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Organization to Hold Trump and Congress Accountable for Black Americans Who Died From COVID-19

Black Americans wearing face masks

Triangle ADOS Shares White House Petition and Submitted a Proposal for Concerned Black American Citizens (CBAC) Nationwide — Triangle ADOS in collaboration with ADOS CT, ADOS NE, Twin Cities ADOS, […]

Man Who Vandalized Stores in Minneapolis Appears to Be a Police Officer

Jacob Pederson, St Paul police officer accused of vandalism

Nationwide — Jacob Pederson, a police officer of the St. Paul Police Department, has been identified by some sources as the man in a viral video who is seen vandalizing […]

National Organization to Recognize the Class of 2020 and Front Line Workers with Virtual Celebration

Big Hookz, Max Mazzim, and Andra Day

National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc. kicks off virtual extravaganza on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Camden, NJ — National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc., a national nonprofit organization, presents its […]

Mississippi Mayor Says, "If You Can Say You Can't Breathe, You're Breathing"

Hal Marx and Police Officer who killed Kevin Floyd

Nationwide — The violent arrest that caused the brutal death of George Floyd caught in a now-viral video has sparked worldwide outrage against the excessive use of force by police on […]

Minneapolis Police Release 911 Call That Led to George Floyd's Arrest and Death

Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd

Minneapolis, MN — The Minneapolis Police Department has been under fire following the violent arrest that led to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man. Raw footage […]

17-Year Old Girl “Accidentally” Shot in the Head, Killed at Airbnb in Florida

Giselle Rengifo, 17-year old killed at Airbnb

Miami, FL — Giselle Rengifo, a 17-year old girl from Florida, has been killed in a shooting at a rented Airbnb in Miami. The suspect, her 17-year old friend named […]

"American Wisper," the Film Hollywood Hoped Would Never Get Released, is Now Streaming

American Wisper

New York, NY — American Wisper is the true story of the unsolved murders of an African American family. In the summer of 2016, three children and their mother were […]

Florida State Attorney to Re-Examine Case of Man Who Punched 14-Year Old Black Girl in the Face

Charles Wyscaver, white male punching a 14-year old Black girl

Pensacola, FL — Charles Wyscaver, a 60-year old white male from Pensacola, Florida who was seen on camera punching a 14-year old mentally disabled Black girl in her face, was […]

Man Calls Police on Young Black Men Using a Gym in His Building in Minneapolis

Tom Austin, man who called police on young Black men in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN — A group of young Black entrepreneurs from Minneapolis say that they were racially profiled when Tom Austin, who is white, confronted them for using a shared private […]

Entrepreneurs Launch Online Platform to Help African Americans Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Lena Claybon and Kayela Ceron, founders of Rock The Real Estate

Houston, TX — Real estate entrepreneurs Lena Claybon and Kayela Ceron are looking to create a path to financial independence for more African Americans via their new website, RockTheRealEstate.com, which […]

Soul Singer Randy Hall is on a Hot Streak with New Solo Single “A New Way of Love” Following Vault Hit with Late Jazz Legend Miles Davis

Randy Hall

Las Vegas, NV — After years spent in lucrative retreat from the spotlight, multi-faceted musician/singer Randy Hall is in the midst of a hot streak as a recording artist as […]

71-Year Old Grandmother Shot and Killed While Protecting Her Granddaughter

Sheila Lucas, grandmother from Washington, DC killed

Nationwide — Just weeks after recovering from the deadly coronavirus, Shiela Lucas, a 71-year old grandmother from Washington, DC has tragically died after being shot while protecting her granddaughter during […]

Financial Expert Releases a Paradigm Shifting New Book to Help Change How You Think About Your Personal Finances

Shawn D. Rochester, author of CPR For the Soul

Southbury, CT — Shawn Rochester is an author, entrepreneur, investor and sought-after speaker who has spoken on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, the United Nations and lectured at leading universities […]

This Black Entrepreneur is a Court-Approved Mediator That Helps Settle Disputes Out of Court

Quornesha Lemon, founder of Saqred Dispute Resolutions

Luling, TX — While working online is new to many professions, it is the norm for Quornesha S. Lemon, owner of SaQred Dispute Resolutions. She is an online court-approved mediator […]

Black Women CEOs Launch Online Singing Competition With $5K Cash Prizes to Help Boost the Economy

A. Cookie Williams and Beth Noisette, founders of Sing2Bling

Nationwide — Meet A. Cookie Williams and Beth Noisette, two U.S. Army veterans that are also the co-founders of Sing2Bling.tv, an online platform that allows at-home users to submit their […]

Black People, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the Risk of Death From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Black man with coronavirus wearing face mask

Nationwide — Here are some facts: Black people have been found to be more likely to die from COVID-19 infection than white people, both in the United Kingdom and the […]

Black High School Senior Makes History, Gets Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Roberta Hannah, Black student accepted into Ivy League schools

Springfield, MA — Roberta Hannah, an 18-year old senior at Springfield High School of Science and Technology in Massachusetts, has made history after being accepted into all of the 8 Ivy […]

90-Year Old Grandmother Steps in as Texas Police Officers Point Guns at Her Grandson

Tye Anders' grandmother stopping Texas police from arresting her grandson

Midland, TX — In a dramatic video that has surfaced online, a 90-year old grandmother from Texas can be seen shielding her 21-year old grandson, Tye Anders, from at least […]

Real Estate Mogul Launches Housing Assistance Fundraisers for Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic

Tamairo Moutry

Fort Myers, FL — Tamairo Moutry, a successful real estate broker and the first Black woman to own four real estate companies in four different states, has launched two fundraisers […]

New #SaveTheSalon Fund to Raise $2 Million for Black Hairstylists

Mayvenn Black Hair Stylists

In partnership with Ben & Felicia Horowitz, Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall (the chief executive of Twitter and Square) Libra/The Pritzker Family, and The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Mayvenn is […]

New Fund in Baltimore Launches to Provide $500 Micro-Grants For Black-Led Organizations Impacted By COVID-19

Jamye Wooten, founder of Baltimore COVID Fund

CLLCTIVLY launches a no-strings-attached micro-grant to support Black-led and Black-owned organizations on the frontlines— serving children and families who have become even more economically vulnerable as a result of COVID-19. […]

Black Woman CEO to Teach Webinar on How to Cash Out in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Cimon Casson, founder of Cashing Out in the Cannabus Industry webinar

The event, hosted by Cannabis financial planner Cimone Casson, will focus on Black and Brown communities in the growing cannabis sector, and overcoming hurdles in investing, finance, branding, licensing and […]

New Song Calls Out Doctors Who Send Black Patients Home to Die

The Undiscovered Artist playing Coronavirus Song

Nationwide — A new song about the Coronavirus is infecting Black America with some very powerful, hard-hitting lyrics. The song, written and sung by a father whose own son was […]

Screenwriter With a Black Animation Screenplay That Rivals the Movie “Sing” is Seeking Representation

Leon Fowler, screenwriter

Nationwide — Leon Fowler, who has been writing for over 30 years, has come up with a screenplay for a major motion picture animation for children of color (something rarely seen […]

Black Doctor Who Delayed His Retirement to Help COVID-19 Patients Dies From the Virus

Dr. James A. Mahoney, Black doctor who died from Coronavirus

New York, NY — Dr. James A. Mahoney, a 62-year old doctor who spent 40 years serving hospitals in underserved communities and even helped treat coronavirus patients despite his retirement age, […]

Black Mother and Daughter Graduate Together From Medical School, Both Become Doctors

Cynthia and Jasmine Kudji, mother and daughter graduates from medical school

New Orleans, LA — Dr. Cynthia Kudji and her daughter, Dr. Jasmine Kudji, recently shared a very special moment when they became the first mother-daughter duo ever to graduate from […]

Indie Artist Jacques Johnson Drops a Song For Pharrell's Partnership With SoundCloud

Jacques Johnson

Nationwide — Melodic Hip Hop artist, Jacques Johnson (pronounced: Jock Johnson) is reminding us to think positive and enjoy one thing – “Quality Time”. The suburban Atlanta native is blowing […]

Black Fatherhood Advocate Pens Children's Books That Help Parents Discuss Ahmaud Arbery Case

Kenneth Braswell, author of books to help children understand Ahmaud Arbery case

Author & CEO Kenneth Braswell wrote these books understanding that cases like Ahmaud Arbery highlight racial trauma for Black parents and children. Atlanta, GA — Kenneth Braswell, Atlanta-based CEO of […]

Entrepreneur of 35 Years Releases New Book, “Black Financial Literacy & Wealth Building Bible”

David Fontaine, author of the Black Financial Literary & Wealth Building Bible

Sacramento, CA — David Fontaine, who has worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and real estate investor, has released a new book entitled The Black Financial Literacy & Wealth […]

14-Year Old From Chicago Earns Her Master's Degree

Dorothy Jean Tillman, 14-year old student with a Master's Degree

Nationwide — Meet Dorothy Jean Tillman also known as “DJ”, a 14-year old genius from Chicago who has just earned her Master’s degree in Environmental and Sustainable Science from Unity […]

Mississippi Twins Graduate From High School With 4.1 GPAs, Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Richardson twins from Mississippi who graduated as valedictorian and salutatorian

Nationwide — La’nisha and Ron’nisha Richardson, two graduating seniors from Yazoo City, Mississippi, have made history after they both graduated from their high school with 4.1 GPAs. Not only that, […]

Pregnant Mom Arrested For Traffic Violations Says She Was Put At Risk For COVID-19

Diamond Davis, pregnant Black woman arrested from Montgomery

Montgomery, AL — Diamond Davis, a 27-year old pregnant mother from Alabama, was arrested for allegedly driving with improper license plates and other non-violent offense. She was detained overnight at […]

How to Protect Your Small Business Investment

African American investor

Nationwide — Even if the scale of your business is small, you must think about providing it with adequate protection to keep it profiting into the future. You don’t have […]

Black Woman From Florida Turns 109-Year Old, Becomes One of the Oldest People in the World

Louis Gunter, 109-year old woman from Florida

Jacksonville, FL — Louisa Gunter, a grandmother from Florida, just recently turned 109-years old. Having been born in 1911, Gunter has lived through both the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 and the […]

11-Year Old Black Girl Assaulted By Neighbor, Falsely Accused of Stealing Her Mail

Skhylur Davis, 11-year old Black girl accused of stealing mail

Aiken, SC — Skhylur Davis, an 11-year old girl from South Carolina, says she was scared when her white neighbor assaulted her and falsely accused her of stealing her mail. […]

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Reportedly to Be Released Early From Prison

Kwame Kilpatrick, former Mayor of Detroit

Detroit, MI — According to Fox 2 Detroit and the Ebony Foundation, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been granted an early release from prison. He had been serving a […]

Woman Charged With Murder After Illegal Plastic Surgery Procedure Kills Her Patient

Keshawn Bruce, woman charged with murder

Kenner, LA — Keshawn Bruce, a 31-year old woman from Louisiana, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter four years after Juliet Capps, who was then 42-years old, died of […]

Black Couple Celebrates 15th Wedding Anniversary With Their 11 Children

Kaymo, Black husband and wife celebrate 15-year anniversary with their 11 kids

Nationwide — An African-American family has gone viral after sharing their photos on Instagram in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary with their 11 children.

Gifts You Can Give From Anywhere

African American man receiving gift

Nationwide — Giving a present to a special somebody is best in person. You can see their expression as they open it and enjoy spending time with them as they […]

Dad Hosts Touching Graduation Ceremony For His Daughter in Their Frontyard

Torrence Burson, father who held graduation ceremony for his daughter

Memphis, TN — Torrence Burson, a father from Tennessee, is being applauded for making the effort to host a graduation ceremony at home for his daughter, Gabrielle Pierce, whose college […]

Healthy Twin Babies Born to Atlanta Mom Who Had COVID-19 While in a Coma

Healthy twin babies born to mom with COVID-19

Atlanta, GA — Monique Cook was 8 months pregnant with twins when she tested positive for the coronavirus. While in a coma, she had to undergo an emergency procedure to […]

Top 10 R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae Songs About the Coronavirus Pandemic

R&B and Hip-Hop artists with Coronavirus Songs

Alicia Keys, Cardi B, Doug E. Fresh, and more Nationwide — During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of the world’s biggest Black musicians are utilizing their talents to create anthems […]

Up to 60% of COVID-19 Deaths in Some Counties Are African Americans

African American patient with Coronavirus

Nationwide — African Americans are reportedly dying at higher rates from coronavirus in the United States compared to whites and other ethnic groups, according to a new study. One of the […]

Husband Tested Positive For COVID-19 After Couple Hosted Anniversary Party With 10 People

Kim Gagne and her husband, Emilian White

Houston, TX — Kim Gagne and her husband Emilian White had just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and hosted a small gathering with 10 friends. Days later, White began feeling sick […]

A Guide to Succeeding as A New Manager

African American Manager

Nationwide — It can be daunting to step into a management role for the first time as it is a big step forward, and you will want to make a […]

Philadelphia Police Violently Remove Black Man From City Bus For Not Wearing a Face Mask


Philadelphia, PA — An African American man from Philadelphia was reportedly thrown off a city bus by police because he was seen not wearing a face mask. A disturbing video […]

68-Year Old Woman in Nigeria Gives Birth to Twins; Her Husband is 77

Margaret Adenuga, 68-year old woman with husband and twin babies

Nigeria — Margaret Adenuga, a 68-year old woman from Nigeria, has successfully given birth to twins after four IVF attempts. Noah Adenuga, her 77-year old husband of 46 years, is happy […]

Judge Denies R. Kelly's 2nd Attempt to Get Released From Prison Because of COVID-19 Risk

R. Kelly in Prison

Nationwide — For the second time, a judge has ordered that R. Kelly should remain in prison despite his requests to be released on bail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

6 Reasons Why You Should Work in Social Care

African American social worker

Nationwide — If you’re looking for a new professional challenge and enjoy helping others, social care could be a career path to consider. Unfortunately, there are millions of elderly and […]

How to Earn Promotions More Quickly in Your Manufacturing Career

African American manufacturer worker

Nationwide — In every career, the opportunity to achieve a new level of seniority – and a larger wage packet as a result – is what keeps workers pushing harder […]

5 Black-Owned Companies in Asia That You Should Know About

Founder of Black-owned restaurant in Tokyo

Nationwide — Black entrepreneurs are growing daily and making a significant imprint in world economics. Their businesses can be found, not just all over the United States, but all over […]

Black Entrepreneur Secures Procurement Deal For 1 Million Face Shields

PET face shields from China

Nationwide — Dante Lee, an African American entrepreneur and media mogul, has finalized a major procurement deal with one of China’s largest and most reliable manufacturers of face shields. Face […]

Governor in Kenya Criticized For Including Hennessy Bottles in COVID-19 Care Packages

Mike Sonko, Governor of Nairobi

Kenya — Mike Sonko, the governor of Nairobi, Kenya, is being criticized over his plans to include small bottles of Hennessy in thousands of COVID-19 care packages that are being […]

Inmate Released From Prison Because of COVID-19 Killed a Man the Very Next Day

Joseph Edward Williams, man released from prison who killed another man

Tampa, FL — Joseph Edwards Williams, a 26-year old man from Florida who was released from prison as part of efforts to prevent further spread of the coronavirus behind bars, […]

Unemployed African Americans Should Upload Their Resumes to BlackJobs.com

African American man employed

Nationwide — The global COVID-19 pandemic has all Americans feeling financially burdened, but more African Americans are being affected as there are currently more than 20 million unemployment claims across […]