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Urban Issues

N'COBRA to Hold Press Conference to Deliver Open Letter to Univ. of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, Barack and Michelle Obama Demanding Reparatory Justice

Reparations enforcers

Nationwide — On November 28, 2017, N’COBRA, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America will hold a press conference at Chicago’s City Hall, LaSalle and Randolph, at 11am, […]

"A Purse With a Purpose" Initiative Pays Tribute to Women Veterans

Purse With a Purpose

Nationwide — What do you get when you put the leading retail store TJ Maxx, an award-winning nonprofit organization Jackets for Jobs (JFJ), and Michigan women veterans together? You get […]

Controversial New Book Tackles Race, Protests and Patriotism -- Then and Now!

My God, My Country, My Son by Peter Ford

New York, NY — Assailing the patriotism of Black NFL players, slandering an African-American Congresswoman by falsely accusing her of disparaging slain FBI agents, defending confederate statues, normalizing neo-Nazis and […]

New Fingerprint Test Can Tell If a Person is Using Cocaine (and Other Drugs Too!)

Fingerprint test that detects cocaine

Researchers at a company called Intelligent Fingerprinting have developed a new fingerprint technology that can confirm within seconds if someone has used cocaine. The system works by analyzing fingerprint sweat, […]

Trump Says His Proposed Child Tax Credit Will "Help" Families -- But It Really Excludes Millions of Children

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s proposal of expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC) from $1,000 to $1,600 will exclude all families with two children who are making less than $16,333 a year. […]

It Has Finally Happened -- Some States Have No More Places For Low Income People to Live!

Homeless people

They call it the housing crisis, and with good reason. Providing affordable housing to low income families has become so severe that in some states, there is no longer a […]

All Charges Dismissed Against 15 Black Men Who Were Framed By Chicago Police

15 Black men exonerated in Chicago after being framed by police

Chicago, IL — The Cook County State’s Attorney in Illinois has dropped all charges against 15 men who combined had 18 convictions. All of them were convicted in 2003 to […]

CNN Says Childbirth is Killing Black Women in the U.S.

Black woman pregnant checkup

Nationwide — According to CNN and a documentary series called Giving Birth in America, every year about 700 to 1,200 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications in the United […]

Jesse Jackson Not Giving Up Despite Having Parkinson's Disease -- Says, "I Will Need Your Prayers" and "Keep Hope Alive"

Jesse Jackson with MLK

Nationwide — Jesse Jackson, long-time civil rights activist and the founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition, has publicly announced that he is battling Parkinson’s Disease. He is currently 76 years […]

President Trump on Black UCLA Players: "I Should Have Left Them in Prison in China"

President Donald Trump with UCLA basketball players

Nationwide — President Donald Trump, who arrogantly boasted about helping free the three UCLA players who were detained in China for shoplifting, is now saying that he should have left […]

President Trump Rescues Three UCLA Players in China -- Then Arrogantly Tweets About It!

UCLA basketball players who shoplifted in China

Nationwide — President Donald Trump was in Asia last week, and during his stop in China, he asked the country’s General Secretary to release three UCLA basketball players who had […]

High Blood Pressure Redefined For First Time in 14 Years: 130 is the New High

American Heart Association

Most African-American men and women will have high blood pressure under new American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines Highlights: * High blood pressure is now defined as readings of […]

J.Crew Apologizes For Ad Featuring "All-Natural" Black Model With Uncombed Hair

Model Marihenny featured in a J Crew ad with uncombed hair

Nationwide — A recent ad from J. Crew that featured Black Dominican model, Marihenny Rivera, with unkempt hair was heavily criticized on Black Twitter. The comments were basically saying that […]

Alpha Phi Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter Partners with Jackets for Jobs for Veteran’s Day to Support Men in Need

Jackets for Jobs and Alpha Phi Alpha

— Detroit area men seeking employment to benefit from the suits donated by the Detroit chapter fraternity. — Detroit, MI — Jackets for Jobs proudly partnered with Alpha Phi Alpha […]

Trailblazing Real Estate Expert Melanie Gamble’s New Book Reveals the Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color

Melanie Gamble, author of Unintended Consequences

Nationwide — Home is where the heart is, but you have to use your head. That’s the simple, but sound advice from trailblazing real estate expert and broker Melanie Gamble, […]

Here's What Really Cuts Black Lives Short!

Black man getting blood pressure checked

The American Heart Association just released new information that explains why black people do not live as long as white people. Their life expectancy is 3 years shorter than for […]

Mom Charged With Hitting Her Daughter's Teacher With a Brick After School

Daishonta Williams, Pittsburgh mom who attacked daughter's teacher with a brick

Nationwide — 29-year old Daishonta Williams from Pittsburgh is being charged after she allegedly followed her daughter’s 4th grade teacher, hit her with a brick, dragged her out of her […]

Overt Racism and Shaming Linked to Fear of “Not Being Enough,” Says Empowerment Strategist

Woman with black face at Staples

— Harold Leffall, the famous founder of the “You Are Enough” Empowerment Movement, believes that his racist attackers are themselves suffering from inferiority complex which gives birth to such discriminatory […]

Morehouse Grad’s DVDs Tell Black Stories

History on Video

Nationwide — Morehouse College graduate, Rex Barnett, has produced one of the largest documentary catalogs in the nation featuring Black achievers. “We have to own our own media companies that […]

Woman Accuses Jesse Jackson of Sexual Assault

Jesse Jackson

Nationwide — It appears that there are enough sexual assault accusations to go around because now Jesse Jackson, a civil rights pioneer, is being accused of sexually assaulting a journalist […]

MUSC and SCSU Team Up to Tackle Health Disparities

Marvella Ford of MUSC

— Dr. Marvella Ford, who knows exactly how health disparities can affect a family, helps lead an effort to end them. — Charleston, SC — Marvella Ford missed out on […]

“BroVember” Campaign Encourages Black Men Around the World to Grow Beards to Raise Money to Empower Young Black Boys


Nationwide — This November, Lite it Up Beard Oil is putting a new spin on BroVember by donating money to organizations that support the healthy physical, emotional and spiritual development […]

New Book, Inspired By the Author’s 13-Year Old Granddaughter, Challenges One Million Black Men and Fathers to Make Sure Their Children “Know Our Story”

Jordyn Alexis Ash, the granddaughter of author Tyrone Ash, holds a copy of his book

Nationwide — A teenager is challenging a million fathers and a million black men to make sure their children “Know Our Story”. “What shall I tell my children who are […]

World Premiere of "Sharecrop Delta Cotton" Documentary and Sharecroppers' Portraits to Feature in Joint Exhibit at Equity Investment in the Cotton Kingdom Symposium Nov. 9 & 10, 2017

Sharecrop documentary

Rocky Point, NC — Stack Stories LLC announces the world premiere of Claudia Stack’s short film Sharecrop Delta Cotton (2017), made possible by a grant from the Middle Road Foundation. […]

Did R. Kelly Really Abuse and Starve His Ex-Girlfriend?

R. Kelly and DJ Kitty

Nationwide — Since 1996, singer and songwriter R. Kelly has been the subject of sexual misconduct allegations by young women. And now his latest ex-girlfriend, DJ Kitti Jones, is claiming […]

Confirmed: Black Lives Matter, But Not as Much as White Lives!

Black lives matter

While homicide is the leading cause of premature death among blacks, it is the 12th leading cause among whites. Yet, there is very little research devoted to black homicides, causing […]

City of Baltimore May Sell Homes for $1 Instead of Demolishing Them

Baltimore abandoned buildings

It would cost Baltimore $700 million to demolish and replace 4,000 vacant buildings. So, five Baltimore City Councilors are seeking the city’s approval to sell the homes for $1, a […]

Team of Black Inventors Create Smart Jacket That Diagnoses Disease in Toddlers That Doctors Often Miss

Founder of Mama-Ope

A team of Ugandan innovators have created Mama-Ope – a biomedical smart jacket that rapidly increases the accuracy and speed of diagnosing pneumonia. Pneumonia is an illness in Uganda that […]

The Watson Firm Opens New Civil Rights and Injury Law Firm in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Aaron Watson, attorney and founder of the Watson firm

Fort Walton Beach, FL — The Watson Firm, founded by nationally recognized attorney Aaron Watson, has opened a civil rights and personal injury law firm in downtown Fort Walton Beach, […]

Father Will Not Be Charged After Killing His 18-Year Old Son

Nashville father who killed his son

Nashville, TN — The Metro Nashville Police Department has announced that 55-year old Brentnol James will not be charged for shooting and killing his 18-year old son, Kobe Hoyle. He […]

Man Admits to Putting Bleach in His Pregnant Girlfriend's Water

Theo Washington

Millersville, PA — 21-year old Theophilous Washington, a man that was accused of putting bleach in his girlfriend’s water in attempt to abort their baby, has pleaded guilty to the […]

Atlanta Educator Launches 'Gifted & Lit' - A Cartoon Series That Uses Hip-Hop to Educate Students

Atlanta, GA — Parents, teachers, and school systems looking for new ideas to engage and connect with students will soon have a dynamic resource to help them when Atlanta educator, […]

Detroit Businessman Releases Book With Strategies to Help Others Escape a Life of Poverty, Just As He Did

Demetrius Sandridge, author of Breaking the Chains of Poverty

Detroit, MI — Ronald L. Godbee, Sr. calls it, “the book that will liberate you and activate you to live from the position that Christ established for you on the […]

Black and Low-Income Residents in This City Are Being Overcharged For Water -- But Why?

Black resident in Chicago

It doesn’t make any sense, but a recent Chicago Tribune investigation revealed that Chicago residents who are poor and black are paying more for water than others. According to the […]

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People California - Hawaii State Conference: Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty

California State Conference of the NAACP

Los Angeles, CA — The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), America’s largest and original legacy civil rights organization, is pleased to announce the 30th Annual California […]

10 Things Every Low Income Family Should Know About Open Enrollment For the Affordable Care Act

Low income man receiving healthcare

Open enrollment for healthcare insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. There is good news this year — 31 states have expanded Medicaid […]

'Buy The Block,' the First Black-Owned Real-Estate Crowd Investing Platform, is on its Way to Raising Millions of Dollars in Black Communities

Lynn P Smith, founder of Buy the Block

Nationwide — Entrepreneur Lynn P. Smith is the founder and CEO at Buy The Block – one of the only Black-owned platforms in the country that is dedicated to making […]

Attention Graduating HS Seniors: The Tom Joyner Foundation Now Accepting Applications Full Ride Scholarship Program

Tom Joyner pointing

— One student will win a scholarship to cover all expenses to an HBCU of their choice, joining an impressive group of previous “Full Ride” Scholars — Dallas, TX — […]

Contagious Video of 1970's Hit Song Spreads Awareness of Stroke Signs

YMCA parody song from the American Stroke Association

— American Stroke Association releases a Y.M.C.A parody song to educate about stroke — Dallas, TX — A new parody music video is teaching diverse populations and generations across the […]

Black Filmmaker, Shirah Dedman, Produces New Documentary Exposing the Truth About Gentrification

Shirah Dedman, filmmaker of You a Nomad

Oakland, CA — A new documentary exploring displacement of African-Americans out of major U.S. cities will release on YouTube on October 25, 2017. YOU A NOMAD is a short film […]

Outspoken Black Author, Dr. Claud Anderson, Answers 101 Black History Questions You Never Thought to Ask in His New Book

A Black History Reader by Dr. Claud Anderson

Nationwide — A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask is a stunning, behind-the-headlines account of how America arrived at the racial tipping point where it finds […]

Billions Spent on Low Income College Students -- But Half of Them Don't Even Graduate!

Low income student at college

Low-income students have a more difficult time getting through college than other students due to cost. One would assume that by offering financial assistance such as the Pell grant, that […]

Forget 401k! These New Strategies Help African American Millennials Build an Endless Source of Self-Funding and Capital

Steven Labroi, founder and President of Millennial Banking Concept

— Millennial Banking Concept develops new strategies for a new generation via their trademark process Human Equity Line of Credit™ strategy! — Washington, DC — Having access to the education […]

Human Behavior Expert Provides Solution to Global Racism and Religious Conflict!

Edgar J. Ridley

New York, NY — Today’s domestic and global conflicts have continuing threads that underlie them, not the least of which are issues over religion and race. These issues are informed […]

Black Views Matter! First Internet Radio Network Focusing On Causes and Issues Relevant to People of Color Launches

CWR Talk Network Show Hosts

— The CWR Network, the first Internet talk radio network focusing on key issues and major causes affecting people of color, will launch on Monday, October 16th. The network will […]

Why and How People Are Getting Puppy Poop Infections

African American child with puppy

Puppies are oh so cute, but recently these cute little canines are sending people in 12 states to the hospital. Why? Puppy poop is contaminating people with the potentially deadly […]

This City Wants to Give Low Income Residents a Break on Parking Tickets

Car with parking ticket

Parking tickets in large cities like San Francisco can add up to a hefty sum. In fact, the cost for an expired meter ticket in the city is $74, and […]

Landlords Hate This Young Black Entrepreneur's App (But Renters Love it!)

Ofo Ezeugwu, CEO and co-founder of Whose Your Landlord

23-year old Ofo Ezeugwu is the CEO and co-founder of Whose Your Landlord (WYL), a free service that provides renters with landlord reviews so that they can be better informed […]