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Founder of Black-Owned Health Clinic Celebrates 20 Years of Helping Patients Deal With Pain

Teresa Bristol, owner of PT Works Clinic

PT Works, an Atlanta-based clinic owned by HBCU graduate Teresa Bristol, offers holistic physical therapy to help patients manage chronic pain. Atlanta, GA — Offering a unique diversity of care […]

California Becomes First State Sued by Black Patients Matter (BPM)

California State Government

BPM safehouse joins underground railway saving Black lives Washington, DC — A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against multiple members of the MBC Medical Board of California and […]

New App to Help Save Pregnant Black Women and Their Babies Gets $200K in Funding

Kimberly Seals Allers, creator of the Irth app

Black women are 243% more likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. Irth, an app created by Kimberly Seals Allers, holds doctors accountable for high Black maternal and infant […]

Unique Black Woman-Owned Therapy Practice Helps Busy Professionals Prioritize Self-Care

Lequita Brooks, MSW, LCSW CEO, Founder of Therapy Topia

Therapy Topia promotes solution-based therapy practices for wellness and balance Jacksonville, FL — Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? It’s totally understandable! Professionals juggle many roles and typically neglect self-care. Established in […]

Brown Super Hero Girl Aims to Help Save Lung Patients Everywhere

Lung Girl

Nationwide — Thousands of people receive lung transplants every year, but only around 50% of them survive over 5 years due to lack of research and technology. The Sid Foundation […]

Black Scientist/ Entrepreneur Develops New Sensual Health Supplement For Women

L. Renee Williams

Spotlights inequalities and challenges faced by women; identifies gaps in women health and opportunities empowering women during every phase as their body changes. Oakland, CA — The internet has benefited […]

Meet the 9-Year Old Boy Who Helped His Mom Deliver His New Baby Sister

Lindell Lyons and his newborn sister

Tampa, FL — Lindell Lyons, a 9-year old from Florida, is being praised for stepping up to help his mother deliver his baby sister. Lindell is proud of himself and […]

Stress, Depression & Anxiety: An Escalating Epidemic For Professional Black Woman

Cultivating Inner Peace by Dr. Adwoa Akhu

Nationwide — Half of black American women report that they experience severe stress, while only a quarter of Caucasian women in the US report extreme stress. Research indicates that black […]

Racial & Low-Income Family Healthcare Disparities Remain

African American man with no health insurance

By Louise Norris Nationwide — Although the percentage of Americans without health insurance is far below what it was a decade ago, it’s been rising since the end of 2016. […]

Chicago-Based Organization, The Suga Project, to Bring Education and Awareness About Type 2 Diabetes to the Black Community

The Suga Project

Chicago, IL — According to the American Diabetes Association, 13 percent of all African Americans aged 20 years or older have been diagnosed with diabetes. African Americans are also twice […]

Mother of Two Lost Her Hands and Feet After Getting an Illegal Butt Injection

April Brown, woman whose feet and and hands were amputated

Los Angeles, CA — Apryl Brown, a 47-year old mother of two, almost died back in 2014 after a silicone filter procedure on her buttocks went terribly wrong. She had […]

Founder and CEO of Black-Owned Heathcare Company Wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Tommy Duncan, founder and CEO of Trusted Health Plan

Trusted Health Plan, District of Columbia is transforming healthcare through proven innovative, holistic and affordable member-focused approaches that get results Washington, DC — Tommy Duncan, founder and CEO of Trusted […]

Founder of Black-Owned Organic Hemp-Derived CBD Brand Launches Startup Academy for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Cory Holmes, founder of Holmes Organics CBD products

Nationwide — It’s not often that an emerging industry arises which is why Holmes Organics Founder and CEO Cory Holmes decided to launch his cannabis business. The Farm Bill of […]

Best of Both Curls Event to Address Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions About Natural Hair

Best of Both Curls event

The event, to be held in Orlando, Florida, will feature a natural hair show, a skate party, and an opportunity to connect with vendors who sell Black-owned natural hair care […]

Man With HIV Wins $75K Lawsuit After Barbershop Refuses to Cut His Hair

Man with HIV wins lawsuit against barbershop

Los Angeles, CA — King of Kuts, a barbershop in Los Angeles, California, has been slapped with a court order to pay more than $75,000 to Nikko Briteramos after refusing […]

Unique Hearing Aids Match the Skin Tones of Black People -- Making Them Less Noticeable

Black man wearing Vanish hearing aid

Nationwide — Hearing industry analysts claim that there are 34 million Americans who need hearing aids but don’t wear them. Why not? One of the biggest reasons is stigma. There […]

Mom Who Dropped Her 3-Month Old Son While Fighting Charged With Murder

Karen Harrison, mother who dropped her 3-month old baby during fight

Moultrie, GA — Karen Harrison, a 26-year old mother from Georgia who accidentally dropped her 3-month old son during a fight, has been officially charged with murder. The baby, who […]

Mental Health Awareness Tour For Black Women is Coming to Philadelphia on July 14th

Melony Hill, founder of the Crazy Like a Fox Tour

Philadelphia, PA — During Mental Health Awareness Month (May), newly awarded 2019 Literary Trailblazer of the Year Melony Hill kicked off the Crazy Like A Fox Tour in Atlanta, GA […]

Mother of 8 Killed in Tragic Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

Anne Johnson, mother of 8 children killed in drunk driving accident

Chicago, IL — Anne Johnson, a 51-year old mother of 8 children, died last weekend after being hit by a car driven by 21-year old Dereknesha Brown, who was then […]

Parents File Lawsuit After 6-Year Old Boy Drowns in Community Pool; Lifeguards Blamed

Ga Ram Kang, boy drowned in community pool

Katy, TX — The family of 6-year old Ga Ram Kang, who died after drowning in a community pool in Texas two months ago, has filed a lawsuit against the […]

Boy From NYC Slashed in the Throat By His Mom Dies at School

Shanice Martin and her 6-year old son

New York, NY — A 6-year old boy who suddenly collapsed while standing in line for lunch at school appears to have died because of an injury he suffered when […]

Black Hospital Patient Recovering from Pneumonia Handcuffed, Accused of Trying to Steal IV

Shaquille Dukes, Black man arrested at hospital, accused of stealing IV

Freeport, IL — Shaquille Dukes, a 24-year old Black man trying to recover from pneumonia at a hospital in Illinois, was shocked when a security officer approached him and accused […]

11-Year Old Boy Shot in Brooklyn Keeps Asking Grandmother Why He Can’t Feel His Legs

Jayden Grant and his grandmother

New York, NY — Jayden Grant, an 11-year old boy from Brooklyn, was struck by a stray bullet fired by a gang member, injuring his spine. His grandmother, Bessie Watson-Grant, […]

Epilepsy Foundation to Offer Free Epilepsy & Seizure First Aid Education During 25th ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans

Dr. Steven Owens, vice president of Programs & Services at the Epilepsy Foundation

This will be the first time that a national foundation will participate in the festival. Landover, MD — Epilepsy Foundation will offer free seizure first aid education during the 25th […]

Man Kicked Off Flight For Being Too Sick While Trying To Leave The Dominican Republic Has Died

Khalid Adkins, man who died in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, D.R. — Khalid Adkins, a 46-year old man from Denver, Colorado, was not allowed to board his flight home from the Dominican Republic for being too ill and eventually […]

Research Reveals That Black Children Were Fed to Hogs and Used as Alligator Bait in the Early 1900s

Black children fed to hogs and alligators as bait

A man named Johnny Lee Gaddy recently shared with peonage researcher, Dr. Antoinette Harrell, that in 1957 he witnessed African American children being literally fed to the hogs that were […]

Founder of Black-Owned Hair Care Brand Creates Chemical-Free, Unique Formula For All Hair Types

Josie Castor, founder of Odyssey Hair Care Products

McDonough, GA — Josie Castor, creator and founder of Odyssey Hair Care Products, has launched her new hair care line for all different hair types made with organic plant-derived ingredients.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Kicks Off Summer With Swim Clinic to Teach African Americans Water Safety, Prevent Drownings

Deborah Catchins Smith with Senator Kevin Parker

New York State Senator Kevin Parker, Olympian Maritza McClendon Play Major Role Brooklyn, NY — To promote water safety and help reduce incidents of drowning in his district, New York […]

Florida Man Throws Feces at the Judge During Trial, But Misses

Dorleans Philidor

Miami, FL — Dorleans Philidor, a 33-year old man who was on trial for a burglary charge, defecated on his seat while in the courtroom and tried to throw his […]

Black Woman Who Couldn’t Afford $500 Bail Found Dead in Her Jail Cell

Layleen Polanco, transgender woman found dead in jail

New York, NY — Layleen Polanco, a 27-year old transgender woman, was found dead in her cell on Rikers Island in New York a week before she was due to […]

Woman Pretending to be a Social Worker Tried to Kidnap a Newborn Baby

Mayella Ortega, woman who pretended to be social work to kidnap baby

Santa Ana, CA — A woman in California allegedly posed as a social worker and tried to kidnap a newborn baby from the mother. She reportedly surrendered to police after […]

America’s Challenge: Moving Toward Racial Healing and Transformation

Dr. Gail C. Christopher

By Gail C. Christopher Nationwide — Months after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam came under fire for the racist images on his yearbook page from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1984, […]

Son Launches GoFundMe For Mother Who Had Been Living the American Dream Despite Having a Debilitating Mental Illness

Blanche J. Moore with her 2 sons

Family hangs on to hope and long-term medical care as the best medical option Dayton, OH — There was no more highly esteemed than the Moore family matriarch Blanche J. […]

The Wellness Coach Who Beat Lupus is Now on a Mission to Help Other Women

Cassandra Hill, certified wellness coach

Nationwide — Certified Wellness Coach and Aging Expert, Cassandra Hill, recently discussed reversing your health on The Studio with Damon Davis.

Black Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied -- Now the Parents are Suing the School!

Mya Vizcarrondo, Black teen who committed suicide

Bronx, NY — Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios, a 16-year old high school student at Harry S. Truman High School in New York, committed suicide by jumping off a roof after allegedly being […]

Missing High School Teacher Found Dead in Miami, Florida

Kameelah Russell, missing teacher found dead

Miami, FL — Kameela Russell, a 41-year old high school teacher who was reported missing on May 15, has been found dead 10 days later. Her death was ruled a […]

BlackDoctor.org to Set Sail on Holland America With Their First-Ever Wellness Retreat at Sea

Black Doctor org logo

The Wellness Retreat is Entitled “Waves & Wellness” Cruisin’ to a Better You! Chicago, IL — BlackDoctor.org (BDO) announces their first ever collaborative wellness retreat at sea – The Waves […]

Abortion Clinic Uses Deceptive "Black Lives Matter" Tactics to Target African American Mothers in New Jersey

Cherry Hill Women's Center in New Jersey

By Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. Nationwide — The seductive tactics of evil institutions are often cynical and certainly deplorable. The psychopathic gestures or practice subliminally mocks its intended victims […]

The Struggle of Black Men With Mental Health Stigma

Struggle with Black men

By Venchele Saint Dic Nationwide — Black men are one of the most neglected group of individuals in regards to mental health. They have not been equipped with the tools […]

Texas Home Care Worker Charged with Killing 12 Elderly Women

Billy Chemirmir

Dallas, TX — Billy Chemirmir, an illegal immigrant from Kenya who worked as a home care worker in Texas, has been charged with the murder of 12 elderly women and […]

Sickle Cell Advocate and Philanthropist Howard Woolley Receives Prestigious Award at The Roland B. Scott Memorial Symposium

Howard Woolley, Sickle Cell Advocate and Philanthropist

Washington, DC — Howard Woolley, Sickle Cell Advocate and Philanthropist, was presented with a “Sickle Cell Outstanding Service Award” at the 2019 Roland B. Scott Memorial Symposium Tuesday, May 7, […]

Black Educator Turned Entrepreneur Launches Products to Help Children Grow Emotionally Stronger

Karen Cuthrell, founder of The Feeling Friends

Nationwide — The Feeling Friends®, created by African American educator and entrepreneur Karen Cuthrell, is a Social Emotional Learning program that teaches children to identify, express, and manage their feelings. […]

New Black-Owned Tech Venture Helps Minorities Know What To Expect When Taking Medications

Melanie Igwe and Kwaku Owusu, founders of Drugviu

The website, Drugviu, aims to make it easier for people of color – including multiracial individuals – to find out what to expect when they take medications for specific diagnoses […]

Mixing It Up: 5 Black Food Bloggers to Follow in 2019

Black food blogger

Nationwide — When you finally tire of the same recipes you’ve been recycling for months, it may be time to see what your favorite food blogger is up to. It’s […]

Mentally Ill Woman Forced to Give Birth in Jail Alone -- And Her Baby Almost Died!

Tammy Jackson, mentally ill mother who gave birth in jail

Miami, FL — Tammy Jackson, a 34-year old mentally-ill woman, who was pregnant while in jail, says her cries for help were ignored, forcing her to give birth alone in an […]

This Super Mom Ran a 800-Meter Race While She Was 8 Months Pregnant

Alysia Montano running while pregnant

Sacramento, CA — In 2014, Alysia Montano was 8 months pregnant with her first child when she decided to compete in an 800-meter race. Remarkably, she victoriously finished the race […]

Meditation Expert Aims to Help Reduce Stress, Improve Finances, and Build Better Relationships in the African American Community

Walter Beckley, founder of Meditation Mind Gym

Nationwide — Millions of people go to gyms every day to workout, build muscle, tone their bodies and lose weight, but few start off with exercising their mind daily. The […]

Aromatherapist Launches Online Course on Natural Anxiety Relief Using Essential Oils

Renee Hughes teaching about natural anxiety relief

West Palm Beach, FL — Certified Holistic Practitioner and Aromatherapist Renee Hughes has launched an online course on Natural Anxiety Relief using essential oils and specialized techniques.

Curlkit Launches First Natural Hair and Wellness Summit April 29th to May 2nd, 2019

Heather Cummings, founder of CurlKit

New York, NY — CurlKit Natural Hair and Wellness Virtual Summit is the first ever of its kind, launched by a leading subscription box in the natural hair arena; this […]

Innovative Format is Key to Reaching and Educating African Americans About Prostate Cancer

Scene from Daddy's Boys stage play

The “Daddy’s Boys” stage play, produced by PHEN, draws 1,000+ national attendees per performance. Nationwide — The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is currently debuting its Broadway-style stage play Daddy’s […]

15-Year Old Black Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Being Gay

Nigel Shelby, gay Black teen who committed suicide

Huntsville, AL — Nigel Shelby, a 15-year old Black student attending Huntsville High School in Alabama, has taken his own life after being bullied for being gay. A lot of […]

Biggest Fertility Expo of the Year Will Address Black Women's Top Health Issues

Black woman suffering from infertility

The 2nd Annual South Florida Fertility Expo will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Miami Lakes, Florida. Doors open at 10am. Miami, FL — Did you know that […]

St. James Infirmary to Celebrate 20th Year Anniversary Gala on June 2nd

St James Infirmary 20th Anniversary Gala

Nationwide — St. James Infirmary has provided a truly outstanding level of service in their fight to improve public health by ensuring that the sex workers in San Francisco have […]

A Brief History of the Origin of Soul Food

African Americans eating soul food

Nationwide — The mention of soul food evokes an image that instantly invigorates each of your senses. You imagine the most satisfying of comfort foods, like fried chicken, corn bread, […]

Why I, as an HBCU Wellness Educator, Caution Americans About Their Obesity and Declining Health

Dr. Charles L. Singleton

By Dr. Charles Singleton Nationwide — For the past 52 years of my life, as a writer an educator and author, I have observed, researched, and taught others — both […]

11-Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied About His Weight

Phillip Spruil, 11-year old boy who committed suicide

Philadelphia, PA — Phillip Spruill, an 11-year old boy from Philadelphia, committed suicide apparently after being bullied repeatedly for months by his classmates. The fifth grader, who was targeted by […]

Mom Ticketed While Breastfeeding in Backseat of Parked SUV

Mother ticketed for breastfeeding her baby in parked SUV

Manhattan, NY — Guillermina Rodriguez, a mother of four from New York City, was hit with a parking ticket and almost got her car towed after she pulled over to […]

NYC Bus Driver Says Urine Was Thrown in Her Face

Trellis Robinson, NYC MTA bus driver who had urine thrown in her face

New York, NY — Trellis Robinson, a 43-year old MTA bus driver, suffered from injuries after a man attacked her and threw urine in her face while she was at […]

Black Author Who Lost 100 Pounds and Beat Depression Launches New Book and Mobile App to Help Others

Dakota Jack, author and creator of the My 4 For 40 plan

Dakota Jack, also known as a ‘goal-digger’ is a contemporary author that inspires us to achieve our little goals first through her new book – and soon, through her mobile […]

State of Georgia to Provide Free Menstrual Products For Low-Income Women

Free menstrual products for women in Georgia

Atlanta, GA — For the first time, lawmakers in Georgia have approved a $1.5 million budget to provide free menstrual products for low-income women and girls across the state. It […]

New Black-Owned Product Gives Women an All-Natural Solution to Boost Their Libido

Black married couple sitting in a park

Nationwide — Alpha RX Plus, the popular all-natural herbal formula to defeat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), is launching a product for women that is fast acting and helps the ladies in […]

Unique Tour Travels to 4 East Coast Cities to Spread a Message That Black Mental Health Matters

Melony Hill, founder of Crazy Like a Fox Tour

Created by author and life coach Melony Hill, The Crazy Like A Fox Tour, a Baltimore-based mental health and wellness event for Black women, will expand in 2019 to also […]

Black Family-Owned Vegan Restaurant, Green Love Kitchen, Celebrates Grand Reopening in Atlanta Area

Founders of Green Love Kitchen

Popular Lithonia Vegan Restaurant Returns With New Menu, Music, and More Atlanta, GA — On April 6th, Green Love Kitchen, the sole vegan restaurant in Lithonia, Georgia (a suburb of […]

Another 10-Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied at School

Kevin Reese, 10-year old boy who committed suicide

Houston, TX — Kevin Reese Jr., a 10-year old boy from Houston, Texas,  shockingly ended his life after he was apparently bullied several times at school. According to reports, other […]