edwards Williams, a 26-year old man from Florida who was released from prison as part of efforts to prevent further spread of the coronavirus behind bars, […]

Unemployed African Americans Should Upload Their Resumes to BlackJobs.com

African American man employed

Nationwide — The global COVID-19 pandemic has all Americans feeling financially burdened, but more African Americans are being affected as there are currently more than 20 million unemployment claims across […]

McDonald's in China Apologizes for Banning Black People From Entering Restaurant

McDonald's in China bans Africans

Nationwide — McDonald’s has been under fire after one of it’s locations in Guangzhou, China reportedly began banning Black customers from entering the restaurant in response to a myth that all […]

Meet the Black Doctor Helping Homeless People Get Tested For COVID-19

Dr. Armen Henderson

Miami, FL — Dr. Armen Henderson, an internist at the University of Miami Health System, has been making efforts to help homeless people get tested for the coronavirus as he […]

Prostate Cancer Survivors: Three African American Men Share Their Experience With Non-Invasive HIFU Procedure

African American prostate cancer survivors who used the HIFU procedure

By Shelly Gordon Nationwide — Three African American men: Reggie Dye, a healthcare executive, Thomas Newell, a retired basketball referee for youth at risk and Victory Murray, NASA lead engineer […]

238 Inmates Infected With Coronavirus at Chicago’s Cook County Jail

Inmates at Chicago's Cook County Jail

Chicago, IL — As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the country, Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois has recorded the highest number of cases in a single area in […]

5-Year Old Killed in Drive-By Shooting While Making TikTok Videos With His Dad

Jordan Allen Jr, boy killed in drive by shooting

Houston, TX — Jordan Allen Jr., a 5-year old boy from Texas, has sadly died after being shot by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting while he was quarantining […]

Police Procedure Expert and Retired LAPD Detective Makes a Splash With New Book “A Deep Dive”

Bookcover and author, Timothy T. Williams, Jr.

Author Timothy T. Williams, Jr. dives deep into what it takes to be an expert analyst of Police Procedure, Use of Force and Wrongful Convictions for high-profile criminal & civil […]

Black State of America Movement Provides Plan for Blacks to Mobilize for Reparations

Black State of America by Rs L.D.J.

Dover, DE — Reparations for Blacks in America is not a new concept, yet specific plans for how to acquire them without intervention from the government are scarce. In Black […]

Unsolved Murders of Black Family Re-Examined in New Film Streaming on Amazon Prime

American Wisper artwork and scene

Nationwide — American Wisper (now streaming on Amazon Prime) is the true story of the unsolved murders of an upper-class African American family. In the summer of 2016, three children […]

Man Creates Portable Hand Washing Stations for Homeless People

Terence Lester, creator of portable hand washing stations for the homeless

Atlanta, GA — Terence Lester, the executive director of Love Beyond Walls, a non-profit organization that offers support to homeless people, is creating hand-washing stations that are being assembled and […]

Family Wants Justice For African American World War II Veteran Who Was Beaten, Murdered in 1956

Family of Hammondee Gree, a Black World War II veteran who was murdered

St. Helena, LA — Hammondee Green was a World War II veteran who put his life on the line for his country. After he was honorably discharged in 1946, he […]

Abandoned Properties Expert Develops Unique Plan to Reverse Gentrification

Dr. Johnny Cash, abandoned properties expert

Nationwide — Dr. Johnny Cash, a Chicago-based published author and the nation’s leading abandoned properties expert, says that he has developed the ultimate plan for reversing gentrification.

Meet the 5 State Lawmakers Leading the Charge for the Next Round of Mass Incarceration

Georgia state lawmakers responsible for gang bill

Atlanta, GA — Activists in Georgia say a new bill being proposed by five state lawmakers will lead to the mass incarceration of children as young as 13. It’s known […]

Charges Dropped Against Grandmother 'Slammed' to the Ground By Maryland Police

Rena Mellerson, grandmother arrested and slammed by police

Pikesville, MD — Rena Mellerson, a 76-year old grandmother from Maryland who was violently arrested by police, is no longer facing any charges. All charges against her including second-degree assault, […]

5 Teens Facing Capital Murder Charges For Killing 16-Year Old Classmate

Black teens who killed classmate

Biloxi, MS — Five teens, ages 15 to 17, are facing charges of capital murder for allegedly killing 16-year old Madison Harris in her grandparent’s house in Missisissippi. The suspects, […]

Ohio Taking a 2nd Look at 83 Cases of Wrongfully Convicted Inmates

Wrongfully convicted man in prison

Columbus, OH — The state of Ohio is making a move to review the cases of 83 people who have been wrongfully convicted in the state since 1989. The state […]

Author Releases New Book About How Domestic Violence Affects Children

Tiffany Mensah, author of Forgotten a Memoir

Phoenix, AZ — Author and advocate, Tiffany Mensah has written and released her first book titled, Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic Violence. It is estimated that globally one […]

District Attorney Leading Efforts to Dismiss 66,000 Marijuana Convictions in California

LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Los Angeles, CA — California courts have been ordered to dismiss around 66,000 marijuana convictions, even those going back decades. The move initiated by Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie […]

Innocent Black Student Files Lawsuit Against Police Who Put a Gun to His Head

Jaylan Butler

Chicago, IL — Jaylan Butler, a 20-year old man from Chicago, says that he was falsely accused and violently arrested by police who threw him to the ground and put […]

HBCU President Resigns After Being Arrested For Prostitution and Drug Scandal

William Bynum, Jr.

Clinton, MS — William Bynum Jr., who was the president of Jackson State University in Mississippi, has submitted his resignation following a recent arrest in connection with prostitution and drug […]

8-Year Old Boy Banned From Private Schools in London Because of His Hair

Farouk James

Nationwide — Farouk James, an 8-year old boy from London, is not being allowed to attend several schools in the city because of his long, natural hair. His mother, Bonnie […]

Family of Gay Black Teen Killed Wants the FBI to Investigate

Ja'quarius Taylor, gay Black teen killed

Washington Parish, LA — Ja’Quarius Taylor, a gay teen from Louisiana, was reportedly found dead near a lake with a shot to the head. His family is urging the FBI to […]

Man Sentenced to 12 Years For Having His Cell Phone in Jail

Willie Nash, man sentenced to 12 years prison for having a cell phone

Newton County, MS — Willie Nash, a 39-year old African American man who was caught in possession of a cell phone while he was held at a county jail in […]

High School Bans Black Teen From Graduation Because of His Hair

Deandre Arnold, Black teen not allowed to graduate

Mont Belvieu, TX — Deandre Arnold, a high school student from Texas, is reportedly being discriminated against because of his hair style of choice. His school, Barbers Hill High School […]

The Truth About Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and America’s War Against Black Masculinity

Dr. Umar Johnson

By Dr. Umar Johnson, Psy.D., CSP, M.Ed. Nationwide — Bill Cosby was convicted for touching the breast, and sliding his finger down the underwear, of a white woman. A woman […]

Four Black Teens Racially Profiled and Locked Inside Beauty Supply Store

Black teens locked inside beauty supply store

Chesapeake, VA — A 16-year old girl and her 3 friends, who are all Black, were recently wrongfully detained and locked inside a beauty supply store in Virginia when the […]

5 Black Prisoners Suspiciously Killed in Mississippi State Prisons Within a Week

Mississippi State Prison

Parchman, MS — Terrandance Dobbins, Walter Gates, Gregory Emary, Roosevelt Holliman, and Denorris Howell – who were all Black men – have been killed in prisons across the Mississippi state. Activists say the […]

1-Year Old Boy From Texas Sadly Shot to Death in His Home

1-year old Rory Norman killed

Dallas, TX — Rory Norman, a 1-year old boy from Texas, was reportedly shot and killed while he was asleep in his home. The little boy died just a few weeks […]

NYPD Cop Who Broke into Black Woman's Home Resigns From Police Force

Michael Reynolds, NYPD cop

Nashville, TN — Michael Reynolds, the 26-year old NYPD police officer who broke into the home of a Black woman in Tennessee and attacked her and her two children with […]

70-Year Old Grandmother Tased 3 Times By Florida Police Officers

Barbara Pinkney, grandmother tased by Florida police

Manatee County, FL — Barbara Pinkney, a 70-year old grandmother from Florida, was repeatedly tased during a violent arrest by police who were searching for her grandson who violated probation. […]

19-Year Old Woman Facing Life in Prison For Killing Man Who She Says Abused Her

Chrystul Kizer, Black teen killed by her abuser

Kenosha, WI — Chrystul Kizer, a young African American woman from Wisconsin, was only 17-years old when she shot and killed Randall Volar in self-defense. She says he was abusing […]

This Man From Alabama is in Prison For Life For Stealing $9 in 1982

Willie Simmons, man serving life sentence for stealing $9

Escambia County, AL — Willie Simmons, a 62-year old Black man from Alabama, has been behind bars for the last 38 years for stealing $9. He was convicted of 1st-degree […]

Security Guards Confront Innocent Black Man for Taking Photos in His Own Neighborhood

Kenya Wheeler, Black man confronted by security guards in Oakland

Oakland, CA — Kenya Wheeler, an African American man from California, says he was racially profiled by three security guards who confronted him — one even drew a weapon at […]