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District Attorney Leading Efforts to Dismiss 66,000 Marijuana Convictions in California

LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Los Angeles, CA — California courts have been ordered to dismiss around 66,000 marijuana convictions, even those going back decades. The move initiated by Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie […]

Black Woman-Owned Radio Network Celebrates 7 Years On-Air; Launches New Real Estate Talk Show

Sonny and Jazzie Jones-Smith, the co-hosts and founders of Louddmouth Radio

LouddMouthRadio.com is a rapidly growing internet radio media platform that has connected local, regional and national exposure of content to individuals & families with engaging business, social, cultural and lifestyle […]

Missing Milwaukee Woman and Two Daughters Found Dead in a Garage

Amarah Jerica Banks, daughters found dead in garage

Milwaukee, WI — Amarah “Jerica” Banks, a 26-year old mother from Milwaukee, has been found dead in a garage with her two daughters Zaniya Ivery and Camaria Banks, who were […]

Couple Turned Marriage Mentor Coaches Launch Free Seminar on Finding Self Worth and Success for Children

Paul and Kisha Houston, founders of Relationships Matter International

Baltimore, MD — Paul and Kisha Houston, founders of Relationship Matters International, have launched free seminars and workshops on building potential, purpose and success geared toward ages 10 to 18 […]

Couple Whose Burger Products Are Sold in Grocery Stores Nationwide Launch New Online Course

Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano

Husband & wife team, QVC Customer Choice Food Award winners with products in Walmart, Kroger, Costco & Whole Foods, offer online course for chefs, home cooks, and caterers Charleston, SC […]

Black Author Reveals the Hidden Answers to Meaningful Intimacy That Every Couple Needs to Know About

Troya Bishop, author of Answers to Intimacy

Atlanta Researcher, Troya Bishop, Pens a Savvy Guide to Help Adults Have Deeper Intimate Connections Atlanta, GA  – Married? Single? It’s complicated? Are you tired of drama and ready to […]

Seeking Black Teen Girls to Participate in Leadership Academy at Princeton University

At The Well Conference at Princeton University

This summer program celebrates 10 years of empowering minority youth to be global leaders Princeton, NJ — Jacqueline Glass-Campbell, CEO of At the Well Conferences, Inc. (ATW), celebrates molding the […]

Meet the Entrepreneur Who is Helping Detroit’s Black-Owned Businesses to Survive and Thrive

Jennyfer Crawford, founder of All Things Detroit

Detroit, MI — Small Business Advocate Jennyfer Crawford, founder of Ask Jennyfer, has devoted her career to increasing exposure for makers and entrepreneurs. Her clients are among those who take […]

Black-Owned Hair Extension Company Rebrands & Launches Free Wig Customization Service for 2020

Mayvenn Free Wig Customization

Nationwide — Continuing the brand’s mission to provide high quality beauty products with an unparalleled shopping experience, Diishan Imira, founder and CEO of Mayvenn, is starting out 2020 with a […]

Distraught Mom Suing Funeral Home For Not Preserving Her 11-Year Old Daughter's Body

Re'Asia Washington, 11-year old who died from asthma attack

Miami, FL — Ebony Morgan, a mother from Florida who is still mourning the sudden death of her 11-year old daughter, says she was shocked when she saw that her […]

One of the Largest Black-Owned Law Firms in California Names Black Female as Partner

Zulu Ali and Whitney Ali

Nationwide — The Law Offices of Zulu Ali & Associates, one of the largest Black-owned law firms in California’s Inland Empire, names Attorney Whitney Ali as Partner. Attorney Whitney Ali […]

Single Mom Dodges Homelessness -- Tells Story in New Book "The Art of Rock Bottom"

Art of Rock Bottom by Janvieve Naemani Fogle

New York, NY — Gifted author Janvieve Naemani has crafted a raw, transparent, passionate call to action for anyone experiencing adversity or setback. With heartfelt honesty and faith, Janvieve inspires […]

Woman Allegedly Stole $500K From Her Church to Pay For Her Wedding

Taisha Smith-DeJoseph

Florence Township, NJ — Taisha D. Smith-DeJoseph, a volunteer secretary at a New Jersey church, is facing embezzlement charges after she allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars and used […]

The Truth About Valentine's Day -- Why Some People Choose Not To Celebrate It

Truth About Valentine's Day

Nationwide — Every year on February 14th, millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is usually celebrated in the form of a man buying flowers, candy and/or […]

300 National Slots Open For Black College Women to Build Life-Changing Businesses

Nationwide — The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy (@loeacademy), an innovative online charm school for current and aspiring minority business women, has expanded its digital doors toward college students for […]

Meet the Sibling Authors Who Help Kids Manage Money and Invest in Real Estate

Andrea Stephenson and Linsey MIlls, authors of Teach Your Child Money Through Play

Washington, DC — Siblings Andrea Stephenson and Linsey Mills have over 40 years of combined experience in teaching youth financial literacy and have made it their mission to expose children […]

HBCU President Resigns After Being Arrested For Prostitution and Drug Scandal

William Bynum, Jr.

Clinton, MS — William Bynum Jr., who was the president of Jackson State University in Mississippi, has submitted his resignation following a recent arrest in connection with prostitution and drug […]

HBCU Grad Creates a Hip-Hop Anthem About the Importance of HBCUs

Tara Lynn

Sacramento, CA — As a higher education professional, author, motivational speaker and artist, Tara Lynn Crawford is not a stranger to hard work. In fact, the Sacramento native is very […]

New Book Explores the Pivotal Role of Black Beauty Queens During the Civil Rights Movement and Beyond

Black Beauties by Dr. Kimberly Pellum

Kimberly Brown Pellum, PhD releases “Black Beauties: African American Pageant Queens in the Segregated South” Tallahassee, FL — Four global pageant titles are currently held by women of African descent. […]

Gayle King Blames CBS For Her Questions About Kobe Bryant’s Rape Case

Gayle King

Nationwide — Journalist Gayle King is reportedly upset at her long-time employer, CBS News, for resurfacing and sharing a video clip of her provocative line of questions about Kobe Bryant’s […]

Hollywood Exec Releases New Book, “Dirty Lil Secrets: Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry”

Nationwide — The Hollywood industry is buzzing about Cheryl Cobb, author of the groundbreaking book Dirty Lil Secrets: Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry. Cobb is one […]

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Marks Centennial Week with Commemoration, Celebration and Community Service

Members of Zeta Phi Beta celebrating 100 years

Last week, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, the esteemed African American women’s service organization celebrated its Centennial with celebrity guest speakers, a fashion show, community service project at Martha’s Table, an […]

West African Author’s Debut Book Hits Amazon #1 Bestseller in U.S.

Cecile Correa, author of A Truth About

Singapore — Cécile Correa, a French-born member of the Manjaco tribe, whose lands span Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and the Gambia, channels her learnings from 18 years of career and travel into […]

From Extreme Poverty to Becoming One of America's Top Mentors For Black Business Coaches

Muria Nisbett, business coach

Nationwide — Meet Muria Nisbett, who grew up in extreme poverty on the Caribbean island of Tortola. She was raised by her grandfather who was a struggling farmer, and her […]

Meet the First Female African American Police Captain in Louisiana State History

Treone Larvadain, first Black female police captain

Baton Rouge, LA — Captain Treone Larvadain has been promoted to lead the Protective Services Unit for the Louisiana State Police Dept, making her the first African-American woman to be a […]

High School Senior Promised Scholarship Now Told She Doesn't Qualify

Ynette Lopez, student denied promised scholarship

Broward County, FL — Ynette Lopez, a 17-year old high school senior from Florida, is greatly disappointed after recently being told that she no longer qualifies to receive the college […]

21 Authors Collaborate on New Book to Heal Broken Relationships Within Black Families

Monica D. Reed, author and publisher of I Am the Voice

Publisher and lead collaborator Monica D. Reed has released “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless,” a well-written collaboration of stories to bring awareness to breaking the barriers within […]

Women Seek to Reclaim Health and Wholeness During Wellness Summit With Brandi Harvey

Brandi Harvey speaking

Nationwide — At the Well Conferences, Inc. and The City of Newark, Ras J. Baraka, Mayor, have teamed together to provide a stellar Women’s Wellness Summit to begin the New […]

Former Cop Who Raped Woman During Traffic Stop Exposed Her to HIV

Martique Vanderpool, police officer who raped woman

Capitol Heights, MD — Martique Vanderpool, a 30-year old former police officer from Maryland, was arrested for allegedly raping a woman after conducting a traffic stop. He is facing additional […]

2nd Grader Raises Money For Classmates Who Can't Afford School Lunch

EmauniJ Manley, girl who bought classmate

Charles County, MD — When EmauniJ Manley, a 7-year old girl, noticed that some of her classmates couldn’t afford school lunch, she immediately thought of a way to help them. […]

Woman Whose Father Was in Prison Her Entire Childhood is Now Empowering Others

Melissa A. Marshall, author of Mind Over Matter

Hampton, VA — When Melissa A. Marshall as just 7-years old, her dad was sentenced to prison for murder charges, and she essentially grew up fatherless. Now at 35-years old, […]

71-Year Old Black Actress Who Made Soap Opera History in the 1980's Refuses to Retire

Mariann Aalda, soap opera actress and pioneer

Nationwide — Meet Mariann Aalda, who in the early 1980’s made history as one of the first African American actresses to play a professional role as a criminal defense attorney […]

Meet the CEO Who Just Opened Her 4th Real Estate Company Within 6 Years

Tamairo Moutry

Nationwide — Tamairo Moutry, a very successful real estate broker, is celebrating the launch of her fourth real estate company. She now has real estate companies in four different states […]

Investigation Reveals That Black Families Are Still Living on the Plantations in Mississippi

Dr. Antoinette Harrell and her team investigating Black families who still live on plantations

New Orleans, LA — Dr. Antoinette Harrell, known as the “Slavery Detective of the South,” is on a mission to interview and document the oral histories of people who still […]

Author Says Its Okay to Be a Single Black Woman in New Book, "No Thanks"

Keturah Kendrick, author of No Thanks

Nationwide — Keturah Kendrick, the popular new author chronicling the lives of single Black women, is on a mission. Her debut book, No Thanks: Black, Female and Living in the […]

Grandmother Teaches Her 9-Month Old Grandson How to Wash Dishes

9-month old baby washing dishes

Baltimore, MD — A short video of a cute 9-month old baby who was washing the dishes has gone viral on social media. People all over the world are impressed […]

Author Recognizes the Need to Pass Down Family Recipes, Strengthen Families in New Cookbook

Introducing a Young Lady in Cooking For the Holidays Too By Michelle Marts-Shannon

Nationwide — Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive by Michelle Marts-Shannon starts with an amazing introduction from the author discussing traditions, […]

Six Georgia State Lawmakers Introduce New Bill to Hold Police Officers Accountable For Shootings

Georgia state lawmakers

The bill was introduced after internationally recognized Atlanta attorney spotlighted several key cases on BET’s “Copwatch America” docuseries Atlanta, GA — Six female Georgia lawmakers have taken historic action by […]

From the Projects... to Becoming a Wealthy Real Estate Investor -- New Book "Poverty Curse Broken" Explains It All

Dr. Roberta Hoskie

Nationwide — “Nothing is Impossible.” That is what Dr. Roberta Hoskie wants everyone to understand. This isn’t just a commonly spoken platitude, but a mantra – a way of thinking […]

Make the Dash Count: MLK Day Event Focuses on the Blueprint to Create Impact by Crafting a Vision to Build Lasting Legacy

Dr. Geneva J. Williams on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Dr. Geneva J. Williams to Host Vision 2020 Conference to Show Women How to Find Their Purpose and Power Detroit, MI — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dash: […]

Black Women Win $20M Lawsuit Against Insurance Co. For Racial Discrimination

Black women who won lawsuit against Jackson Life Insurance

Denver, CO — 21 former employees of Jackson National Life Insurance in Denver and Nashville, mostly Black women, have recently won a $20.5 million lawsuit against the company after claiming […]

Meet the Founder of a Movement and Fashion Brand That Empowers Women

Chaya Kennedy, founder of Fab Maven

Nationwide — Fab Maven, a societal movement and women’s fashion brand, is helping to uplift and empower women across the country through shared experiences. By helping women overcome life’s many […]

Four Black Teens Racially Profiled and Locked Inside Beauty Supply Store

Black teens locked inside beauty supply store

Chesapeake, VA — A 16-year old girl and her 3 friends, who are all Black, were recently wrongfully detained and locked inside a beauty supply store in Virginia when the […]

Meet the Woman Helping Black Entrepreneurs Invest in Cannabis Stocks

Cimone Casson, founder Cash Out Cannabis seminars

Detroit, MI — Michigan’s Green Rush is getting a much-needed injection of diverse voices into the burgeoning industry. Cannabis Financial Planner, Cimone Casson, has teamed up with Minorities for Medical […]

Family Mourning 28-Year Old Successful Realtor Abducted and Killed in Minneapolis

Monique Baugh

Minneapolis, MN — Monique Baugh, a 28-year old successful realtor and mother of two from Minnesota, was reportedly found dead in an alley after being abducted and then shot three […]

Chicago Mom Mourns 23-Year Old Son Killed by Terrorists in Kenya

Henry Mitch Mayfield and his mom

Chicago, IL — Henry “Mitch” Mayfield Jr., a 23-year old United States Army specialist, was one of the three people killed in a terrorist attack in Kenya. His mother, Carmoneta […]

NYPD Cop Who Broke into Black Woman's Home Resigns From Police Force

Michael Reynolds, NYPD cop

Nashville, TN — Michael Reynolds, the 26-year old NYPD police officer who broke into the home of a Black woman in Tennessee and attacked her and her two children with […]

New 2020 Calendar Celebrates Black Women Trailblazers

Black Goals 2020 calendar

Portsmouth, VA — The Crowned Academy (TCA), a nonprofit organization and mentorship academy for girls of color in urban communities, has released the first edition of their 2020 Black G.O.A.L.S. (Girls […]

Doorbell Camera Caught Man Admitting He Killed His Pregnant Sister

Michael Egwiagi, man who killed pregnant sister

Austin, TX — Michael Egwuagu, a 25-year old man from Texas, has been accused of stabbing and killing his pregnant sister, 32-year old Jennifer Chioma Ebichi. And police say they […]

7-Year Old Releases Catchy Song Teaching Financial Responsibility, Raps About Not Owing Rapper 50 Cent Money

Kennedy O'Neal, 7-year old rapper of Piggy Bank song

Nope, she doesn’t rap about sipping on Patrón or “partying in da club” – you know, the typical rapper stuff. Kennedy O’Neal raps about something more important – financial responsibility. […]

Hollywood Typically Ignores Actresses With Disabilities, But This One Deserves an Oscar Nomination!

Disable actress, Lauren Lolo Spencer

Beverly Hills, CA – Actress Lauren “Lolo” Spencer is receiving rave reviews for her breakout role as the first African-American disabled lead female in the new film, Give Me Liberty. (Watch […]

First Black Woman in History Hired to Lead Philadelphia Police Dept

Danielle Outlaw

Philadelphia, PA — Danielle Outlaw is the first Black woman ever to become Philadelphia’s police commissioner. Her recent appointment came just a few months after the department started dealing with […]

70-Year Old Grandmother Tased 3 Times By Florida Police Officers

Barbara Pinkney, grandmother tased by Florida police

Manatee County, FL — Barbara Pinkney, a 70-year old grandmother from Florida, was repeatedly tased during a violent arrest by police who were searching for her grandson who violated probation. […]

Woman Wakes Up From 7-Month Coma After Doctors Told Her Family to Pull the Plug

Kertisha Brabson, woman who woke up from 7-month coma

Alliance, OH — Kertisha Brabson, a 31-year old woman from Ohio, would not be alive today if it wasn’t for her mother who never lost hope that she would wake […]

Retraining As a Nurse: The Benefits of Working in Healthcare

African American nurse training

Nationwide — Healthcare is an institution that lends itself to those who enjoy caring for others and giving their personal time to those who are in need. If you are […]

19-Year Old Woman Facing Life in Prison For Killing Man Who She Says Abused Her

Chrystul Kizer, Black teen killed by her abuser

Kenosha, WI — Chrystul Kizer, a young African American woman from Wisconsin, was only 17-years old when she shot and killed Randall Volar in self-defense. She says he was abusing […]

Restaurant Waitress “Blessed” With $1,200 Tip From Happy Customers

Janet Ballard, waitressed bless with $1,200 tip

Dublin, GA — Janet Ballard, a 53-year old mother of two who works as a restaurant waitress in Georgia, says she was recently “blessed” by a group of 12 generous […]

14-Year Old College Student at Spelman Makes the Dean's List During 1st Semester

Sydney Wilson

Atlanta, GA — Sydney Wilson, the youngest student admitted to Spelman College, has recently achieved another milestone as she ended the first semester as a college student with a 3.76 […]

95-Year Old Actress Cicely Tyson Says She Refuses to Retire

Cicely Tyson on Time Magazine

Nationwide — Cicely Tyson, one of the most iconic actresses of our time, has just turned 95-years old. But despite her age, she says she will never ever retire from […]

80-Year Old Woman Makes History, Graduates from College with a 3.69 GPA

Donzella Washington, 80-year old college graduate

Normal, AL — Donzella Washington, an 80-year old woman from Alabama, is celebrating being the oldest person to ever graduate from Alabama A&M University. Even more, she graduated Magna Cum […]

New York City to Pay $625K Settlement to Black Woman After Cops Ripped Her Baby Away

Jazmine Headley

New York, NY — Jazmine Headley, a Black mother whose 1-year old son was forcibly pulled from her arms by NYPD police officers during an arrest, will be awarded $625,000 […]

Black Entrepreneur Releases First Ever Shoppable and 100% Customizable Cookbook

Shaun Chavis, founder of LVNG book

LVNGbook helps you cook, eat, and build lasting habits to manage your health Atlanta, GA — When doctors tell patients to change the way they eat for health, 7 times […]

Miss Jamaica Crowned 2019 Miss World, Becomes the 5th Black Woman This Year to Win a Major Pageant

Miss Jamaica as Miss World

Nationwide — Yet another Black woman has won a prestigious international beauty pageant. Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh was recently crowned Miss World 2019 becoming the fifth Black woman this year […]

R&B Duo DM Visits Chicago and Interviews With Power 92

R&B Artist DM Twins

Nationwide — Los Angeles R&B recording artist DM veered to the Windy City of Chicago for a live on air interview with Power 92. The station premiered their new single […]