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Central State University to Build State-of-the-Art Residential/ Academic/ Wellness Complex

Central State University, new residence hall

Wilberforce, OH — Central State University, Ohio’s 1890 Land-Grant University, will build its first apartment-style residence hall to give students more on-campus housing options.

Black Entrepreneur Develops Innovative Health, Fitness and Well-Being App For Women Called SHEapp (Social Health Empowerment App)

Tam Williams, founder and creator of SHEapp

Tam Williams, founder of the company, She’s It, says it’s like having up to 10 apps integrated all in one. Philadelphia, PA — West Chester, PA based Lifestyle Technology Company, She’s […]

The Tobacco Industry is Targeting Women Despite Alarming Lung and Breast Cancer Rates, and One Group of Black Women Has Had Enough!

Carol McGruder, co-chair of AATCLC

San Francico, CA — This year, Women’s History Month came at a pivotal time when women’s voices and stories are being heard and lifted up in a way they never […]

Very Few Welfare Beneficiaries Test Positive for Drugs, But Trump Wants Them Tested Anyways!

President Donald Trump

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a plan that would allow states to force food stamp recipients to undergo drug testing. That is even after evidence from previous tests already […]

New Yorkers Warned About Synthetic Marijuana Laced With Rat Poison -- Causing Bleeding in Eyes and Noses!

Hospitals in New York are being alerted about a new form of synthetic marijuana mixed with rat poison. It is believed that the said substance is linked to some cases […]

President Trump Wants to End Yet Another Program That Helps Low Income Families

Donald Trump speaking

President Trump is once again under fire for seeking to eliminate a heating assistance program that helps keep low-income families’ homes warm. The Trump administration claims that the program is […]

African-American Transgender Author Toni Newman Appointed Executive Director of St. James Infirmary in San Francisco

Toni Newman, Executive Director at St. James Infirmary

San Francisco Peer Based Healthcare Provider Appoints New Member To Its Executive Team Nationwide — Effective May 9th, 2018, Toni Newman will be taking over as the Executive Director for […]

Fake Women’s Health Centers Reportedly Target Black Women

Jessica Estes

Fake women’s health centers have been recently emerging in different states trying to mislead women and give false information about reproductive health care options. Apparently, these fake health centers are […]

Why What Amazon Just Did For Medicaid and Low-Income Families is Such a Big Deal

Amazon Prime boxes

Amazon is once again taking initiative in the healthcare industry. In their latest efforts to alleviate healthcare costs, the online retail giant will now be selling Prime memberships at a […]

Why Black Women in New York City Are 12 Times More Likely to Die From Childbirth

Black pregnant woman

The number of deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate, according to statistics. It is said that Black women are more […]

C. E. Hutton, a Minority-Focused Cannabis Business Development and Management Firm, Acquired MIPR Holdings

A group of minority professionals working with C.E. Hutton

Denver, CO — Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States since 2014. According to the Marijuana Business Daily, only 19% of business ownership is represented by minorities. […]

American Heart Association Awards Scholarships to Students Who Are Improving Health Outcomes in Their Communities

Empowered to Serve Scholars

EmPOWERED To Serve™ competition recognizes the contributions today’s youth are making to address barriers and solutions to healthy living and well-being in communities Dallas, TX — The American Heart Association, […]

Here's What Cancer Treatments Do to a Woman's Fertility

African American woman with cancer treatments

While cancer treatments may eliminate cancer cells effectively, it often causes side effects. Women who undergo cancer treatments may also have fertility issues. Cancer treatments are definitely important for a […]

Psychology Test Used to Diagnose Depression May Not Work on Black People

Black mother and child facing depression

A new study has discovered that the test generally used to evaluate a person’s mental state may not be as accurate in diagnosing depression in black people compared to whites.

Research Claims That Strongly Identifying With Your Race Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Mental Health

Black man with his hands behind his head

New research claims that feeling deeply valued by one’s own sexual, ethnic, or racial minority group could actually have a negative impact on one’s psychological health.

PHEN Launches Stage Play "Daddy's Boys" For Prostate Cancer Awareness Focusing on African American Families

Daddy's Boys stage play launched by PHEN

Nationwide — Building on its success in prostate cancer education, awareness and advocacy, the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is enhancing its efforts with a Broadway-style stage play. “Daddy’s Boys” […]

Research Confirms That Low Income Black and Hispanic College Graduates Have Higher Health Risks

Low income college graduates

A recent study has found that disadvantaged minorities who graduated college in the United States are more likely to develop health risks compared to those graduates who are white and […]

Mother Whose Daughter Was Poisoned From the Lead in Their Apartment Wins $57 Million Verdict

Dakota Taylor and her mother, TIeisha Jones

Bronx, NY — The New York City Housing Authority has been ordered to pay a mother $57 million after the jury found that NYCHA is the one responsible for her […]

Prostate Cancer is the #1 Most Deadly Disease for Black Males -- 10th Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day to Bring Awareness!

Black men observing prostate cancer awareness day

Nationwide — How far would you go to protect yourself and your family? What if it was a matter of life and death? And what if the answer was a […]

Black Doctor from Chicago Upset After Police Mistook Him for a Robbery Suspect

Dr. Gregory Hall

Evanston, IL — Dr. Gregory Hall, a Black American doctor in Evanston, became a victim of mistaken identity. He was walking home from a public library when he was suddenly […]

Study Confirms Black Women Are 3-4 Times More Likely to Die During Pregnancy

Black pregnant mom

The death of a woman during pregnancy or after delivery is indeed a tragedy for a family. Unfortunately, more and more pregnant women in the United States die each year […]

Woman Inmate Says This Prison Guard Repeatedly Raped Her During Her 3-Year Sentence

Carlos Martinez, the prison guard who allegedly raped a woman for 3 years

Brooklyn, NY — A woman claiming that she had been raped repeatedly by a guard at a federal jail in Brooklyn where she was detained broke down in tears as […]

More Black Infants Die in This State Than Any Other -- and Here’s Why!

Black baby and mother holding hands

In Wisconsin, more African-American babies die before turning 1 year old than in any other state in the United States, according to a recent study from the Centers for Disease […]

22-Year Old Man Last Seen Leaving to Meet Woman He Met Online Found Dead

Marty McMillan, man killed after meeting woman online

Washington, DC — A 22-year-old man who went missing after leaving for a date with a woman he met on PlentyofFish.com was finally found, but dead.

Meet the Black Woman Entrepreneur Who Created the First Ever Ride-Sharing App For People With Health Problems and Disabilities

Ja'Nese Jean, founder of the Safetrip Co ap

Ja’Nese Jean, a known international opera singer, is more than just a beautiful, fascinating voice. Jean, also a tech entrepreneur, recently launched the newest ride-sharing app specifically made for people […]

Renowned Empowerment Strategist Has Written The Ultimate Guidebook to Transform Ordinary Lives

Harold Leffall, author of I Am Enough

— ‘I Am Enough: 90 Days of Spiritual Nuggets to Recognize and Embrace Your Authentic Self’ is a Book That Answers Everything — Benicia, CA — Seasoned entrepreneur, author and […]

What Every Black Woman Should Know About Hair Loss and Fibroids

Black woman with long hair

A recent study shows that black women with a relatively similar type of hair loss may also be at a high risk of developing fibroids. What are fibroids? Fibroids are […]

Local Hospital Kept This Doctor on Staff Despite 2 Rape Allegations From Patients

Dr. Ryan Williams

Cleveland, OH — Ryan Williams, a doctor in Cleveland Clinic who allegedly raped two patients, was kept on staff during the time that the hospital was negotiating the confidential settlement.

PBS Frontline Investigates Black Genocide By Abortion

PBS Frontline African American Abortion Battle

Nationwide — FRONTLINE, the award-winning documentary series on PBS, has endeavored to probe into the African American anti-abortion movement in the United States (Click here to watch the episode online). […]

7-Year Old Missing Autistic Boy Found in Pool on Christmas Morning

Boy found dead in pool on Christmas morning

Mililani, HI — Paul “Kevin” Rozier, a 7-year-old autistic boy was found dead on Christmas morning in a swimming pool of an unoccupied house about a half mile away from their […]

New Partnership Helps Low Income Families Find Help With Expensive Medications

African American buying medicine

By Jeffrey Lewis Nationwide — If you or someone you love is one of the millions of Americans with a chronic disease or a life-threatening condition, pharmaceutical manufacturers and their […]

Scientists Have Linked Early Onset Menstruation With Depression, Especially Among African American Girls

Young Black girl suffering from depression

Recent studies show that African-American girls are at greater risk for depression at an earlier age and depression can last longer into adulthood. How? The studies show a strong link […]

Here's What Happens When New Supermarkets Start Appearing in Low Income Neighborhoods

Supermarket in low income neighborhood

Researchers have completed a study on the effects of opening supermarkets in low-income neighborhoods. The surprising results showed that the benefits to low-income families went way beyond health, improving other […]

Vietnam Vet Pens Memoir: "The Truth Behind Going Postal"

Garland D. Lewis, author of Going Postal

— Denver Man, Retired Postal Employee Addresses the Popular Phrase — Denver, CO — When mass shootings happen in the workplace, schools and public settings, the world is left in […]

Man With Visible Genetic Disorder Says Uber Driver Cancelled His Ride Request Because of His Appearance

Reggie Bibbs

Houston, TX — Reggie Bibbs, a 52-year old man from Houston who suffers from an extreme case of a genetic disorder, wants an apology from Uber after one its drivers […]

African American Death Rate Drops 25 Percent

African American men carrying casket at funeral

— Progress reducing leading causes of death, still more are likely to die at a younger age — Nationwide — The death rate for African Americans (blacks) declined 25 percent […]

This State Wants All Food Stamp Users to Take a Drug Test

People in line to receive food stamps

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is planning to move forward with his plan to drug test food stamp applicants, even though it has not been approved by the federal government. […]

Woman Loses 105 Pounds With "No Pills, No Surgeries, No Crazy Diets, No Shortcuts"

Woman who lost 105 pounds

Olivia Patrice lost almost half her entire body weight (105 pounds) without using any crazy diets, pills or surgeries. She did it the hard way — by eating healthy and […]

New Fingerprint Test Can Tell If a Person is Using Cocaine (and Other Drugs Too!)

Fingerprint test that detects cocaine

Researchers at a company called Intelligent Fingerprinting have developed a new fingerprint technology that can confirm within seconds if someone has used cocaine. The system works by analyzing fingerprint sweat, […]

Crime Fighter By Day, Entrepreneur at Night -- LA Area Police Officer Releases New Book on How to Be Successful

Cleon Joseph, author of Navigating Through the Valleys of Success

— Author and Fitness Guru, Cleon (CJ) Joseph, gives insight into his entrepreneurial journey to inspire personal growth to all in his new book called, “Navigating Through the Valleys of […]

CNN Says Childbirth is Killing Black Women in the U.S.

Black woman pregnant checkup

Nationwide — According to CNN and a documentary series called Giving Birth in America, every year about 700 to 1,200 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications in the United […]

New Book Reveals Secrets to Achieving Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness in 31 Days

Dr. Leonard Scott, author of The Ultimate Boost From Within

Nationwide — Respected pastor, a highly sought after health practitioner, talented musician, a radio talk show host on health, and author, Dr. Leonard Scott recently released his 3rd and latest […]

First Ever Cooking Competition With All Black Chefs to Premiere Online on Thanksgiving Day

Black chefs to compete on Bringing it to the Table web series

Nationwide — If you’re a fan of shows like Top Chef and Chopped, but wish they featured more Black chefs, you’re in luck! A brand new web series called Bringing […]

Jesse Jackson Not Giving Up Despite Having Parkinson's Disease -- Says, "I Will Need Your Prayers" and "Keep Hope Alive"

Jesse Jackson with MLK

Nationwide — Jesse Jackson, long-time civil rights activist and the founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition, has publicly announced that he is battling Parkinson’s Disease. He is currently 76 years […]

New Orleans Home Care Provider, De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, Diversifies With Reality Show Pilot, Book Release and 1st Annual Care Giver Expo

De'Lisa Rowe-Tate, author of The Caregivers Journey

Nationwide — De’Lisa Rowe-Tate, an in-home care provider from New Orleans since 1995 and the founder of Rejuvenating Concepts, Inc., has authored the newly released book for caregivers entitled, The […]

High Blood Pressure Redefined For First Time in 14 Years: 130 is the New High

American Heart Association

Most African-American men and women will have high blood pressure under new American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines Highlights: * High blood pressure is now defined as readings of […]

Here's What Really Cuts Black Lives Short!

Black man getting blood pressure checked

The American Heart Association just released new information that explains why black people do not live as long as white people. Their life expectancy is 3 years shorter than for […]

Former DJ-Turned-Entrepreneur Finds Success With Her Homemade Peanut Butter and Jams (Music Jams, That is!)

Megan Gibson, founder of PB&Jams

PB&Jams is a Black-owned company in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose founder, Megan Gibson, took an American favorite — peanut butter — and grew the idea into a successful business. Her […]

MUSC and SCSU Team Up to Tackle Health Disparities

Marvella Ford of MUSC

— Dr. Marvella Ford, who knows exactly how health disparities can affect a family, helps lead an effort to end them. — Charleston, SC — Marvella Ford missed out on […]

MUSC Cancer Researcher Elected into National Academy of Medicine

Chanita Hughes-Halbert

— Becomes first woman and first African-American from South Carolina selected for such an honor — Charleston, SC — Chanita A. Hughes-Halbert, Ph.D., has been elected into invited to join […]

Confirmed: Black Lives Matter, But Not as Much as White Lives!

Black lives matter

While homicide is the leading cause of premature death among blacks, it is the 12th leading cause among whites. Yet, there is very little research devoted to black homicides, causing […]

Get in Shape With These 7 Black-Owned Fitness Companies

Black couple jogging

When it comes to supporting black-owned businesses, we often think of all the retail industries, restaurants, hair care, financial services and other types of industries that are owned by blacks. […]

Man Admits to Putting Bleach in His Pregnant Girlfriend's Water

Theo Washington

Millersville, PA — 21-year old Theophilous Washington, a man that was accused of putting bleach in his girlfriend’s water in attempt to abort their baby, has pleaded guilty to the […]

Black and Low-Income Residents in This City Are Being Overcharged For Water -- But Why?

Black resident in Chicago

It doesn’t make any sense, but a recent Chicago Tribune investigation revealed that Chicago residents who are poor and black are paying more for water than others. According to the […]

Michelle Obama Wants More African Americans to Talk About Mental Health

Michelle Obama

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, according to the World Health Organization. Around 450 million […]

10 Things Every Low Income Family Should Know About Open Enrollment For the Affordable Care Act

Low income man receiving healthcare

Open enrollment for healthcare insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. There is good news this year — 31 states have expanded Medicaid […]

Contagious Video of 1970's Hit Song Spreads Awareness of Stroke Signs

YMCA parody song from the American Stroke Association

— American Stroke Association releases a Y.M.C.A parody song to educate about stroke — Dallas, TX — A new parody music video is teaching diverse populations and generations across the […]

Study Shows That Gargling Listerine is Effective in Killing Certain STDs

African American man gargling

A study has shown that Listerine Cool Mint and Total Care are effective in killing certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the mouth and throat. Although the study revealed information […]

African American Holistic Doctor Releases New Line of All-Natural Herbal Ointments

Dr. Nancy

— Dr. Nancy J. Williams has developed all-natural, chemical-free products that help with arthritis, back pain, migraines, sciatica, lupus, sinus congestion, menstrual cramps, and more — Nationwide — You shape […]

Why and How People Are Getting Puppy Poop Infections

African American child with puppy

Puppies are oh so cute, but recently these cute little canines are sending people in 12 states to the hospital. Why? Puppy poop is contaminating people with the potentially deadly […]

Perms, Chemical Relaxers and Other Reasons Why Black Women Suffer the Most From Uterine Fibroids

Black woman suffering from fibroids

Black women are three times more likely to have fibroids and tumors, according to recent research. The cause is believed to be linked to perms and chemicals relaxers.

Even Oprah Had to Fight Depression -- Find Out How She Did It!

Oprah Winfrey

Many people have the misconception that depression is a white man’s disease. It is not. Black people also suffer from depression but are more reluctant to talk about it or […]

Study Confirms What Most Black Women Already Knew About Lupus

Black woman with lupus

Studies show that lupus disproportionately affects minority women, especially black women. The disease is most prevalent in black women, followed by Hispanic, Asian, and white women.

How President Trump is Killing Obamacare

Obamacare Vs. Trumpcare

Since Republicans were unable to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Americans can expect substantially larger healthcare premiums in 2018, according to a recent report. The report, released by the Congressional […]