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Howard University Makes HBCU History, Awarded $90M Contract by Pentagon to Establish Research Center

Howard University partners with the Pentagon

Nationwide — Howard University has been chosen by the Pentagon, the U.S. Air Force, and the Dept of Defense to lead a university-affiliated research center. It is the only HBCU […]

Founder of Annual Girlfriend Getaway Retreat to Empower Black Women For the Third Year in a Row

Jacqueline Glass and women who attended her retreat

Nationwide — 59-year-old Jacqueline Glass from Harlem, New York City, founder of the annual Sistahs at the Well: The Girlfriend Getaway, is empowering women to take better care of themselves […]

11-Year-Old Boy Creates and Produces a Family Friendly Sitcom About Smart Kids of Color

Nicholas Buamah

Nationwide — 11-year-old Nicholas Buamah noticed that there weren’t shows on television showcasing intellectual children of color like himself, so he created one. With the help of his mother Danielle, […]

Black Mom of 3, Airline Worker From Alabama Killed After Being Sucked into Engine

Courtney Edwards

Nationwide — Courtney Edwards, a 34-year-old mother of three from Montgomery, Alabama, reportedly died after being sucked into the engine of a passenger plane while working at Montgomery Regional Airport.

Disabled Black Teen With No Use of His Arms Uses His Mouth to Draw

Lucas Mapheto

Nationwide — Lucas Mapheto, a disabled teenage boy from South Africa, is gaining global attention for his extraordinary talent of being able to draw amazing portraits using only his mouth.

Daughter Reveals Identity of the Man Between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali in Historic 1963 Photo

Please Tusant Pearson with Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali

Janell Pearson, the daughter of Harlem’s community activist and serial entrepreneur pens ‘For the Strength Of Harlem’, a biography memoir of the late Plĕas Tusant Pearson Nationwide — A historic […]

40-Year-Old Woman Graduates From Same College Where She Cleaned For 14 Years

Sthembile Mngwengwe

Nationwide — Sthembile Mngwengwe, a 40-year-old woman from South Africa, has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the same university where she worked as a cleaner for 14 […]

Rapper Travis Scott Opens Applications For $1M in Emergency HBCU Scholarships

Travis Scott

Nationwide — Travis Scott’s Waymon Webster Scholarship Fund provides financial support to HBCU students in their senior year who are facing financial challenges to ensure they can graduate on schedule.

Black Designer's Visit to a Museum Inspired Her to Launch an Original Shawl Collection

Tenaria Drummond-Smith

Nationwide — When Queens New York designer Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, she had no idea that she was […]

Hundreds of Black Teen Girls Invited to Apply for 2023 Summer Program on Princeton Campus

Black teen girls from the At The Well Conference at Princeton

Nationwide — Black excellence and effective leadership are essential for a thriving African American community to survive any world crisis. Jacqueline Glass CEO of At The Well Conferences, Inc. (ATW) […]

Inc. 500 CEO Releases Revised Version of His Book, “Get Rich While Black... Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer”

Chuck Starks, author of 'Get Rich While Black'

Nationwide — Chuck Starks’ revised version of Get Rich While Black… Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer gives Black Americans the real reason they are poor in America […]

Black Billionaire Robert F. Smith Seeks to Position HBCU Students For Greater Generational Wealth

Robert Smith

Prudential Financial to grant $500,000 to seed the Stackwell investment accounts of up to 500 students within the Student Freedom Initiative Network Nationwide — The Student Freedom Initiative (SFI), Stackwell, […]

Black College Professor Develops Online Program That Helps Students Drastically Improve Reading and Cultural Awareness

Dr. Chike Akua

Nationwide — Meet Dr. Chike Akua, the creator of Reading Revolution Online, a web-based reading support program that helps children build reading skills, confidence and cultural identity development in less […]

Black Mom Quits Six Figure Job, Partners With 11-Year-Old Daughter to Launch Self-Care Retreat

Toscha Dickerson and Kaleigh

Nationwide — Meet Dr. Toscha L. Dickerson and her 11-year-old daughter, Kaleigh, the mom and daughter duo that will be hosting a self-care retreat in New Orleans during the Essence […]

First Ever HBCU Business-Themed Conference in Washington, DC to Gather Successful Black Entrepreneurs

Attendees at the Black Entrepreneurs Homecoming Experience

30-year-old Jalynn Jones, who graduated from Fayetteville State University, says that her live event will focus on creating more millionaires in our communities. Nationwide — The highly anticipated 3rd annual […]

Black Educator Creates New Spin on Traditional Nursery Rhymes For Elementary School Kids

Audrey Muhammad

Nationwide — Meet Audrey Muhammad, an African American teacher from Raleigh, North Carolina, who is helping Black and Brown children to see more images that look like them in textbooks […]

Black Dad Whose Daughter Died Unexpectedly Two Years Ago Pens Emotional Book About Grief

Author Lehman Riley

Nationwide — During his childhood, author Lehman Riley was fascinated by his grandfather Papa Lemon. Unfortunately, Papa Lemon passed away in 1973 when Lehman was 10 years old. Lehman’s love […]

Black Doctor Helps Women With Heavy Periods Gain Confidence with Leak-Resistant Period Panties

Dr, Amber Robins-Hickman

Nationwide — Dr. Amber Robins-Hickson, founder and creator of Sanxtuary MD, a company committed to supporting women during their menstrual cycles, is celebrating her company’s success in helping women and […]

Black Couple From Virginia Purchase Home With 90 Acres of Land to Build Generational Wealth For Their Kids

Christopher O'Neal and family

From the 1920s to today, the percentage of Black Americans and other minority landowners has dropped from 14% to less than 2% nationwide. Here’s how real estate expert Chris O’Neal […]

Entrepreneur Launches Professional Development Program For Black Women Leaders

Laura Knights, founder of Black Woman Leading program

Nationwide — Laura Knights, Founder and CEO of Knights Consulting LLC, has launched the research-based Black Woman Leading® professional development program to address the unique needs of Black women leaders.

67-Year-Old Black Author of 30 Books Releases New Trilogy Series to Pitch to Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Becky DeWitt

Nationwide — Meet Becky DeWitt, a veteran author from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who has written over 30 books about trials and tribulations from the ordinary everyday perspective. Now at […]

7-Year-Old Black Boy Writes His First Book About a Superhero Who Loves Making the World a Safer Place

Eden Scott McLauchlin

Captain Clean-Up saves the world. He really cares about the land. Whether it’s fighting crime or picking up trash. He helps however he can. Nationwide — Meet Eden Scott McLauchlin, […]

Young Black Traders Who Made $5M in One Year to Give Away $1M to Struggling Families

Founders of Algo Cheat Code

Nationwide — Meet 29-year-old Jehu Graham and 32-year-old Francis Kway, two young African American investors who are also the founders of Cheat Code Algo, powerful software that uses a series […]

This Black Entrepreneur Has Helped 100 Families Secure More Than $75K in Unclaimed Money

Felicia Jeffries

Nationwide — Felicia Jeffries, a veteran entrepreneur and the author of more than six books, says that in 2022, she was able to help 100 Black families secure more than […]

Houston Woman, Mother of 6, Celebrates 54 Years as a Public School Teacher

Sharon Lemond

Nationwide — Sharon Lemond, a 77-year-old woman from Houston, Texas, is being recognized for her over five decades of service as a teacher in the Houston Independent School District.

18-Year-Old Makes History as the Youngest Black Mayor Ever

Jaylen Smith

Nationwide — Meet Jaylen Smith, an 18-year-old college freshman, who became the youngest Black mayor in U.S. history after being elected mayor in the town of Earle, Arkansas.

Meet the Black Teen Who Builds Planes and Drones From Local Materials

Vidiol Tsague

Nationwide — Vidiol Tsague, an 18-year-old Black teen from Cameroon, has been gaining attention for his videos that show him flying planes and drones that he builds using only local […]

Black World War II Survivor From St. Louis Makes History, Turns 108 Years Old

Willie Bill Dawson

Nationwide — Meet Willie “Bill” Dawson, a World War II veteran from St. Louis, Missouri, who is now 108 years old. He says that his secret to a long life […]

Black Student at Georgia Tech Makes History, Wins $69K on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Quincy Howard

Nationwide — Quincy Howard, a sophomore at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, made history when he won almost $70,000 on Wheel of Fortune after quickly guessing the correct answer in […]

BOSS Network Launches Summit Honoring LL Cool J's Wife, Simone I. Smith

Simone I. Smith

Nationwide — On Saturday, December 3, 2022, The BOSS Network presents “The Launch Summit” sponsored by JPMorgan Chase. This annual event series aims to educate, empower, and promote minority women […]

Shooter Sentenced to 45 Years for 9-Year-Old Black Girl Killed by Stray Bullet

Brandoniya Bennett

Nationwide — Brandoniya Bennett, a 9-year-old African American girl from Dallas, Texas, was shot and killed inside her home in 2019. The shooter, Davonte Benton, has been convicted of murder […]

Milwaukee Father of 3 Makes Half Court Shot at NBA Game, Wins $10K

Germelle Scott

Nationwide — Germelle Scott Sr., a father of 3 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has brought home $10,000 for his family after making a half-court shot during a Milwaukee Bucks game.

Single Black Mom Recovers After 7-Year-Old Son with Autism Wiped Out Her Bank Account

Kayla Howard with her sons

Nationwide — When Kayla Howard, a single mom of four sons from Phoenix, Arizona, found her bank account emptied after her 7-year-old son mistakenly made purchases on Roblox, people from […]

Black Woman Arrested for Shoplifting in Texas Had Never Been to Texas

Julie Hudson

Nationwide — Julie Hudson, a 31-year-old African American woman from Philadelphia who is currently a Ph.D. candidate, was arrested and jailed for a week after being mistakenly identified as a […]

Almost 100 Inmates in Wisconsin Prison Graduate From Milwaukee Area Technical College

Inmate graduates from Milwaukee technical college

Nationwide — In 2022, eleven inmates in the Wisconsin prison system earned a certificate in welding through the Second Chance program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. That makes a total […]

Award Winning Couple and Best-Selling Authors Slated to Write, Produce and Direct Black Muslim Farmer Documentary

Rufus and Jenny Triplett

Nationwide — As the Black Farmer crisis looms and many farmers facing bankruptcy due to the government reneging on debt relief specifically for Black farmers passed as part of the […]

Police Confront 9-Year-Old Black Girl Spraying Lanternflies, White Neighbor Says He Was Scared

Bobbi Wilson and her mom

Nationwide — Bobbi Wilson, a 9-year-old Black girl from Caldwell, New Jersey, says she was traumatized after her neighbor, Gordon Lawshe, who is a former City Council member, called the […]

10-Year-Old Girl Name Miracle Helped Her Mom Deliver Baby at Home

Miracle Moore

Nationwide — Miracle Moore, a 10-year-old girl from Jennings, Missouri, is being hailed a hero for bravely helping her pregnant mother give birth to her baby sister at home.

Three Black American Friends Found Dead in Their Mexico City Airbnb

Three black friends who died in an Mexico City Airbnb

Nationwide — A Black male and two females who traveled to Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead were reportedly found dead in an Airbnb they rented. Authorities believe […]

Black Family Demands Answers After 8-Year-Old Boy Severely Burned at White Friend’s House

Jayceon Charles

Nationwide — The parents of Jayceon Charles, an 8-year-old boy who was severely burned at a friend’s house in Warren, Arkansas, are demanding answers as they claim that the investigation […]

Oldest Black Woman in South Carolina Turns 105 Years Old

Luttie Bell Hamm

Nationwide — Luttie Bell Hamm, an African American woman from St. Stephen, South Carolina, has recently turned 105 years old.

Schenita Stewart Makes History as the First Ever Black Woman Police Chief of Evanston, Illinois

Schenita Stewart

Nationwide — Schenita Stewart has been sworn in as the Police Chief in Evanston, Illinois, making her the first Black woman to permanently lead the police force in the city’s […]

Howard University College of Medicine Appoints First Ever Black Woman Dean in 154 Years

Dr. Andrea A. Hayes

Nationwide — Andrea A. Hayes Dixon, M.D., FACS, FAAP has made history as the first Black woman dean of the Howard University College of Medicine in the institution’s 154-year history.

Black Professor Awarded the ‘Genius Grant’ with $800K Stipend For His Literary Work

Kiese Laymon

Nationwide — Kiese Laymon, an award-winning author and English professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas, has been awarded the MacArthur Fellowship, the prestigious honor commonly known as the “genius […]

Mickey Joseph Becomes First Ever Black Head Coach of University of Nebraska's Football Team

Mickey Joseph

Nationwide — Mickey Joseph, who once played football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the past, has been named the interim head coach of the team, making history as the first […]

17-Year Old Black Teen Ordered to Pay $150K to the Family of Man Who She Says Raped Her

Pieper Lewis

Nationwide — Pieper Lewis, a Black teen from Des Moines, Iowa who killed her accused rapist in 2020, was recently sentenced to pay $150,000 in restitution to his family. A […]

24-Year Old HBCU Grad Makes History as the Youngest Principal Ever at Middle School in Charlotte

Kenneth Gorham

Nationwide — Kenneth Gorham, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, has been appointed as the principal at Movement Middle School, in Charlotte, North Carolina. At 24 years old, […]

Homeless Black Teen From California Earns Spot on HBCU Basketball Team

Jeremiah Armstead

Nationwide — Jeremiah Armstead, a 19-year-old teen from Los Angeles who was homeless while in high school, has been accepted at Fisk University, an HBCU in Nashville, Tennessee, and will […]

70-Year Old Man Earns PhD, Graduates With Honors from HBCU

Joseph M. Grant

Nationwide — In 2021, at the age of 70, Joseph M. Grant earned his Ph.D. in Political Science with a focus on American government and Black politics from Howard University, […]

Meet the First Black Deaf Person to Receive a Ph.D. in Canada

Jenelle Rouse

Nationwide — In 2020, Jenelle Rouse made history as the first Black deaf person to receive a Ph.D. in the country of Canada. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from […]

Famous Black Gamer CoryxKenshin Blasts YouTube for Racism and Favoritism


Nationwide — Cory “CoryxKenshin” Williams, a famous gamer and online personality, is calling out YouTube’s policies in his latest video where he claims that the platform has unfair practices toward […]

Pastor Apologizes For Criticizing His 'Broke' Congregation For Not Buying Him a Luxury Watch

Carlton Funderburke

Nationwide — Carlton Funderburke, a local pastor at Church at the Well in Kansas City, Missouri has apologized nearly a week after calling his congregation “cheap, busted, and disgusted” for […]

Black Woman Catches White Passenger Sending a Racist Text Message About Her on a Flight

Riah Elese, Black woman with braids on flight with racist white passengers

Nationwide — Riah Elese, an African American woman from Texas who was traveling on a flight, recorded and posted a video on TikTok of a white passenger that she caught […]

19-Year-Old Black Teen Makes History, Beats Over 50,000 Applicants to Win UK and Ireland Scholarships

Oluwafunmilayo Oni

Nationwide — Oluwafunmilayo Oni, a 19-year-old student from Nigeria, has won both the UK Government Chevening Scholarship and a scholarship from the government of Ireland on the same day. All […]

Black Twin Brothers Make History as First Officer Pilots For Alaska Airlines

Alex and Alan, twin brothers pilots

Nationwide — Identical twin brothers Alex and Alan have been hired as first officer pilots for Alaska Airlines in the US. Originally from Kenya, they are making history as the […]