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Mom Who Dropped Her 3-Month Old Son While Fighting Charged With Murder

Karen Harrison, mother who dropped her 3-month old baby during fight

Moultrie, GA — Karen Harrison, a 26-year old mother from Georgia who accidentally dropped her 3-month old son during a fight, has been officially charged with murder. The baby, who […]

Miami Cop Used Police Car to Try to Run Over Black Teen Who Was on His Bike

Jaydon Stubbs, Black teen who police tried to run over

Hollywood, FL — Jaydon Stubbs, a 15-year old from South Florida, said police brutally arrested him because they were suspicious of him while he was riding his bike with his […]

Ex-Convict Turned Entrepreneur Launches First Black-Owned Instant Ramen Noodles Brand

Ron Freeman, chef and founder of the first Black-owned instant ramen noodles brand

While in prison, Ron Freeman learned that most prisoners love to eat ramen (a Japanese noodle soup) and often even use it as an alternative to money. So when he […]

Father Criticized For Spanking 12-Year Old Daughter After Learning She is Sexually Active

Father beats 12-year old daughter

Nationwide — A video of a father beating his 12-year old daughter after he allegedly caught her having sex has gone viral after it was posted on Twitter and Instagram […]

Trump Refused to Attend the NAACP Convention Because He Didn't Want to Do Q&A

President Trump

Nationwide — President Donald Trump reportedly canceled a supposed appearance at the 110th NAACP National Convention this year in Detroit. Apparently, he backed out when he learned that he would […]

H.R. 40 - The Study of Reparations: How America Remembers and Defines African American Enslavement

African slaves

By Tolson Banner Nationwide — House Resolution Bill 40 (named for the 40 acres and a mule that Black people never got) introduced by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, if passed, […]

Store Employee Called the Police on Black Woman Because She Didn't Like Her Tone

CVS store employee calling the police on a Black woman

Tulsa, OK — Kendriana Washington, a Black woman who was trying to pick up her prescription at a CVS Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said she received poor customer service from […]

Another Black Woman-Owned Startup Makes History — Raises $1 Million in Funding!

Caroline Wilson, CEO/founder of AfroAvenue

Tech entrepreneur Caroline Wilson has launched AfroAvenue, a hybrid social media e-commerce platform, with 7 figures first round funds raised to join internet giants. London, UK — AfroAvenue is pleased […]

Black-Owned Telecommunications Company Debuts First 5G Smartphone Designed in the U.S.

Freddie Figgers, inventor of first 5G smartphone designed in the U.S.

Black inventor, and self-taught software engineer, Freddie Figgers, has released the newest phone from his telecommunications company, the Figgers F3. Changing the narrative of the smartphone as we know it, […]

White Security Guard Pointed Gun at and Tried to Arrest a Black Sheriff in Full Uniform

Black sheriff, Alan Gaston, confronted by white security guard

Toledo, OH — Alan Gaston, a Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy who is Black, was completely shocked when Seth Eklund, a security guard who is white, confronted him and pointed a […]

Over 500 Black Authors Attended This Conference -- And Now Many of Them are Bestsellers!

Red Ink Conference in Chicago

Chicago, IL — From sold-out audiences in Detroit three years in a row, to packed rooms in both Atlanta and Charlotte, The Red Ink Conference is taking the literary map […]

Grandma Missing For 5 Days Found Alive By Her Grandson Who Decided to Search One Last Time

Sandra Adams, grandmother found alive by grandson

Charlotte, NC — Sandra Adams, a 69-year old grandmother from North Carolina who was reported missing for five days, was found alive in the woods near her apartment complex. Her […]

Relationship Expert Reveals 7 Reasons Why Many Successful Black Women Are Still Single

T.L. Adams, author of Get Rid of Your Stupid List

In her new book, ‘Get Rid of Your Stupid List!,’ author T.L. Adams shares dating tips Grand Prairie, TX — “Have you ever wondered why you are successful in every […]

Black Entrepreneur Turns Down Medical School to Launch a Line of Toxin-Free, Herbal Hair and Body Products

Shanetta Wilkins, founder of Aari & Co.

Nationwide — Aari & Co., a natural hair and skin care line founded by Shanetta Wilkins that is dedicated to celebrating and nourishing all skin and hair types from crown […]

Two Black High School Students Make History at Harvard University

DJ Roman and Keith Harris

Atlanta, GA — DJ Roman and Keith Harris, who are both high school students from Atlanta, recently led their team in winning the 2019 annual international debate tournament at Harvard […]

Inventor/Author Gets Youth All Tied Up with His New Children’s Book, "How To Tie A Tie"

Al Crawford, author and inventor

Nationwide — Wow, how many folks out there watch YouTube videos to learn how to tie a necktie? Remember having an important event or social to attend and couldn’t find […]

Radio Personality With Distinctive Voice Re-Creates “Lion King” Videos in Hopes of Getting National Attention

Al Shaw, Miami radio personality and voice over talent

Miami, FL — Miami radio personality and voiceover talent, Al Shaw, has re-enacted the most iconic scenes from the new Disney movie, The Lion King. He re-recorded scenes for the […]

Mental Health Awareness Tour For Black Women is Coming to Philadelphia on July 14th

Melony Hill, founder of the Crazy Like a Fox Tour

Philadelphia, PA — During Mental Health Awareness Month (May), newly awarded 2019 Literary Trailblazer of the Year Melony Hill kicked off the Crazy Like A Fox Tour in Atlanta, GA […]

More Than 100 Homeless Students in NYC Graduate From High School

Homeless students graduate high school in New York

New York, NY — More than 100 students recently graduated from high school in New York City despite the challenges of being homeless. They are now preparing to enroll in […]

Black Entrepreneur Launches Unique YouTube Channel to Solve Small Business Problems

Nina Ross

Nationwide — There is a new all-business YouTube channel that outlines how to deal with a host of everyday business-related scenarios. These short videos – 10 minutes or less in […]

Black Hair Care Entrepreneur Releases Book to Educate Women Who Are Prisoners to Their Weaves

Angela Brown, founder of D'Serv Professional Haircare Products

African American author and hair care entrepreneur, Angela Brown, releases new book entitled “How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair” and a line of all-natural hair care products […]

New Children's Book, "Gabe & His Green Thumb," is a Must-Read For Young Black Boys

Gabe and His Green Thumb by David Miller

Washington, DC — David Miller knows only eighteen percent of Black fourth graders read proficiently. Likewise, he’s aware that it’s increasingly difficult to find quality children’s books by authors of […]

Man Ignores Son's Requests Not to Call the Police on a Black Man Who He Says Was "Trespassing"

Christopher Cukor, man who called police on Black man

San Francisco, CA — Christopher Cukor, a white executive who reportedly works at YouTube, called the police on Wesley Michel, a Black software engineer who was waiting for his friend […]

Black-Owned Family Brand Launches New Apparel Line That Promotes Wealth and Entrepreneurship

Black-owned Family Brand store apparel

Nationwide — The Family Brand Store™, started by Lavette Minn, aims to create stronger and productive families by encouraging them to build unique and productive family brands. Family brands created […]

Meet the Founder of the Newest Black-Owned Beauty Supply Company That is Redefining Industry Standards

Arlington, TX — BPolished Beauty Supply, an Arlington, Texas-based beauty supplies platform and brick-and-mortar-shop that covers everything from conditioner and shampoo to protective style items such as wigs, crochet hair, […]

Man Pretends to Be Black While in Court Facing Road Rage Charges

Mark Char, man who pretended to be Black while in court

Oahu, HI — Mark Char, a man from Hawaii who was charged with attempted murder and assault for a road rage incident in 2016, appeared in court wearing blackface as […]

Off Duty Police Officer Killed an Unarmed Black Teen -- But This Time, It Wasn’t in the U.S.

Israel — Outrage against police brutality has once again been sparked, but this time in Israel after an off-duty police officer shot and killed Solomon Teka, an 18-year old unarmed […]

Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and More to Headline the 2019 Cincinnati Music Festival

Mary J. Blige and Maxwell at the Cincinnati Music Festival

Berrywise Enterprise Providing Competitive Pricing Prime seating and hotel accommodations are available and selling fast Cincinnati, OH — Premier ticket and hotel reseller, Berrywise Enterprise, is providing ticket and hotel […]

Meet the Bride Who Only Paid $3K for Her Wedding By Only Using Amazon

Ashley Hicks, Black bride spent $3K on her wedding

Raleigh, NC — Ashley Hicks got married this past June. While she wanted everything to be perfect on that special day, she and her husband knew they didn’t want to […]

Man Charged For Attacking 13-Year-Old Black Teen, Accusing Him of Vandalizing Playground

Thomas D'Andrea, white man who attacked Black teen at playground

Pittsburgh, PA — Thomas D’Andrea, a 46-year old white man, has been charged for allegedly jumping on and assaulting a 13-year old Black boy because he thought he was vandalizing […]

Police Arrest Man Who Failed to Abduct 13-Year Old Girl After She Fought Back

Jarrod James, man arrested for trying to abduct teen girl

Hempstead, NY — Jarrod James, a man from New York who attempted to kidnap a 13-year old girl while she was walking home alone from school, has been arrested. The […]

Black Hospital Patient Recovering from Pneumonia Handcuffed, Accused of Trying to Steal IV

Shaquille Dukes, Black man arrested at hospital, accused of stealing IV

Freeport, IL — Shaquille Dukes, a 24-year old Black man trying to recover from pneumonia at a hospital in Illinois, was shocked when a security officer approached him and accused […]

Woman Represents Herself in Court and Wins $1 Million Discrimination Lawsuit

Talonya Adams

Phoenix, AZ — Talonya Adams, a lawyer who used to work as a policy adviser in the Senate’s Democratic Caucus in Arizona, filed a racial and gender discrimination lawsuit against […]

Brother of Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Gets 2 Months in Plea Deal After Rape Allegations

Police Officer Vincent Crump arrested for assaulting women

Tallahassee, FL — Vincent Crump, a 44-year old former police officer from Florida, will be spending 2 months behind bars after being convicted of sexual battery in connection to the […]

Meet the 12-Year Old Boy Who Designs Bow Ties for Homeless Dogs

Darius Brown

Newark, NJ — Darius Brown, a 12-year old boy from Newark, New Jersey who was diagnosed with developmental delays, has created a profitable business through his hobby of creating bow ties. […]

Black Doctor Says Airline Flight Attendant Harrassed Her About Her Summer Outfit

Latisha Rowe, Black doctor humilliated on American Airlines Flight

Houston, TX — Latisha “Tisha” Rowe, a Black doctor from Texas, said she was humiliated when a flight attendant from American Airlines ordered her to cover up her “romper” in […]

Mother of 8 Killed in Tragic Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

Anne Johnson, mother of 8 children killed in drunk driving accident

Chicago, IL — Anne Johnson, a 51-year old mother of 8 children, died last weekend after being hit by a car driven by 21-year old Dereknesha Brown, who was then […]

Alelia Murphy, the Oldest Woman in the United States, Just Turned 114-Years Old

Alelia Murphy, oldest woman in the world

New York, NY — Alelia Murphy has been confirmed as the oldest living person in the United States. She just celebrated her 114th birthday on July 6th. She was honored […]

Brianna Mason Becomes First Black Woman to be Crowned Miss Tennessee

Brianna Mason, Miss Tennessee

Knoxville, TN — Brianna Mason, a 23-year old Nashville native, has recently been crowned Miss Tennessee, making her the first ever Black woman to win the title since the competition […]

Parents File Lawsuit After 6-Year Old Boy Drowns in Community Pool; Lifeguards Blamed

Ga Ram Kang, boy drowned in community pool

Katy, TX — The family of 6-year old Ga Ram Kang, who died after drowning in a community pool in Texas two months ago, has filed a lawsuit against the […]

Boy From NYC Slashed in the Throat By His Mom Dies at School

Shanice Martin and her 6-year old son

New York, NY — A 6-year old boy who suddenly collapsed while standing in line for lunch at school appears to have died because of an injury he suffered when […]

20-Year Old Dad Killed After Leaving Hospital to Visit His New Born Twins

Tyrese Garvin, Louisville man killed after visiting new born twins

Louisville, KY — Tyrese Garvin, a 20-year old first-time father from Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed in a tragic incident on Sunday. He was walking down the street from […]

Texas Police Officer Charged With Murder After Killing Unarmed Man

Michael Dunn, police officer in Texas who was indicted of murder

Dallas, TX — Michael Dunn, a 43-year old police officer from Farmers Branch, Texas, has been indicted on a murder charge after he reportedly shot and killed 35-year old Juan […]

11-Year Old Boy Shot in Brooklyn Keeps Asking Grandmother Why He Can’t Feel His Legs

Jayden Grant and his grandmother

New York, NY — Jayden Grant, an 11-year old boy from Brooklyn, was struck by a stray bullet fired by a gang member, injuring his spine. His grandmother, Bessie Watson-Grant, […]

Young Siblings Sharing Emotional Moment at Kindergarten Graduation Warms Our Hearts

Derek and Charlee Smith hug during Kindergarten graduation

Fairfield County, CT — A photo showing a young boy embracing his little sister at a graduation has been recently making rounds on social media. The siblings’ parents, Aundrea and […]

5 Famous Black Chefs You Should Know About

Black Chef

Nationwide — These famous black chefs are carving out a name for themselves in the hyper-competitive food world. They represent a wide variety of cooking and food styles.

15-Year Veteran Black Police Officer in Detroit Says He Was Racially Profiled By a Young White Cop

Chris Williams, Black police officer in Detroit

Detroit, MI — Chris Williams, a Detroit police officer who is Black, says he was manhandled and handcuffed by a young fellow officer who is white, apparently for having too […]

Woman Pretending to be a Social Worker Tried to Kidnap a Newborn Baby

Mayella Ortega, woman who pretended to be social work to kidnap baby

Santa Ana, CA — A woman in California allegedly posed as a social worker and tried to kidnap a newborn baby from the mother. She reportedly surrendered to police after […]

80-Year Old Grandmother From Houston Earns College Degree

Beatrice Lillie, 80-year old grandmother who just graduated college

Houston, TX — Mrs. Beatrice Lillie, an 80-year old grandmother, has graduated college with an Associate’s degree in business management from Houston Community College’s Business Center of Excellence. She has […]

This Mom, Dad, and Granddad All Graduated From the Same College… Together on the Same Day!

Mom, dad and granddad graduating college together

Waldorf, MD — Three family members – Shamir Taylor, who is 35-years old, his 37-year old wife, Nyema Taylor, and his 62-year old father, Raymond Richardson – have all recently […]

Florida Man Charged With First-Degree Murder Was Released From Jail... By Mistake!

Eric Vail, murder suspect accidentally released from jail

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Eric Vail, a 28-year old accused murderer, is now on the loose after being mistakenly released from jail by the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Broward […]

3 People Arrested After Foster Child Beaten For Not Finishing Homework

Child abuse suspects

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Three people have been arrested in Florida for reportedly brutally beating a child with several things such as jump rope, belt, clothes hanger, and even a […]

Black Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied -- Now the Parents are Suing the School!

Mya Vizcarrondo, Black teen who committed suicide

Bronx, NY — Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios, a 16-year old high school student at Harry S. Truman High School in New York, committed suicide by jumping off a roof after allegedly being […]

Florida Man Fired After Taking a Bath in a Fast Food Restaurant's Kitchen Sink

Man taking bath in Wendy's restaurant sink

Milton, FL — A video of a man taking a bath in the kitchen sink of a Wendy’s restaurant in Florida has gone viral. Apparently, the man in the video […]

Teen Mom Graduates High School as Valedictorian With More Than $1M in Scholarships

Lamyrical Harris, teen mom named Valedictorian

Memphis, TN — Lamyrical Harris, a teenage mother and a high school senior student in Tennessee, has recently graduated as the valedictorian of her class. She was also offered over […]