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71-Year Old Black Actress Who Made Soap Opera History in the 1980's Refuses to Retire

Mariann Aalda, soap opera actress and pioneer

Nationwide — Meet Mariann Aalda, who in the early 1980’s made history as one of the first African American actresses to play a professional role as a criminal defense attorney […]

The Beauty of Africa — 6 Reasons to Visit Morocco


Nationwide — Africa is a stunning continent with hundreds of wonderful places to visit and explore. One particularly tourist friendly place is Morocco, a diverse country that is filled with […]

Stage Play Inspired By Black Lawyer and Undocumented Immigrant to Benefit Youth Mentoring Program

Youth program to benefit from stage play

Nationwide — The inspiring story of an illegal immigrant from Mexico, Aracely Morales, and an African American lawyer, Attorney Zulu Ali, is both inspiring and very emotional. Mexican officials brutally […]

Meet the CEO Who Just Opened Her 4th Real Estate Company Within 6 Years

Tamairo Moutry

Nationwide — Tamairo Moutry, a very successful real estate broker, is celebrating the launch of her fourth real estate company. She now has real estate companies in four different states […]

High School Bans Black Teen From Graduation Because of His Hair

Deandre Arnold, Black teen not allowed to graduate

Mont Belvieu, TX — Deandre Arnold, a high school student from Texas, is reportedly being discriminated against because of his hair style of choice. His school, Barbers Hill High School […]

Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love? Highlights Love, Lust, and Life-Threatening Danger

Keith Lane, author of Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love

Phoenix, AZ — Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? by Keith Lane is a thriller, romance, and thought-provoking, daring read that challenges readers to look beyond the prism of their […]

Program Offers Free Classes in Photography, Filmmaking and More to Underserved Youth

Teens learning photography at B-Roll Media and Arts in Maryland

B-Roll Arts & Media, based in Laurel, Maryland, helps teens learn to love learning Washington, DC — When high school students Chinarose Riley and Monchelle (Momo) Gray stepped out of […]

Jazz Musician Christian McBride Presents Musical Portrait to Commemorate MLK and Other Black History Icons

Christian McBride, composer of A Movement Revisited

A Magnum Opus – 20 Years in the Making Explores Relevant Themes of Social Justice from Past to Present, Lauding Key Figures of the Civil Rights Movement including Rev. Dr. […]

2020 Denton Black Film Festival to Screen More Than 90 Films By African American Filmmakers

Attendees at the Denton Black Film Festival

Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Jazzmeia Horn will kick off festival with concert, first-time DBFF Tech Expo to showcase latest tech and Grammy-winner Kirk Whalum’s film will be screened. Denton, TX — […]

Investigation Reveals That Black Families Are Still Living on the Plantations in Mississippi

Dr. Antoinette Harrell and her team investigating Black families who still live on plantations

New Orleans, LA — Dr. Antoinette Harrell, known as the “Slavery Detective of the South,” is on a mission to interview and document the oral histories of people who still […]

Author Says Its Okay to Be a Single Black Woman in New Book, "No Thanks"

Keturah Kendrick, author of No Thanks

Nationwide — Keturah Kendrick, the popular new author chronicling the lives of single Black women, is on a mission. Her debut book, No Thanks: Black, Female and Living in the […]

Ohio Teen Makes History, Graduates College Before Finishing High School

Cameron Ray

Warrensville Heights, OH — Cameron Ray, a 17-year old high school student from Ohio, has recently earned his Associate’s degree from Cuyahoga Community College. He is the youngest student from […]

Pastor Allegedly Stole $1 Million From Church, Bought Himself a Bentley

Bishop Clarence Smith, Jr.

Chicago, IL — Bishop Clarence Smith Jr., who led New Life Impact Church in Chicago, has been accused of stealing about $1 million which was intended for a food program […]

Author Recognizes the Need to Pass Down Family Recipes, Strengthen Families in New Cookbook

Introducing a Young Lady in Cooking For the Holidays Too By Michelle Marts-Shannon

Nationwide — Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive by Michelle Marts-Shannon starts with an amazing introduction from the author discussing traditions, […]

Six Georgia State Lawmakers Introduce New Bill to Hold Police Officers Accountable For Shootings

Georgia state lawmakers

The bill was introduced after internationally recognized Atlanta attorney spotlighted several key cases on BET’s “Copwatch America” docuseries Atlanta, GA — Six female Georgia lawmakers have taken historic action by […]

From the Projects... to Becoming a Wealthy Real Estate Investor -- New Book "Poverty Curse Broken" Explains It All

Dr. Roberta Hoskie

Nationwide — “Nothing is Impossible.” That is what Dr. Roberta Hoskie wants everyone to understand. This isn’t just a commonly spoken platitude, but a mantra – a way of thinking […]

Make the Dash Count: MLK Day Event Focuses on the Blueprint to Create Impact by Crafting a Vision to Build Lasting Legacy

Dr. Geneva J. Williams on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Dr. Geneva J. Williams to Host Vision 2020 Conference to Show Women How to Find Their Purpose and Power Detroit, MI — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dash: […]

African American Stock Trader Hosting Seminars Nationwide to Teach Beginners How to Flip and Invest In Stocks

J.R. Fenwick, founder of Flip That Stock

Nationwide — FLip That Stock is a Black-owned stock market education and technology company that specializes in teaching beginners how to trade and invest in stocks. J.R. Fenwick, an experienced […]

Black Women Win $20M Lawsuit Against Insurance Co. For Racial Discrimination

Black women who won lawsuit against Jackson Life Insurance

Denver, CO — 21 former employees of Jackson National Life Insurance in Denver and Nashville, mostly Black women, have recently won a $20.5 million lawsuit against the company after claiming […]

The Truth About Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and America’s War Against Black Masculinity

Dr. Umar Johnson

By Dr. Umar Johnson, Psy.D., CSP, M.Ed. Nationwide — Bill Cosby was convicted for touching the breast, and sliding his finger down the underwear, of a white woman. A woman […]

Wrongly Convicted Man Graduates From College After 5 Years on Death Row

Ryan Matthew, former death row inmate that graduated from college

Denton, TX — Ryan Matthews from Texas was just 17-years old when he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He later spent 5 years on death row, but […]

Coach Michael Taylor Challenges Men to Make Emotional Health Their 2020 Resolution

Coach Michael Taylor, author of Cure For Onlyness

Take the pledge and unlock the 10 Keys To Cure Onlyness this New Year Stafford, TX — Coach Michael Taylor, author of The Cure for Onlyness, challenges men of color […]

Meet the Founder of a Movement and Fashion Brand That Empowers Women

Chaya Kennedy, founder of Fab Maven

Nationwide — Fab Maven, a societal movement and women’s fashion brand, is helping to uplift and empower women across the country through shared experiences. By helping women overcome life’s many […]

Meet the Man Who Paved the Way For the First Black Member of the Delaware Supreme Court

Samuel L. Guy

The 1991 Delaware NAACP “Diversity in the Legal Community” Initiative Provided the Leadership For the Creation of Opportunity in the State of Delaware Judicial Branch of Government. Nationwide — Wilmington […]

Black-Owned Contractor Launches Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture With Major Real Estate Developer

African American construction worker

Philadelphia, PA — Choates G Contracting, a Black-owned construction firm based in Philadelphia, has officially announced its restructuring which includes a new partnership team bringing more than 60 years of executive, […]

Meet the Woman Helping Black Entrepreneurs Invest in Cannabis Stocks

Cimone Casson, founder Cash Out Cannabis seminars

Detroit, MI — Michigan’s Green Rush is getting a much-needed injection of diverse voices into the burgeoning industry. Cannabis Financial Planner, Cimone Casson, has teamed up with Minorities for Medical […]

Lindsay Guion Wins Award for Best Producer from New York, Los Angeles, Canadian, and European Cinematography Awards

Lindsay Guion, founder Guion Partners

Lindsay Guion has been recognized by the New York, Los Angeles, Canadian, and European Cinematography Awards for his work as executive producer of “Therapy,” an award-winning film + soundtrack. New […]

Microsoft to Partner With Huge HBCU Hiring Event For Software and IT Professionals

HBCU Connect hiring event

Nationwide — HBCU Connect and Microsoft have partnered to offer an amazing opportunity to  software engineering professionals. On February 13th, the two companies will host a special Recruitment and Networking […]

CEO Opens Two New Branch Offices to Increase African American Homeownership Across the Country

Ben Slayton, CEO and President of Legacy Home Loans

Las Vegas, NV — Meet Ben Slayton, president and CEO of LEGACY Home Loans, who has just opened two new branch offices located in communities where mostly African Americans live. […]

5 Black Prisoners Suspiciously Killed in Mississippi State Prisons Within a Week

Mississippi State Prison

Parchman, MS — Terrandance Dobbins, Walter Gates, Gregory Emary, Roosevelt Holliman, and Denorris Howell – who were all Black men – have been killed in prisons across the Mississippi state. Activists say the […]

The Human iPod -- Coming to a City Near You in 2020!

Jammin Jay Lamont

Nationwide — The Human iPod, also known as Jammin Jay Lamont who got his name from radio, has been dazzling his audiences for years from start to finish. Born and […]

Chicago Mom Mourns 23-Year Old Son Killed by Terrorists in Kenya

Henry Mitch Mayfield and his mom

Chicago, IL — Henry “Mitch” Mayfield Jr., a 23-year old United States Army specialist, was one of the three people killed in a terrorist attack in Kenya. His mother, Carmoneta […]

Grandmother Teaches Her 9-Month Old Grandson How to Wash Dishes

9-month old baby washing dishes

Baltimore, MD — A short video of a cute 9-month old baby who was washing the dishes has gone viral on social media. People all over the world are impressed […]

Team of 78 Black Doctors and Nurses Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins

Nigerian doctors and nurses who separated conjoined twins

Abuja, Nigeria — Mercy and Goodness Ede, twin sisters who were born conjoined at the chest and abdomen, were successfully separated after a surgery completed by a 78-member team at […]

Four Black Teens Racially Profiled and Locked Inside Beauty Supply Store

Black teens locked inside beauty supply store

Chesapeake, VA — A 16-year old girl and her 3 friends, who are all Black, were recently wrongfully detained and locked inside a beauty supply store in Virginia when the […]

Family Mourning 28-Year Old Successful Realtor Abducted and Killed in Minneapolis

Monique Baugh

Minneapolis, MN — Monique Baugh, a 28-year old successful realtor and mother of two from Minnesota, was reportedly found dead in an alley after being abducted and then shot three […]

1-Year Old Boy From Texas Sadly Shot to Death in His Home

1-year old Rory Norman killed

Dallas, TX — Rory Norman, a 1-year old boy from Texas, was reportedly shot and killed while he was asleep in his home. The little boy died just a few weeks […]

Doorbell Camera Caught Man Admitting He Killed His Pregnant Sister

Michael Egwiagi, man who killed pregnant sister

Austin, TX — Michael Egwuagu, a 25-year old man from Texas, has been accused of stabbing and killing his pregnant sister, 32-year old Jennifer Chioma Ebichi. And police say they […]

How to Become a Tradesman

African American woman tradesman

Nationwide — Learning and perfecting a trade is a respectable career goal, and it’s one that will always be in demand. Households and businesses alike will always need the assistance […]

8 Ways a Business Administration Degree Can Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs

African American college student

Nationwide — Anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur will need to start thinking about the educational efforts that will be encountered during the process of developing the business […]

Retraining As a Nurse: The Benefits of Working in Healthcare

African American nurse training

Nationwide — Healthcare is an institution that lends itself to those who enjoy caring for others and giving their personal time to those who are in need. If you are […]

95-Year Old Actress Cicely Tyson Says She Refuses to Retire

Cicely Tyson on Time Magazine

Nationwide — Cicely Tyson, one of the most iconic actresses of our time, has just turned 95-years old. But despite her age, she says she will never ever retire from […]

Man Who Stole $88K from Bank Caught After He Posted a Photo of Himself With the Money on Social Media

Arlando Henderson, man caught after robbing bank

Charlotte, NC — Arlando Henderson, a 29-year old employee at a Wells Fargo bank in North Carolina, has been arrested after allegedly stealing $88,000 from the bank’s vault. One of […]

Why More Women are Needed in Engineering

Black woman engineer

Nationwide — Despite the fact that we’ve made considerably more significant strides towards gender equality in the past few years than ever before, there are still a number of industries […]

Steve Harvey to Premiere New Talk Show Exclusively on Facebook

Steve Harvey

Nationwide — There’s just no stopping Steve Harvey from providing entertaining content to his millions of fans. He recently signed a deal for a new daytime talk show called Steve […]

Five Methods to Try When You Need Money Quickly

African American man getting cash

Nationwide — There can be many reasons why you may need money quickly. It could be that you’ve had an unexpected bill, or it may be that your cash flow […]

A Guide to Managing Your Debt

African American man concerned about debt

Nationwide — Debt of any size can cause stress and easily get out of control. A small credit card bill can expand into something exponential, and soon enough, you’ve got […]

Genius 18-Year Old Who Graduated From College is Now Enrolled in Law School

Brittany Reaves

Fayetteville, NC — At just 18-years old, Brittany Reaves graduated not from high school, but from college! She received her Bachelor’s degree in History at Fayetteville State University and graduated […]

5-Year Old Drummer Awarded Full College Scholarship For After He Graduates in 2032

Jeremiah Travis, 5-year old drummer

Greensburg, LA — Jeremiah Travis, a talented 5-year old drummer from Louisiana, has already been awarded a full scholarship to Alcorn University that he can take advantage of when he […]

Newspaper Promoted "Black Friday" Soccer Game With Photos of Two Black Players

Controversial Black Friday headline about Black soccer players

Nationwide — An Italian newspaper called the Corriere dello Sport is under fire for using the headline “Black Friday” alongside the photos of Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling, two professional soccer […]

Serena Williams is Building Schools in Jamaica and Various African Nations

Serena Williams with students

Nationwide — More than just a tennis champion, Serena Williams has always been a champion for a cause. Through the Serena Williams Fund, new schools are being built in Jamaica […]

Inspirational Teen Who Had Her Arm Amputated Returns to Competitive Swimming

Tyler Brown, teen swimmer with one arm

Atlanta, GA — Tyler Brown, a high school swimmer from Georgia who had her arm amputated due to a tumor, did not let her circumstances stop her from doing what […]

Meet the 101-Year Old Woman Who is Still Working as a Hair Stylist

Callie Terrell, 101-year old woman who is a hairstylist

Memphis, TN — At the age of 101, Callie Terrell is still far from retiring from her work as a hair stylist, making her the oldest working beautician in Tennessee […]

82-Year Old Bodybuilder Embarrasses Man Who Broke into Her Home

Willie Murphy, 82-year old bodybuilder

Rochester, NY — Willie Murphy, an 82-year old grandmother from Rochester, New York, said the man who broke into her home “picked the wrong house” as she easily took him […]

Single Mom Charged After 3-Year Old Son Falls From Airport Escalator and Dies

Jiterria Lightner, woman charged after her son fell from escalator at airport

Charlotte, NC — Jiterria Lightner, a mother whose 3-year old son, Jaiden, died after falling from an escalator, is facing charges of child abuse and neglect two months after the incident. […]