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Meet the 11-Year Old Genius Who Just Started High School

Dionn Megginson

Houston, TX — Dionn Megginson, an 11-year old girl from Texas, is making her way to excellence. At such an early age, she has just recently started classes as a […]

2019 Frederick Douglass Global Fellows Developing Increased Intercultural Competence Through Summer Study Abroad Program in London

Frederick Douglass Global Fellows

Third cohort of Global Fellows walk in the steps of Frederick Douglass, who lived and lectured in London in 1845. Nationwide — The 10 meritorious freshmen and sophomores from Minority […]

Woman From Arkansas Held Four Black Teens At Gunpoint

Jerri Kelly, woman from Arkansas who held Black teens at gunpoint

Wynne, AR — Jerri Kelly, a 46-year old woman from Arkansas, reportedly held four Black teens at gunpoint and forced them to the ground while they were going door-to-door to […]

A (Jewish) Public Enemy No More? – A Black-Jewish Dialogue and Healing That is 30 Years Overdue

Professor Griff

Nationwide — Thirty years ago, Professor Griff was kicked out of the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks. Last spring, Griff openly addressed those remarks […]

Meet the 5-Year Old Boy Who Saved 13 People from a House Fire in Chicago

Jayden Espinosa

Chicago, IL — Jayden Espinosa, a 5-year old boy from Chicago, is being hailed a hero after he saved 13 people from an early-morning fire in his aunt’s apartment where […]

This 61-Year Old Single Dad Has Helped More Than 50 Foster Children in the Last 12 Years

Guy Bryant, single dad and foster parent

New York, NY — Guy Bryant, a 61-year old man who has been working in the foster system for decades, decided to help further and foster young men who have […]

NYC to Award $9.75 Million to Black Man Who Spent 30 Years in Prison For Crimes He Didn’t Commit

Mark Denny

New York, NY — Mark Denny, a man who was wrongly imprisoned for almost 30 years for a rape and robbery he didn’t commit, has been awarded a $9.75 million settlement […]

Baltimore Organization Aims to Generate $100K For Local Black-Led Community Organizations on August 22nd

We Give Black Baltimore

In honor of Black Philanthropy Month, CLLCTIVLY launches 24-hour “Day of Giving” at BaltimoreGives.org Baltimore, MD — On August 22, 2019, individuals and organizations throughout Baltimore, Maryland will demonstrate the […]

Racial & Low-Income Family Healthcare Disparities Remain

African American man with no health insurance

By Louise Norris Nationwide — Although the percentage of Americans without health insurance is far below what it was a decade ago, it’s been rising since the end of 2016. […]

Actor to Launch International Black Book in 2020 -- Creating a Cyber Wakanda!

Kay Benjamin, founder of the International Black Book

Leimert Park, CA — International Black Book (IBB) is developing a directory of businesses and non-profits (NGOs) for the African diaspora. Not since the ambitions of Marcus Garvey to connect […]

Tito Jackson Steps Out on Vocals with New Single “One Way Street”

Tito Jackson, One Way Street

Continuing The Jackson Legacy Los Angeles, CA — Legendary guitarist, Tito Jackson, considered the quieter member of perhaps the greatest musical family in the history of music – The Jacksons, […]

Black Man Acquitted After Killing White Man During Racially Charged Bar Dispute

Stephen Spencer

Pittston, PA — Stephen Spencer, a 31-year old Black man from Pennsylvania, has been found not guilty after he shot a white man to death while defending himself during a […]

The Truth About America's Racist Presidents

Racist white presidents

By Legrand H. Clegg II, Esq. Nationwide — “From the beginning the American presidency has been stained by racial prejudice, often a reflection of broader sentiment among white citizens. Such […]

Do You Miss Obama? Author Tells Stories of Women Inspired By Obama And His Legacy to Women

Pamela M. Jasper, author of The Obama Chicks

New York, NY — The Obama Chicks is a fresh cutting-edge anthology of sorts, soon to be released by author Pamela M. Jasper. Through 44 stories, the book highlights inspirational […]

Black Consumers and Sellers Gear Up For Historic We Buy Black Convention

We Buy Black Convention

On Aug. 23-25, 2019, over 120 Black-owned vendors and consumers will gather at the second-annual We Buy Black Convention in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center. There will be […]

Chicago-Based Organization, The Suga Project, to Bring Education and Awareness About Type 2 Diabetes to the Black Community

The Suga Project

Chicago, IL — According to the American Diabetes Association, 13 percent of all African Americans aged 20 years or older have been diagnosed with diabetes. African Americans are also twice […]

Founder of Black Male-Owned Bridal Boutique Makes History in a Female-Dominated Market

Steve Larkin, founder of Remi Raine Bridal

Remi Raine Bridal was founded and created by Steve Larkin in Chandler, Arizona. Perhaps the only African American male boutique owner in the United States, Steve has made his business […]

Black Partner Fired by Law Firm Exposes Racially Charged “Sham Investigation”

Attorney Don Lewis

New York, NY — Don Lewis is adamant that the sexual allegations levied against him by his former employer, Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP (“PB” or “Pierce Bainbridge”), […]

Mason Engineering Hires a Chief Diversity Officer

Christopher Carr, Chief Diversity Officer at Mason Engineering

By Ryley McGinnis Nationwide — Christopher Carr’s enthusiasm for diversity and inclusion in higher education and STEM springs from his experiences growing up in Missouri, and it is that background […]

Phillip Brandon Releases Powerful Affirmation Song/Video For Black Youth: “Chocolate Child”

Phillip Brandon

Los Angeles, CA — Times of arduous turmoil require songs of tremendous inspiration…especially for the young. Singer/ Songwriter/ Actor Phillip Brandon has written just such a much-needed work entitled “Chocolate […]

No Jail Time For White Couple Who Starved and Abused Their Black Adopted Children

Kenny and Kelly Fry, white parents who abused their Black adopted children

Osceola, IA — Kenny and Kelly Fry, a couple from Iowa, pleaded guilty to child endangerment after being accused of starving and abusing two Black children they have adopted. Despite […]

Black-Owned Custom LEGO® Subscription Box Aims to Create Global Citizens and Develop Engineering Skills

Real Life Bricks, Black-owned custom Lego subscription box

Seattle, WA — Real Life Bricks, a company created to fill the LEGO® toy diversity gap, is set to offer their Real Life Bricks Playbox – a custom, monthly LEGO® […]

Black Authors Declare War Against Illiteracy with New Educational Model

Why Sammy Still Can't Read

Authors Leroy and Yvette McClure have kicked off a new educational model with “Why Sammy Still Can’t Read: A Service Delivery Model for Creating a Culture of Reading” Dallas, TX […]

Single Black Seniors Network is Coming to a City Near You

Single Black Seniors

Nationwide — Single Black Seniors Network (SBSN) is proud to announce that it is expanding their network beyond the Chicagoland region. SBSN is a socialization network of like-minded seniors who […]

18-Year Old Gets Life in Prison for Killing His Sister Over a Wi-Fi Dispute

Kevon Watkins, 18-year old who killed his sister over Wifi dispute

Macon, GA — Kevon Watkins, an 18-year old teen from Macon, Georgia, has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing his older sister, Alexus Breanna […]

Black Entrepreneur Who Opened Three Real Estate Firms in 5 Years Speaks at NAREB National Convention

Tamairo Moutry, Black real estate mastermind and entrepreneur

Tamairo Moutry, a successful entrepreneur and real estate mastermind, has opened three real estate companies in less than 5 years, and is opening her next one in Illinois before the […]

Award-Winning Actress, Producer and Director Tangi Miller Hosts “Diva Talk” Premiering August 8th - Streaming on Fuzion Digital Media

Diva Talk With Tangi Miller

Atlanta, GA — Award-winning actress Tangi Miller has created a fresh new talk show, “Diva Talk,” powered by Fuzion Digital Media. Hosted by Miller, the weekly one-hour show includes celebrity […]

Award-Winning Author, Erica Pullen, Releases New Book to Empower Black Children

America's Most Wanted by Erica Pullen

Nationwide — Erica Pullen, award-winning and international children’s author, captivated fans with her first book Believing in Myself and has launched the release of her new book I Am America’s […]

Black Entrepreneur to Use His Own Money to Provide 1,000 Teachers' Classrooms With School Supplies

Freddie Figgers, founder of Figgers Communications

Nationwide — Freddie Figgers, founder and CEO of Figgers Communications, recently had a chance to speak at a public school in Florida. While he was there, he met a 68-year […]

Police in Mississippi Choked Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop

Robert Morton, unarmed Black man being choked by Mississippi Police

Clay County, MS — A violent brawl between Robert Morton, a 34-year old unarmed Black man, and highway patrol troopers in Mississippi was captured on video after the officers assaulted […]

Former African American Partner Alleges Discrimination, Corruption and Cover-Up at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP

Don Lewis, former partner at Pierce, Bainbridge, Beck, Price, Hecht

New York, NY — Don Lewis is pursuing legal action against his former employer for illegal termination of his employment and defamation of his character. During Lewis’ time with Pierce […]

Two Moms From Chicago Who Fought to End Gun Violence Have Been Shot to Death

Chantel Grant and Andrea Stoudemire

Chicago, IL — Chantell Grant and her friend Andrea Stoudemire, two mothers who were active members of a group called Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), have died after being shot […]

12-Year Old Black Boy Shot in the Knee By SWAT Even Though His Hands Were Up

Amir Worship, boy shot in the knee by SWAT

Country Club Hills, IL — Amir Worship, a 12-year old unarmed Black boy from Illinois, will never walk normally again after SWAT officers suddenly entered his home and bedroom shot […]

Amazon is Looking to Hire More Than 700 Employees For Work-At-Home Job Openings

Amazon employee working at home

Nationwide — BlackJobs.com, created by the founders of BlackNews.com and BlackBusiness.com, has partnered with Amazon to promote their virtual (or “work-from-home”) positions available to qualified individuals who live in certain […]

High School Golf Team of All Black Players Become the First to Win State Championship

Charles R. Drew Varsity golf team

Atlanta, GA — The Charles R. Drew Public Charter School’s Varsity Boys Golf Team in Atlanta, which has all Black players and an all Black coaching staff, has recently won […]

7 Bounty Hunters Acquitted After Killing Unarmed Black Man They Thought Was Someone Else

Jalen Johnson Milan, Black man killed by bounty hunters

Clarksville, TN — Several bounty hunters in Tennessee who were facing murder charges for shooting and killing Jalen Johnson-Milan, a 24-year old Black man they had mistaken for someone else, […]

Armed Man Gets Hot Grease Thrown in His Face While Breaking Into a Woman's House

Larondrick Macklin

Decatur, AL — A woman from Alabama was able to defend herself when she reportedly poured a pot of hot grease on Larondrick Macklin, a 31-year old man, who broke […]

Dallas Police Officers Made Jokes as Man Was Dying During His Arrest

Tony Timpa being arrested

Dallas, TX — A recently released body camera footage showed what really happened in a 2016 incident where Tony Timpa, an unarmed man, died after he was handcuffed and pinned […]

Mother of Two Lost Her Hands and Feet After Getting an Illegal Butt Injection

April Brown, woman whose feet and and hands were amputated

Los Angeles, CA — Apryl Brown, a 47-year old mother of two, almost died back in 2014 after a silicone filter procedure on her buttocks went terribly wrong. She had […]

Hundreds of Black Designers and Innovators Are Applying For These 7 Job Openings

African AmerAfrican American creative designers and innovatorsican creative designers

Nationwide — African American designers and innovators have been excelling for years in fashion, art and software development. Many have been successful as entrepreneurs with their own business enterprises, while […]

PG County, Maryland Hires Its First Black Female Fire Chief

Tiffany D. Green, PG County Fire Dept Chief

Prince George County, MD — Chief Deputy Tiffany Green has recently been assigned as the fire chief in PG County, Maryland, making her the first African-American woman to lead the […]

White Professor Working at HBCU Files Discrimination Lawsuit Over a Salary Complaint

Marshall Burns, white professor suing HBCU

Tuskegee, AL — Marshall Burns, a 73-year old white physics professor at historically Black Tuskegee University, has filed a lawsuit against the school for alleged age and race discrimination. He […]

Security Guards Falsely Accuse Black Couple of Stealing a T-Shirt While They Were Getting Engaged

Dr. Cathy-Marie Hamlet and her fiance

Walden, NY — Dr. Cathy-Marie Hamlet says that Angry Orchard, a cidery in Walden, New York, falsely accused her and her fiance of stealing a T-shirt from their store in […]

The Ugly History of America's Racist Soft Drink Brands

Pepsi and Coca-Cola African American ads

The truth about the history of America’s favorite soft drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, may shock you. Coca-Cola, for example, founded in the year 1892, was originally a product only intended […]

Man With HIV Wins $75K Lawsuit After Barbershop Refuses to Cut His Hair

Man with HIV wins lawsuit against barbershop

Los Angeles, CA — King of Kuts, a barbershop in Los Angeles, California, has been slapped with a court order to pay more than $75,000 to Nikko Briteramos after refusing […]

Woman Represents Herself in Court and Wins $1 Million Discrimination Lawsuit

Talonya Adams

Phoenix, AZ — Talonya Adams, a lawyer who used to work as a policy adviser in the Senate’s Democratic Caucus in Arizona, filed a racial and gender discrimination lawsuit against […]

White Security Guard Pointed Gun at and Tried to Arrest a Black Sheriff in Full Uniform

Black sheriff, Alan Gaston, confronted by white security guard

Toledo, OH — Alan Gaston, a Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy who is Black, was completely shocked when Seth Eklund, a security guard who is white, confronted him and pointed a […]

Brother of Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Gets 2 Months in Plea Deal After Rape Allegations

Police Officer Vincent Crump arrested for assaulting women

Tallahassee, FL — Vincent Crump, a 44-year old former police officer from Florida, will be spending 2 months behind bars after being convicted of sexual battery in connection to the […]

Meet the 12-Year Old Boy Who Designs Bow Ties for Homeless Dogs

Darius Brown

Newark, NJ — Darius Brown, a 12-year old boy from Newark, New Jersey who was diagnosed with developmental delays, has created a profitable business through his hobby of creating bow ties. […]

Black Doctor Says Airline Flight Attendant Harrassed Her About Her Summer Outfit

Latisha Rowe, Black doctor humilliated on American Airlines Flight

Houston, TX — Latisha “Tisha” Rowe, a Black doctor from Texas, said she was humiliated when a flight attendant from American Airlines ordered her to cover up her “romper” in […]

Mother of 8 Killed in Tragic Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

Anne Johnson, mother of 8 children killed in drunk driving accident

Chicago, IL — Anne Johnson, a 51-year old mother of 8 children, died last weekend after being hit by a car driven by 21-year old Dereknesha Brown, who was then […]

Alelia Murphy, the Oldest Woman in the United States, Just Turned 114-Years Old

Alelia Murphy, oldest woman in the world

New York, NY — Alelia Murphy has been confirmed as the oldest living person in the United States. She just celebrated her 114th birthday on July 6th. She was honored […]

Brianna Mason Becomes First Black Woman to be Crowned Miss Tennessee

Brianna Mason, Miss Tennessee

Knoxville, TN — Brianna Mason, a 23-year old Nashville native, has recently been crowned Miss Tennessee, making her the first ever Black woman to win the title since the competition […]

Parents File Lawsuit After 6-Year Old Boy Drowns in Community Pool; Lifeguards Blamed

Ga Ram Kang, boy drowned in community pool

Katy, TX — The family of 6-year old Ga Ram Kang, who died after drowning in a community pool in Texas two months ago, has filed a lawsuit against the […]

Boy From NYC Slashed in the Throat By His Mom Dies at School

Shanice Martin and her 6-year old son

New York, NY — A 6-year old boy who suddenly collapsed while standing in line for lunch at school appears to have died because of an injury he suffered when […]