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Top Black Models and Agencies
Listings of web sites from African American models.
Black Model - Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks
A black model, who also launched a career as an actress and popular television talk show host.
Black Model - Tyson Beckford
Tyson Beckford
This black model, well-liked by women of all colors, is also an international fashion icon and actor.
Black Model - Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams
This black model and talented actress was the first African American to win the Miss America contest in 1984.

69 Flavors
This site provides a convenient place to view African American models, or for such models to be displayed on the site.

100 Most Beautiful
This website the most beautiful women being featured with great photography. 100MostBeautiful.com is committed to selecting women of all ethnicity's that will bring glamour, beauty and a polished look to our exciting website.

This photography company is here to assist African Americans in planning their modeling session and they have affordable rates.

Aldrick Williams Photography
AWP is an imaging company focusing on portfolio development and graphic design. Their staff helps aspiring models build their portfolios.

America’s Finest Ethnic Models 4 U
Afew4u.com, based in Atlanta, GA and shooting models from across the United States started as a model promotion and portfolio site, and has now moved on to include model referral services, for clients in need of models for new projects.

Apex Visions
Apexvisions, Inc. is a recognized industry leader in urban fashion and glamour photography, model development and website design for models.

Atlanta Dymes
This site features a gallery for models to get some exposure. It also provides a forum to talk about the models or any general items of business.

Billy Cobb PhotoGraphics
PhotoGraphics provides portfolio services for models. They are also looking to collaborate with some models for projects.

Black Models Online
This site is the first and only modeling profile site dedicated to African American Models. Whether you are a male or female model, post your profile for some exposure.

Black Models USA
A modeling agency out of New Haven, Connecticut who feels “Your image and name is everything.”

Chicago Erotic Creations
This site purports to be the most tasteful E-xotic modeling showcase in Cyberspace. They have a Modeling Kit portfolio package available.

Dain R Burroughs provides African American models the opportunity to develop their portfolios through his services.

Ethnic Models Online
Ethnic Models Online is the largest online support center for Ethnic Models on the net. They not only provide information, but also exposure.

Ethnic Vogue
African American models have the ability to showcase their photos on this site, gaining much needed exposure.

Ethnicity Models
According to the site, “just about every hot music video you see on BET, MTV, and not to mention blockbuster films feature at least on of Ms. Stanley's Ethnicity Models.” Great exposure for Black models.

Eye Candy Modeling
The noted photographers her created this site are known for creating eye-catching and career launching modeling portfolios.

Eye Candy The Magazine
A magazine full of the girls who Eye Candy Modeling showcases. Seen by many scouts throughout the US, this is a great way to gain some exposure for your career.

Fotoz 2 Die 4
P.A. Greene has 20 years experience shooting award winning magazine photography of celebrity portraiture, fashion, beauty and fashion/ beauty products still life (tabletop)

Insatiable Models
This company provides photoshoots, test photoshoots, business cards, modeling seminars, and a whole lot more.

Intence Modeling
This site provides a community board to allow models to post comments and events. They provide TFP for all of their models. They are a complete modeling promotions solution provider.

Jezebel Blog
This is a blog all about and for Black models. A great deal of information and the latest news so that models can be informed about their business.

Lovely Secrets
This company pays generous fees and transportation expenses to Black models. Whether you are new to the business or an “old pro,” this is a great site for some exposure.

Luxurious Models
The sites catchphrase is “where models meet photographers.” Black models can upload their portfolio in order to secure modeling jobs.

This company is specialized in Ethnic and Black African models and talents. They offer free shootings for gifted talents and models.

MO Girls USA
This company is a Black model promotion company that promotes aspiring and semi-established female glamour models through print, web, film, video, and more.

Model’s Voice
Model's Voice is a community website focused on matching talent with projects in the entertainment and advertising industry.

Music and Modeling
This site is a networking resource and talent directory for aspiring and established professionals in the music and modeling industries.

Naomi Campbell
An African-European model who was born in London, but has grown to become an internationally-known celebrity. Although very successful, she has long line of legal troubles that stem from 1998 to present.

Press Peterson Photography
The Press Peterson site showcases an amazing array of African American models that they have done shootings for. They also give advice to models on the site.

Richard Franklin Photography
Richard Franklin is a Los Angeles based glamour photographer. His pictures are incredibly trendy. He’s been highlighted in many articles, including in GQ, for his talent.

This company specializes in creating sensual images of black men and women. Rundu is an award winning, female photographer.

Runway News
Runwaynews.com was originally conceptualized in 1999 as an option for up and coming talent in the fashion industry to gain public notoriety in a level playing field.

Sapphire Photography
Miss Delisa Woods is a photographer of many areas, one of which includes models. She explains her services on her site.

Selita Ebanks
A popular Victoria Secret model who was born in the Cayman Islands. She dated actor/comedian Nick Cannon, and other NFL star Osi Umenyiora.

Signature Ink
Signature Ink is a full service modeling company. Danielle Baker has had countless awards to her credit.

South Models LLC
This company’s models have appeared in numerous videos and television specials and are highly sought after for event promotions and hosting.

Texas Sexiest
TexasSexiest.com was created with the vision of NOT portraying women in an exploitive fashion. Their vision was to create a modeling site where a model’s beauty would be truly appreciated.

Tyra Banks
Best known as a popular talk show host, Tyra Banks began her career as an actor on "Fresh Prince of Belair". She later went on to be the first African American women to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Tyson Beckford
An African American supermodel and actor, who was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine. He is best-known as a model for Ralph Lauren.

Unsigned Talent Online
This site provides a vehicle for talent to be discovered on the internet. One part of their mission is to capture the entertainment industry’s up and coming models.

Urban Bunz
The goal of this site is to bring the beauty, glamour and sensuality of the urban woman to everyone.

What Is A Black Model?
An African American model who poses for photographs and/or video footage in order to promote a company's clothing (i.e. Victoria Secret) or to promote themselves. They have been used sparsely in the past, but are now extremely popular amongst advertisers. Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karen, and Ralph Lauren are just a few major companies that regularly used African American models in their television commercials and print advertising.

Such models are also heavily used as runway models to promote clothing lines at major fashion shows around the world. Ebony Fashion Fair, ran by Ebony Magazine, was the first major fashion show to use a predominantly Black and African cast. To date, Black models are regularly used in the most prestigious fashions in Paris, New York, and Rome.

The term "Black models" can even refer to women (and sometimes men) who model for magazines and web sites for gratification purposes. Popular magazines such as King Magazine and Black Men Magazine featured models who many readers find attractive. Web sites such as BlackCuties.com have a similar function.

Why Are Black Models Popular?
Black models are increasingly popular because as of present, there are still just a hand full of them in the industry. Therefore when an African American man or woman becomes a model, they tend to stand out. The first well-known Black model was Vanessa Williams, who was also the first African American to be crowned as Mrs. America. However, by the late 1990's due to diversity being more accepted, Black models were much more in-demand. This was mostly attributed to the sharp growth in popularity of Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford, Selita Ebanks, and more.

The hip-hop revolution also fueled the popularity of Black male and female models. Magazines such as XXL, The Source, and Vibe became fashion resources for African American modeling urban clothing. This led to a movement whereas rappers, R&B singers, and even Black athletes were being used as models. Some great examples include: LL Cool J, Fat Joe, B2K, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Venus and Serena Williams, and Beyonce.

In recent years, several Black-owned modeling agencies have popped up in urban areas near Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Many of them market heavily on urban radio stations encouraging listeners to attend local auditions. This, in turn, fuels the careers of young models who may otherwise not have considered this as an option.