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Urban Issues

Three African American Racial Justice Leaders Respond to Starbucks Effort to End Bias in its Company

Sherilyn Ifill, Heather McGhee, and Bryan Stevenson

New York, NY — Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative; Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; and Heather […]

The Real Problem with the Black Community

Terrance Amen, founder of 3ufirst

By Terrance Amen, founder and CEO of 3Ufirst FPC Nationwide — As a community, we would rather give all or most of our money, abilities, and attention to the problems […]

3 Simple Changes to the Federal Child Tax Credit That Would Help Millions More Low Income Families

Federal Child Tax Credit

Many would agree that the Federal Child Tax Credit is providing assistance for children in poverty to succeed. However, its current structure is a hindrance for those who really need […]

National Trauma Expert Resmaa Menakem Co-Produces "Dismembered & Unarmed" Album, Delving Into Our Current State of Pain and Rebirth In America

Dismembered & Unarmed album

The album is a sonic imagining of body, love, sorrow, trauma, history, pain, rebirth. Nationwide — “Dismembered & Unarmed” is a collaborative album executive produced by Chaka Mkali and Resmaa […]

White Police Officer Throws Black Woman to the Floor in Violent Arrest; Tells Her "I'll Break Your Arm"

Chikesia Clemons being arrested

Saraland, AL — Yet another video of a violent arrest by a White police officer of an unarmed Black person has surfaced and gone viral on the internet. This time, […]

Mother of Three Brutally Murdered by Ex-Boyfriend in Facebook Live Video

Rannita Williams and Johnathan Robinson

Shreveport, LA — Rannita Williams, a mother of three, was reportedly held hostage and killed by her ex-boyfriend. The whole horrifying episode was broadcasted real-time via Facebook Live.

71-Year Old White Woman Arrested for Attacking a Black Pregnant Soldier

Judy James Tucker

Macon, GA — Judy James Tucker, a 71-year old white woman, has been arrested and charged with battery after she and her son harassed and tried to attack two black […]

Black Woman Who Lost Her Job Because of Her Locks Has Petitioned the Supreme Court to Look at Her Case

Traci Vance, owner of the Loc Nesst natural hair salon in Chattanooga, TN

Mobile, AL — Chastity Jones is an African American woman who lost her job offer after refusing to cut her locks. The racial discrimination lawsuit she filed against the company was dismissed […]

Remember the Firefighter Who Was Charged for Spitting on a Black Toddler and Using the N-word? -- Well, He Just Got His Job Back!

Terrence Jeremy Skeen, white firefighter who spit on Black toddler

Kansas City, KS — Terrence Jeremy Skeen, a firefighter who spat and used a racial slur on a 3-year old Black boy, has reportedly got his job back after his […]

Three LA Fitness Employees in New Jersey Reportedly Fired for Racial Profiling

Black men racially profiled at LA Fitness

Nationwide — Three employees at a Secaucus, New Jersey-based LA Fitness gym have reportedly been fired for racially profiling against at least two of their Black customers. In several Facebook […]

The Two Black Men Arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks Finally Speak Out -- And the Police Chief Apologizes!

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, Black men arrested at Starbucks

Philadelphia, PA — Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, both 23-year old entrepreneurs, are the two men that were recently arreted at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The manager reportedly called police […]

Black-Owned Restaurant in Dallas Reserves Mondays to Serve the Homeless

Paulette Johnson, founder of Truckers Cafe

Aside from her love for cooking, Paulette Johnson, an entrepreneur and the owner of Trucker’s Café, also loves helping people. Her café has been known not only for its “biggest […]

Mesa Police Department Unfairly Denies Diversity Motorcycle Benefit

Diversity Motorcycle Benefit in Mesa, Arizona

The Mesa Police Department in Mesa, Arizona denies Forty-Eight Foundation’s liquor license without valid reason. Event organizers claim diversity issues really are race related. Mesa, AZ — Ernest Hickman of […]

The Unfair Shooting and Brutalization of Oswald Jay Lewis

Oswald Jay Lewis

Nationwide — On August 26, 2014, U.S. Marshals and NYPD executed a late-night arrest in Queens, NY on a 24-year old warrant from Virgina. Inside the Queens apartment was Oswald […]

Starbucks to Close All of Its 8,000 Stores Nationwide to Conduct a Seminar With Employees on Racism and Discrimination

Black men being arrested at Starbucks

Seattle, WA — Starbucks Coffee Company has announced it will be closing its more than 8,000 company-owned stores in the United States on the afternoon of May 29 to conduct […]

Single Mom With 5 Children Graduates from Law School; Inspires Millions

Iesha Champs and her children

Houston, TX — Inspiring graduation photos of a single mother with her five children have been going viral on social media. Iesha Champs, who will receive her law degree in […]

Very Few Welfare Beneficiaries Test Positive for Drugs, But Trump Wants Them Tested Anyways!

President Donald Trump

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a plan that would allow states to force food stamp recipients to undergo drug testing. That is even after evidence from previous tests already […]

Black Teen Misses the Bus, Then Gets Shot at By White Man After Asking For Directions to School

Brennan Walker

Oakland, CA — Brennan Walker, a 14-year old Black student, had a near-death experience last Thursday merely because of asking a question. He was shot by a white man after […]

New Yorkers Warned About Synthetic Marijuana Laced With Rat Poison -- Causing Bleeding in Eyes and Noses!

Hospitals in New York are being alerted about a new form of synthetic marijuana mixed with rat poison. It is believed that the said substance is linked to some cases […]

Senior Citizen Forced to Pay Large Gas Bill After Years of Incorrect Meter Readings

Minerva Roman, senior citizen from Philadelphia

Minerva Roman, a 71-year old senior citizen woman from Philadelphia was shocked when she received her gas bill last month. She was being charged with a huge amount of money […]

NYC Mom Indicted for Decapitating Her 7-Year Old Son with a Knife

Hanane Mouhib and her son, Abraham Cardenas

Sweden, NY — Hanane Mouhib, a 36-year old former nurse, was arrested for allegedly decapitating her own 7-year old son just 10 days after being released from a hospital psych […]

New Program Helps African American and Low Income Students With the College Admissions and Enrollment Process

Cheryl Hudson, co-founder of Xcel Scholastic

Corona, CA — Xcel Scholastic, an independent academic resource for families of college-bound high school students, offers academic advising for what many students and parents have come to realize is […]

Chicago Sees Drop in Violence After All-Time High Last Year, But is Still A Very Deadly City

Chicago violence aftermath

Chicago, IL — In the past two years, Chicago has experienced a surge in violence rate with 650 homicides in 2017 and 762 homicides in 2016 where the majority of […]

The Most Popular Black Lives Matter Facebook Page Was Run By White Australians

Black Lives Matter fan page

Nationwide — According to CNN, the most popular Facebook fan page dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement was fake. After a careful investigation, it was discovered that the page […]

Black Mom, After Dealing With Her Son Being Bullied and Then Becoming a Bully Himself, Addresses the Topic in her New Children's Book!

Andrea Lockhart Nixon, author of Two Muffins

Nationwide — Andrea Lockhart-Nixon is a new author in the Raleigh, NC area. She has written and published a great book titled, Two Muffins. This is the first in the […]

Black Leadership Needs to Acknowledge that Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, Was a White Supremacist and Should Be Denounced

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood White Supremicist

By Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. Nationwide — Aqunda Okeyo, who while serving as the Communications Chair for the March for Racial Justice, made an incendiary and thought-provoking observation when […]

NYPD Officers Fatally Shoot Mentally Ill Man Holding a Pipe That They Thought Was a Gun

Mentally ill man holding a pipe mistaken as firearm

Brooklyn, NY — Police officers who responded to reports of an African American man who was  threatening people with a “gun” fatally shot the man. Later, they found out that […]

No Charges For Nick Gordon In Domestic Violence Allegation... Again!

Nick Gordon

Nationwide — Nick Gordon has once again gotten away from criminal charges for allegedly beating up his girlfriend last month. The charges have been dropped after his girlfriend took back […]

The Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen Continues: The Eyes Above The Horizon Event Promises to Inspire Minorities Interested in Aviation

Legacy Flight Academy

Oak Park, IL — The Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen Continues: The Eyes Above The Horizon Event promises to inspire minorities interested in Aviation. At-risk youth from all over the […]

President Trump Wants to End Yet Another Program That Helps Low Income Families

Donald Trump speaking

President Trump is once again under fire for seeking to eliminate a heating assistance program that helps keep low-income families’ homes warm. The Trump administration claims that the program is […]

Renowned Chess Champion and Youth Coach to Hold Teen Empowerment Workshop in Chicago

Orrin Hudson and Dr. Ruben West

Orrin Hudson uses chess to provide teens with better decision-making skills, and Dr. Ruben West employs precise communication to help kids make smart choices. Chicago, IL — On Saturday, April 7, […]

Houston Mega Church Pastor Indicted For Wire Fraud & Money Laundering

Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell

Houston, TX — Kirbyjon Caldwell, senior pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church, a Houston-based mega church, is facing charges of wire fraud and money laundering. Federal prosecutors have accused him […]

African American Millennials in the Workplace are More Inclined to Use the Free Agent Option to Advance Their Career

African American job seekers

By Lee E. Meadows, Ph.D, Human Resource Consultant Nationwide — The concept of freedom is not lost on anyone who spends time thinking about their range of options, but for […]

This City is the Worst Metropolitan Area for Housing Low-Income Families

Las Vegas low income housing

Las Vegas, Nevada has always been a famous place for people looking for pleasure and recreation. For low income families, however, the “Entertainment Capital of the World” is not that […]

NYPD Sergeant Blames Failing a Drug Test on Her Hair Weave

Tracy Gittens

New York, NY — Tracy Gittens, an NYPD sergeant, is facing dismissal from duty as she recently tested positive for marijuana. However, she claims that the hair sample that was […]

Black Chef Charging White People More than Black People For Their Meals -- And His White Customers Don't Mind It!

Chef Tunde Wey

A nice meal and a purposeful advocacy? Tunde Wey, a chef from Nigeria, has been offering both through his pop-up stalls that serve meals and aims to change people’s racial […]

Innocent Man Awarded $1 Million After Wrongful Conviction Sent Him to Prison For 31 Years

Lawrence McKinney

According to CBS News, 30 states offer compensation to people who have been wrongfully convicted, but less than half are ever paid. Memphis, TN — After more than three decades behind […]

From Overcoming Drug Addiction and Multiple Incarcerations to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade by Bryace Todd

Author and entrepreneur Bryace Todd tells it all in his new book entitled, “The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade: What I Learned From Jay & Bey” Fort Worth, TX — African […]

African American Author and Education Advocate to Host Scholarship Bootcamp on "How to Send Your Kids to College Without Going Broke"

Gwen Thomas teaching parents at her scholarship bootcamps

Washington, DC — In just a few months, nervous parents of high school seniors will be making the final decisions of how they will pay for college for their students. […]

16-Year Old Girl Found Dead Before She Could Testify in Sexual Assault Case

Mujey Dumbuya

Kalamazoo, MI — Mujey Dumbuya, a 16-year-old girl, was about to testify against her rapist but she was found dead on the side of the road half-naked. Officials say she […]

Kansas City Woman Reunites With Her Long Lost Mother After 50 Years

Author Grace LaJoy Henderson with her long lost mother

Author Grace LaJoy Henderson lost her mother when she was 2-years old, and she has finally found her after a lifelong search comprising of five painful decades. Kansas City, MO […]

Orrin Hudson Named Recipient of 2018 Black CEO Community Service of the Year Award

Orrin Hudson, recipient of the Black CEO Community Service Award

Hudson hosted the “Black CEO Morning Show” everyday Monday through Friday during the month of March Atlanta, GA — Orrin Hudson, founder of the innovative and game-changing non-profit Be Someone […]

Mother Arrested After Video of Her 1-Year Old Baby Smoking Marijuana Goes Viral

Brianna Ashanti Lofton

Raleigh, NC — Brianna Ashanti Lofton, a 20-year old mother from Raleigh, North Carolina, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony child abuse and possession of marijuana. She was […]

Video Released Showing Sacramento Police Officers Shooting Unarmed Black Man 20 Times

Stephon Clark

Sacramento, CA— The Sacramento Police Department has finally released the audio and video footage that shows officers pursuing and then shooting an unarmed African American man to death Sunday night. […]

Why What Amazon Just Did For Medicaid and Low-Income Families is Such a Big Deal

Amazon Prime boxes

Amazon is once again taking initiative in the healthcare industry. In their latest efforts to alleviate healthcare costs, the online retail giant will now be selling Prime memberships at a […]

IHOP Waitress Tells Group of Black Teenagers to Pay First Before Eating

IHOP Restaurant

Auburn, ME — A waitress at an IHOP restaurant in Auburn, Maine reportedly asked a group of black teenagers to pay upfront for their meal. The manager of the restaurant […]

Police Chief Resigns After Video of Officer Breaking Black Man's Leg Goes Viral

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez

Los Angeles, CA — Last week, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez announced his retirement in the midst of controversies related to the police department he served for in eight years. […]

10 Billion Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Attend the 4th Quarter Readiness Small Business Conference

African Americans networking

Joint Collaboration to Promote Federal Contracting Opportunities to Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses Washington, DC — The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization […]

Black PhD Releases Six New Children’s Books Featuring African American Characters… And School Districts Absolutely Love Them!

Grace LaJoy Henderson, PhD, Author-Illustrator of The Gracie Series

“The Gracie Series” by Dr. Grace LaJoy will inspire a new generation of brown children by instilling values and polishing comprehensive skills. Kansas City, MO — With the divide caused […]

Parents Upset After Their Daughter Was Kicked Off the School Bus For Wearing "Inappropriate Clothing"

Makhigha Davis

Raeford, NC — Hoke County High School has been under fire since one of its administrators reportedly kicked off a Black student from the school bus, saying she has inappropriate […]

NYC Grandmother in Shock After Coming Home to Find Her Entire Family Dead From a Murder-Suicide

Terrance Briggs, his daughter Laylay, stepfather Loyed Drain Jr., and stepbrother Loyed Drain III

Brooklyn, NY — A grandmother went home to be shocked seeing her family dead, including her 1-year-old granddaughter. Her son allegedly killed her husband, her stepson, and her granddaughter before […]

Two Black High School Students Suspended for Posting a Video Online of Their White Classmate Using the N-Word

N-word used on Snapchat

Concord, NC — A North Carolina high school has suspended two Black students after they posted a Snapchat video of their white schoolmate who used the N-word. The suspension was […]

Man Allegedly Pretends to Be Black While Robbing a Casino in Las Vegas

Cameron James Kennedy, disguised as a black man while robbing a Las Vegas casino

Las Vegas, NV — Cameron James Kennedy, an ex-convict who just got out of prison for bank robbery, is accused of armed robbery yet again after stealing $23,000 from a […]

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Music Departments Benefit from NEA Funded Arts Program

CAAPA Master Class Series

Nationwide — Uniquely positioned as possibly the first and only nationwide Master Class Series, a program featuring African American classical music masters and designed to partner with HBCUs, is on […]

College Enrollment For Low-Income Students is Now at an All-Time High

Low income college students in college

For low-income students, getting into college might seem to be harder. However, recent statistics show that low-income students now actually enroll in college at a higher rate than their middle-income […]

Eric Garner's Death Avenged in New Comic Book Series

Nubian Man

Nubian Man Avenges Deaths of the Nubian People By Bryson Bone Newark, NJ — Created by Jersey-born writer, Zinc Nguvu, and illustrator Terry Brown of Lexington, Kentucky in response to […]

Nationally Acclaimed Speakers and Performers Will Celebrate Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) Museum and Memorial Opening

Memorial Moument in Stokes County, NC and Pike County, MS

Montgomery, AL — On April 26-27, an exciting array of nationally acclaimed speakers and performers will celebrate the Grand Opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the […]

African American Hopeologist® Launches New Initiative to Recognize April as the National Month of Hope!

Dr. Rosalind Y. Tompkins

Nationwide — For the first time, April will be recognized as the National Month of Hope thanks to an inspiring individual who is on a mission to spread hope across […]

Police Responding to 911 Call for Suicide Crisis Intervention Fatally Shot the 18-Year Victim, Beloved Son of Fireman

Matthew Tucker

Temecula, CA — Matthew Tucker and his family were residents of Temecula. Those who knew Matthew adored the teen. He is known for having a smile that ‘lit up a […]

Why the Race Battle is So Hard to Win; How Changing Strategy Can Make Hell Become A Paradise

Why the Race Battle is So Hard to Win By Julian S. With

Nationwide — If you follow the news, or pay attention to the statistics, it’s obvious Black people in the Diaspora today continue to face huge challenges – in the United […]

President Trump Reportedly Thought Mostly Black People Are on Welfare, But Statistics Show Otherwise!

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was surprised to know that welfare beneficiaries are not mostly Black. Recent statistics actually prove that more whites are actually benefiting from welfare instead.

New Book Asks, "How Do We Build a Real Wakanda?"

Nationwide — How Do We Build a Real Wakanda? is the title of the new book by hip hop activist Sean XLG Mitchell. The book advances the social dialog that […]

Meet the Public School Teacher Who Was Fired For Hosting a White Supremacist Podcast

Dayanna Volitich, a teacher who secretly hosts a white supremacist podcast under the name Tiana Dalichov

Crystal River, FL — Dayanna Volitich is a 25-year-old social studies teacher at a public school in Florida. Online, she is also known as Tiana Dalichov, the host of a white supremacist […]

New Book, “The Grass is The First to Go,” Tackles Violence, Morality, Race and Politics

The Grass is First to Go by Orlando Ceaser

Chicago, IL — Motivational speaker and author, Orlando Ceaser’s, new book uses art to tackle hot topics. The Grass Is the First to Go is ten one-act plays with a […]