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Top Black Singles and Dating Web Sites
Reviews of African American singles, dating, and romance services.
Black Singles - College
College Black Singles
Quite a few black singles web sites market to high school and college students, who are interested in seeking romance.
Black Singles - Professional
Professional Black Singles
This audience makes up the bulk of who black singles sites are targeting. This is because this audience is mostly likely to spend money on dating.
Black Singles - Interracial
Interracial Black Singles
Many black singles sites target this audience, as there is a growing popularity amongst interracial dating and marriages.

Africa Love Online Personals
This web site helps African and African American single men and women find friendship, romance, and/or marriage.

Owned and operated by Virtual Sahel, this online serviceprovides a way for single people of African descent all over the world to find a partner in life.

Afro Introductions
Not limited to just singles in Africa, this African dating site is committed to providing a quality and memorable dating experience for singles in search of love and marriage.

Afro Singles
Enables users to experience local and international dating within Africa, the USA, Europe and Canada. Sign up is free, but users must pay if they wish to interact with other singles.

AOL Black Love & Dating
This online dating place allows users to find black women and black men looking for love, relationship advice and dating tips. Offers access to local and national singles.

An exclusive online dating site that enables African Americans to meet potential dates who have been filtered and classified as "good-looking".

This web site is for white Americans and African Americans, and encourages interracial dating between the two. In addition, to the usual photos and profiles - it also offers message boards and video connects.

Black Dating Authority
This web sites offers detailed reviews of the best three online dating services for African Americans.

The premiere place for urban singles to meet, flirt and find true love. Here you’ll find black men and women looking for the same thing you are-fun, friends and romance. Find exactly you want with extensive member profiles, photos, video introductions and more!

BlackNews.com Singles
This singles portal, powered by BlackNews.com, allows African American intellects an opportunity to meet and network with other professionals, students, and seniors.

Black Singles Network
This network was developed to provide professional African American singles with an opportunity to meet, interact and have a good time. Opportunities include happy hours, discussion groups, and occasional outings.

BlackVoices.com - Life & Style
This area on BlackVoices.com, which is owned by AOL, offer exclusive tips and advice for African American singles and couples.

A unique new way to flirt, mingle, or even network. It's black online dating with a twist. The staff is always looking at it's members' video uploads for new talent to put on their TV shows. Also the staff helps with more personable tips (which has a dating-coach feel) on how to boost up your social capabilites.

Powered by TangoWire, this site is the world's largest and most trusted network of integrated online dating sites for African Americans.

This web site is designed to provide a simple and fun atmosphere for singles. Members can meet other singles in your city or on the other side of the world. Using their easy to use search features and our leading edge website technology, meeting other singles has never been easier.

Black People Love
This unique web site offers advanced membership features that make it fun and easy to find single Black men and women locally or across the globe. Profiles can be set up in just a few minutes.

Black Planet Love
This dating site is a featured area on BlackPlanet.com that allows teenagers and college students an opportunity to meet and interact with each other. This is one of the first dating sites to be featured as a part of another major network.

Black Relationship Experts
This site offers exclusive listings of African American relationship experts that specialize in marriage, dating, romance, and singles. Many of them are columnists, authors, and life coaches.

Black Relationship Magazine
This web site and magazines offers exclusive tips to black singles and couples. It also offers a singles portal, a chatroom for lovers, and content for a better sex life.

Black Scene
Owned by First Beat Media, this web site is the premier ebony dating site on the internet. Users can search for African Americans in any area for free, and can join the site to meet local black singles.

Launched in 2007 by Spark Networks, this online community was created specifically for African American singles, to make new friends or to find a life-long partner that shares similar values, traditions and beliefs.

Black Singles Connection
Produced by Mingle Match, this site offers access to African American personals and photo gallery. Members can enjoy instant messaging, chat, thousands of singles profiles, message boards, and more.

Black Singles Love Cruise
This cruise for African American singles travels to Spain, Italy, and France. Guests will enjoy live music performances, speed dating, beach excursions, singles mixers, and more.

Ebony Singles
This singles site allows users to post photos, blog, and chat live with other members. Questions can also be answered by black relationship expert Aaron Turpeau.

Powered by a company called Dating Ventures, this web site allows users to interact with singles in the United States and worldwide.

Flirtdate Urban Singles
This is an online matchmaking service for plus-size singles who live in urban communities. Users can post up to 5 photos, and send "smiles" to break the ice.

This site is for everyone, but has a special section just for African American singles enabling them to make compatible connections in their city.

An online African-American singles community that helps professional Black men and women find romance, friendship and get more out of life. This web site is produced by World Singles, who also own other ethnic dating sites.

What Are Black Singles?
Black singles are African American men and women who are not dating, and are unmarried. These individuals are typically interested in finding someone like themselves for a casual or serious relationship. Many people choose to remain single, and casually date. However, others who are single are anxious to get married.

Why Are There So Many Black Singles Services Online?
While the dating business in general is very profitable, the online dating business is dangerously lucrative. Most single people will pay up to $25 a month to have their profile and photo listed on a web site, so that others can find them. Multiply this by thousands of African American singles, and you have a million dollar business. Most of the black singles web sites are owned by big companies that have several different web sites targeting other ethnic groups. Very few are black-owned.

Most Black web sites, such as BlackNews.com, BlackPlanet.com, and BlackVoices.com have dating portals built into their platforms. This is called co-branding so that the user feels that the singles platform is affiliated with the web site that he or she is visiting. Many times though, the users are just joining a database of singles represented by through a network of other web sites.

This market in particular has grown extremely fast within the past 5 years for several reasons. One reason is that African Americans have been the fastest growing group online. Secondly, studies reveal that when online they spend most of their time on entertainment-related web sites. Thirdly, African-Americans have always been a more socially active group of people - and have long been big and innovative influencers for music, romance, fashion, and fun. Therefore, they have fueled and inspired the launch of black dating web sites.

Is It True That There Are More Black Singles Than In Any Other Race?
This is very possible. According to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Black males and females are more likely to be unmarried than Whites, Hispanics, or American Indian/Alaskan Natives. That same report concludes that Black individuals are far more likely than Whites and Hispanics to be divorced. If this is true, this does justify why so many Black singles web sites are popular.