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Unsolved Murders of Black Family Re-Examined in New Film Streaming on Amazon Prime

American Wisper artwork and scene

Nationwide — American Wisper (now streaming on Amazon Prime) is the true story of the unsolved murders of an upper-class African American family. In the summer of 2016, three children […]

African American Sorority Supports Members, Public With 6-Part Webinar Series

Deborah Catchings-Smith, International President of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Hosts “We Are Sigma Strong” During COVID-19 Outbreak Cary, NC — “We Are Sigma Strong” is the theme of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority’s 6-part webinar series […]

Former NFL Player is Now a Medical Doctor Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Myron Rolle

Nationwide — Dr. Myron Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar and college football player who was drafted by the NFL to play for the Tennessee Titans in 2010. But nowadays at […]

Legendary Jazz Artist, Manu Dibango, Dies from Coronavirus at Age 86

Manu Dibango

France — Manu Dibango, a saxophone legend and jazz icon known for his 1972 hit Soul Makossa, has died from complications of the coronavirus, according to a statement on his […]

Hip-Hop Artist Releases New Music About Black Wealth and Ownership

Lou Anthony

Philadelphia, PA — The first single from Lou Anthony’s debut studio album SELF: Something Everyone Looks For was released in September, and the music video came early this March. In […]

Erykah Badu to Charge Fans $1 to Live Stream a Concert at Her House

Erykah Badu

Dallas, TX — Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu has announced that she is planning to perform a concert through a live stream from her bedroom in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Harlem's Most Anticipated Crime Biography Tells the Story of Richard 'Fritz' Simmons

Harlem Plug: Richard 'Fritz' Simmons Story by Harlem Holiday

Harlem, NY — The Harlem Plug is the 266-page biography of Richard ‘Fritz’ Simmons written by author Harlem Holiday and released during Women’s History Month through her imprint, Harlem Westside […]

French Singer-Songwriter Inspired By Nina Simone Releases New Music That Pays Homage to Civil Rights and Freedom

Estelle California

Grateful for the freedom she found in becoming a US citizen, activist, singer and moving songwriter Estelle California has released her latest song and video “The Land of Freedom” delivering […]

Web Site Helps Parents Discover & Purchase Children’s Books With Black Characters

Black Baby Books

Nationwide — Children’s books with Black representation are now easier to find thanks to author and serial entrepreneur Veronica N. Chapman, founder of BlackBabyBooks.com.

Author Releases New Book That Explores Black History Like Never Before

Emancipation Proclamation by James C. Rollins

Nationwide — Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Emancipation Proclamation 2nd Edition: the True Black History by James C. Rollins, which is the author’s most recent book to date. The 6 […]

Mom Recruits 13-Year Old Daughter to Be CEO of Their Inspirational Cosmetic Brand

Miah Pasha, 13-year old CEO of The Beat House Cosmetics

Augusta, GA — Danielle and Miah Pasha are a mother-daughter duo who are taking the cosmetic world by storm with their new company, The Beat House Cosmetics. Teasing customers with […]

Black Inventor Creates 3 New STEM Certified Board Games That Teach Entrepreneurship

Elliott Eddie, inventor of the STEM certified board game

Nationwide — Meet Elliott Eddie, an entrepreneur who has created four different STEM certified board games that teach entrepreneurship to both children and adults. His newest board games include a […]

2020 Conference For Black Authors Expands to Two Days

Black authors attending the Red Ink Conference

Detroit, MI — From sold-out audiences in Detroit three years in a row to packed rooms in Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago, The Red Ink Conference is the nation’s premier conference […]

Program Celebrates 4 Years of Teaching Black Children How to Speak Different Languages

Shylene Santiago and her family

Cleveland, OH — Shylene Santiago and her children, founders of Learn A Language 4 Fun, LLC, have dedicated over 4 years to creating songs, educational YouTube videos and designing study […]

National Black Doll Museum to Feature Barbie & Ebony Fashion Fair in New Exhibit

Black barbie doll

Mansfield, MA — The National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture – the only museum in the country whose mission is to preserve the history of African Americans through […]

These 10 and 12-Year Old Sisters Have Just Written and Released Their 3rd Book

Gabby and Gigi, young sister authors of three books

Nationwide — Gabby and Gigi, two young sisters from Southern California, have proven that you can never underestimate the imagination and vision of children. The sisters convinced their mother, Phnesha […]

Inspirational Black Musical “Veils” Comes to Los Angeles in Commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of Selma’s Bloody Sunday

Veils musical stage play

Nationwide — The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) has teamed with Restoration Stage to bring the popular musical “Veils” to the Los Angeles area for a short run […]

African American Dadpreneur and His Son Create Innovative Basketball Training Tool

Chad Briscoe and Jamir, founders of Ball By Yourself

Nationwide — Chad Briscoe and his 9-year old son, Jamir, have created a basketball training tool called Ball By Yourself® Strap, the world’s first and only basketball training tool that […]

Grammy-Winning Jazz Artist, Delfeayo Marsalis, Celebrates New Orleans Funk With New Album Release

Delfeayo Marsalis with album cover for Jazz Party

New Orleans, LA — Delfeayo Marsalis, a favorite son of New Orleans’ decorated music royalty, serves up his latest decadent offering entitled Jazz Party with the Uptown Jazz Orchestra (UJO).

Black Woman-Owned Radio Network Celebrates 7 Years On-Air; Launches New Real Estate Talk Show

Sonny and Jazzie Jones-Smith, the co-hosts and founders of Louddmouth Radio

LouddMouthRadio.com is a rapidly growing internet radio media platform that has connected local, regional and national exposure of content to individuals & families with engaging business, social, cultural and lifestyle […]

Janet Jackson, Charlie Wilson, Snoop Dogg to Headline 2020 Cincinnati Music Festival

Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilso

Nationwide — Premier ticket and hotel reseller, Berrywise Enterprise is providing ticket and hotel packages for the 2020 Cincinnati Music Festival. The iconic event will happen Thursday, July 23 to […]

"Marriage Boot Camp" Star, Chef Stew, Releases New Comic Cookbook

Chef Stew, character from his comic cookbook

Nationwide — Chef Stew, star of We TV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition and President of Transition Kitchen Foundation, has gone animated in an issue of Black Streak Kitchen […]

Innovative Leadership Program For Black Boys Continues at Princeton University

From the Fire Princeton Program for Black Boys

Actors Danny Glover and Delroy Lindo are keynote speaker and program chair, respectively New York, NY — In an effort to forge more Black male leaders in business, social justice […]

Black Author Reveals the Hidden Answers to Meaningful Intimacy That Every Couple Needs to Know About

Troya Bishop, author of Answers to Intimacy

Atlanta Researcher, Troya Bishop, Pens a Savvy Guide to Help Adults Have Deeper Intimate Connections Atlanta, GA  – Married? Single? It’s complicated? Are you tired of drama and ready to […]

English Teacher Who Taught Abroad Reveals Why Men Go to Brazil For Love

Keith Lane, author of Why Do Men Go to Brazil?

Nationwide — Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? is a historical work of fiction by Keith Lane that explores the power of education and chronicles the journey of […]

Actor Jaleel White and Premiere Black Celebrities Share Spotlight With Exceptional Youth in PBS Special "Not All Lost"

Not All Lost PBS special

Oscar-nominated producer teams with PBS KVIE, KVIE2 Sacramento, non-profit organizations The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) and Films With a Purpose to debut celebrity driven reality-based stories of […]

Actor Christian Keyes to Host the Heart & Soul Music Festival in Orlando, Florida

Actor Christian Keyes

Orlando, FL — On March 21, 2020 at the fabulous Apopka Amphitheatre, actor Christian Keyes will be hosting the Heart & Soul Music Festival, a fundraiser to help children travel […]

121 Thought-Provoking Concepts Featured in Justin Ellis' New Book "Thinking Outside The Boombox" — With Accompanying Audiobook/ Album

Justin Ellis, author of Thinking Outside the Boombox

Nationwide — There is no better example of being innovative and inspirational than this powerful project of a modern philosophy book and accompanying audiobook/album. From the wisdom, to the book […]

The Truth About Valentine's Day -- Why Some People Choose Not To Celebrate It

Truth About Valentine's Day

Nationwide — Every year on February 14th, millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is usually celebrated in the form of a man buying flowers, candy and/or […]

New Book Explores the Pivotal Role of Black Beauty Queens During the Civil Rights Movement and Beyond

Black Beauties by Dr. Kimberly Pellum

Kimberly Brown Pellum, PhD releases “Black Beauties: African American Pageant Queens in the Segregated South” Tallahassee, FL — Four global pageant titles are currently held by women of African descent. […]

Melanated Campout, Organized Group of Black Campers, Plans Fun Weekend of Outdoor Adventures

Campers at the Melanated Campout in Georgia

A fun-filled weekend specializing in “CPR” – Camping, Partying and Relaxation If an escape from the demands of life’s everyday sprawl piques your interest, then this thrilling open-air adventure with […]

Gayle King Blames CBS For Her Questions About Kobe Bryant’s Rape Case

Gayle King

Nationwide — Journalist Gayle King is reportedly upset at her long-time employer, CBS News, for resurfacing and sharing a video clip of her provocative line of questions about Kobe Bryant’s […]

Sports Illustrated Honors Kobe Bryant with 100-Page Special Tribute Edition

Kobe Bryant Sports Illustrated special edition

Nationwide — Sports Illustrated will release a 100-page special tribute issue in honor of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, a week after his tragic death from a helicopter crash.

17-Year Old High School Football Star Committed Suicide Days Before Starting College

Bryce Gowdy

Deerfield Beach, FL — Bryce Gowdy, a 17-year old high school football star from Florida, has died after being hit by a train a few days before he was set […]

Quincy Jones Quote and Global Racism Inspires Historic Trilingual Black History Calendar

Nathaniel Biko, creator of trilingual Black history calendar

Nationwide — Nathaniel Biko marveled at his friend Tshalinu Kala, who whenever they would get together would give him some powerful information out of Black history, either about an event […]

Black Cultural Events Expands Online Calendar to Northern California

Black Cultural Events

Nationwide — BCE Media Inc., parent company of online events calendar BlackCulturalEvents.com and led by CEO Pamela Ashe-Thomas, has announced the expansion of the web site into the Northern California […]

West African Author’s Debut Book Hits Amazon #1 Bestseller in U.S.

Cecile Correa, author of A Truth About

Singapore — Cécile Correa, a French-born member of the Manjaco tribe, whose lands span Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and the Gambia, channels her learnings from 18 years of career and travel into […]

The Kobe Bryant Star: Why Its Brilliance Will Radiate Forever!

Kobe Bryant

By Tolson Banner Nationwide — The “hush” always descends upon us unannounced. Like the King of Pop. Like the Queen of Soul. Just like Prince. It transforms time into a […]

New Book By 4 Georgia Inmates Features a Unique Collection of Writings

Incarcerated Sacrifices book

Nationwide — Spearheaded by best-selling urban author Sa’id Salaam, Incarcerated Scarfaces is a collection of writings penned by four Georgia inmates. The book has life jewels and lessons that the average […]

71-Year Old Black Actress Who Made Soap Opera History in the 1980's Refuses to Retire

Mariann Aalda, soap opera actress and pioneer

Nationwide — Meet Mariann Aalda, who in the early 1980’s made history as one of the first African American actresses to play a professional role as a criminal defense attorney […]

The Beauty of Africa — 6 Reasons to Visit Morocco


Nationwide — Africa is a stunning continent with hundreds of wonderful places to visit and explore. One particularly tourist friendly place is Morocco, a diverse country that is filled with […]

Stage Play Inspired By Black Lawyer and Undocumented Immigrant to Benefit Youth Mentoring Program

Youth program to benefit from stage play

Nationwide — The inspiring story of an illegal immigrant from Mexico, Aracely Morales, and an African American lawyer, Attorney Zulu Ali, is both inspiring and very emotional. Mexican officials brutally […]

Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love? Highlights Love, Lust, and Life-Threatening Danger

Keith Lane, author of Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love

Phoenix, AZ — Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? by Keith Lane is a thriller, romance, and thought-provoking, daring read that challenges readers to look beyond the prism of their […]

Jazz Musician Christian McBride Presents Musical Portrait to Commemorate MLK and Other Black History Icons

Christian McBride, composer of A Movement Revisited

A Magnum Opus – 20 Years in the Making Explores Relevant Themes of Social Justice from Past to Present, Lauding Key Figures of the Civil Rights Movement including Rev. Dr. […]

2020 Denton Black Film Festival to Screen More Than 90 Films By African American Filmmakers

Attendees at the Denton Black Film Festival

Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Jazzmeia Horn will kick off festival with concert, first-time DBFF Tech Expo to showcase latest tech and Grammy-winner Kirk Whalum’s film will be screened. Denton, TX — […]

Author Says Its Okay to Be a Single Black Woman in New Book, "No Thanks"

Keturah Kendrick, author of No Thanks

Nationwide — Keturah Kendrick, the popular new author chronicling the lives of single Black women, is on a mission. Her debut book, No Thanks: Black, Female and Living in the […]

Author Recognizes the Need to Pass Down Family Recipes, Strengthen Families in New Cookbook

Introducing a Young Lady in Cooking For the Holidays Too By Michelle Marts-Shannon

Nationwide — Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive by Michelle Marts-Shannon starts with an amazing introduction from the author discussing traditions, […]

Lindsay Guion Wins Award for Best Producer from New York, Los Angeles, Canadian, and European Cinematography Awards

Lindsay Guion, founder Guion Partners

Lindsay Guion has been recognized by the New York, Los Angeles, Canadian, and European Cinematography Awards for his work as executive producer of “Therapy,” an award-winning film + soundtrack. New […]

The Human iPod -- Coming to a City Near You in 2020!

Jammin Jay Lamont

Nationwide — The Human iPod, also known as Jammin Jay Lamont who got his name from radio, has been dazzling his audiences for years from start to finish. Born and […]

New 2020 Calendar Celebrates Black Women Trailblazers

Black Goals 2020 calendar

Portsmouth, VA — The Crowned Academy (TCA), a nonprofit organization and mentorship academy for girls of color in urban communities, has released the first edition of their 2020 Black G.O.A.L.S. (Girls […]

Hollywood Typically Ignores Actresses With Disabilities, But This One Deserves an Oscar Nomination!

Disable actress, Lauren Lolo Spencer

Beverly Hills, CA – Actress Lauren “Lolo” Spencer is receiving rave reviews for her breakout role as the first African-American disabled lead female in the new film, Give Me Liberty. (Watch […]

Meet the 7-Year Old Smashing Records as the Fastest Boy in the Country

Rudolph Ingram Jr.

Tampa Bay, FL — At the age of 7, Rudolph Ingram Jr. also known as “Blaze the Great” has already broken several records and has became the fastest boy in […]

95-Year Old Actress Cicely Tyson Says She Refuses to Retire

Cicely Tyson on Time Magazine

Nationwide — Cicely Tyson, one of the most iconic actresses of our time, has just turned 95-years old. But despite her age, she says she will never ever retire from […]

Black Entrepreneur Releases First Ever Shoppable and 100% Customizable Cookbook

Shaun Chavis, founder of LVNG book

LVNGbook helps you cook, eat, and build lasting habits to manage your health Atlanta, GA — When doctors tell patients to change the way they eat for health, 7 times […]

Miss Jamaica Crowned 2019 Miss World, Becomes the 5th Black Woman This Year to Win a Major Pageant

Miss Jamaica as Miss World

Nationwide — Yet another Black woman has won a prestigious international beauty pageant. Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh was recently crowned Miss World 2019 becoming the fifth Black woman this year […]

R&B Duo DM Visits Chicago and Interviews With Power 92

R&B Artist DM Twins

Nationwide — Los Angeles R&B recording artist DM veered to the Windy City of Chicago for a live on air interview with Power 92. The station premiered their new single […]

Award-Winning Author Helps Teens Get Published While Increasing Their Literacy Scores

Shaytee Gadson, author helping teens

Nationwide — Empath. Visionary. Trailblazer. Paradigm Shifter. Hollywood, South Carolina’s native son, Shaytee Gadson, author of Hallelujah! In Hollywood: A True Hollywood Story, is doing what no other African American […]

Steve Harvey to Premiere New Talk Show Exclusively on Facebook

Steve Harvey

Nationwide — There’s just no stopping Steve Harvey from providing entertaining content to his millions of fans. He recently signed a deal for a new daytime talk show called Steve […]

Father-Son Duo Offer Black Man’s Perspective in New Podcast About Sexuality, Mental Health, Race, and More

Black Talk: Conversations With My Son Podcast

Detroit, MI — With the prevalence of social media creating opportunities for diverse voices to be heard, Black mens’ voice is growing stronger and stronger, especially in the podcasting space. […]

Award-Winning Producer Lindsay Guion Establishes Campaign in Support of the American Heart Association (AHA)

Lindsay Guion

Entertainment professional and entrepreneur, Lindsay Guion, aims to educate individuals on the importance of cardiovascular health New York, NY — Founder and CEO of GUION PARTNERS INC, Lindsay Guion, is […]

5-Year Old Drummer Awarded Full College Scholarship For After He Graduates in 2032

Jeremiah Travis, 5-year old drummer

Greensburg, LA — Jeremiah Travis, a talented 5-year old drummer from Louisiana, has already been awarded a full scholarship to Alcorn University that he can take advantage of when he […]

Black Author Releases 20th Anniversary Edition of His Best-Selling Book, "One Dead Preacher"

Tony Lindsay, author of One Dead Preacher

Nationwide — The original release of One Dead Preacher brought national acclaim to then neophyte author Tony Lindsay. The book became a Black Expression’s choice, achieved the ranking of number […]

Meet Angela Dean, Celebrity Designer & Creator of the Revolutionary Shapewear ‘Shaped By An Angel’

Angela Dean, Celebrity Fashion Designer

Nationwide — Celebrity designer Angela Dean is synonymous to fashion design and creativity on its highest level. She is iconic and one of the most respected designers in the industry. […]

Newspaper Promoted "Black Friday" Soccer Game With Photos of Two Black Players

Controversial Black Friday headline about Black soccer players

Nationwide — An Italian newspaper called the Corriere dello Sport is under fire for using the headline “Black Friday” alongside the photos of Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling, two professional soccer […]