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Top Black Lawyers and Attorneys
Listings of web sites from African American lawyers and organizations
Black Lawyer - Johnny Cochran
Johnny Cochran
One of the most popular and respected black lawyers of all time.
Black Lawyer - Jock Smith
Jock Smith
This black lawyer co-founded the Cochran firm with Johnny Cochran.
Black Lawyer - Willie Gary
Willie Gary
This black lawyer has won some of the largest U.S. court settlements in history.

Arizona Black Bar
This Association has recently changed its name to the Hayzel B Daniels Bar Association. Its mission is to enhance the professional life of its members.

Arkansas Black Lawyers
This website gives an informative background of black lawyers who were known to have practiced between 1865 and 1950.

Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association
BESLA is an international organization of lawyers and other entertainment and sports industry executives in support of a more diversified, expert and informed group of entertainment and sports industry professionals. www.besla.org

Black Experts Directory of Law
This site provides a directory of Black lawyers, attorneys, judges and other experts on legal matters.

Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati
This Association is committed to the mission of improving the administration of criminal and civil justice, addressing the needs of African American attorneys.

Black Lawyers for Justice
This site provides information that will prove useful to Black lawyers across the country.

A property of the National Law Group, this web site represents the first and only nationwide Black-owned legal services company in the United States. They specialize in nearly every legal area, and have locations in many cities across the country.

Black Women Lawyers’ Association
Part of this Association’s mission is to identify and address issues and concerns unique to African-American women lawyers and judges

Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles
This Association is a non-profit corporation whose mission is dedicated to charitable, educational and community-based services.

California Association of Black Lawyers
CABL continues to be instrumental in increasing the number of African American judges throughout California.

Charles Houston Bar Association
This Association represents the interests of African American lawyers, judges and law students throughout Northern California.

Cochran Firm
This firm, founded by the late Johnny Cochran, is one of the premier plaintiffs' litigation and criminal defense law firms in the United States. Cochran, who died in 2005, was one of the most well-known black lawyers.

Cook County Bar Association
This Association is the oldest African American Bar Association in America’s history, coming together in 1869.

D. Augustus Straker Bar Association
This association was founded as a proactive organization of diverse attorneys, with a mission of promoting legal practice opportunities for minorities and women

Dawne A. Casselle, Esq.
Dawne provides this website to give viewers legal information, all in one place. Dawne practices law in Pennsylvania.

Dedra S. Davis
Dedra specializes in music law. She has become one of the most highly sought after speakers in the nation on entertainment law issues

Emancipation: The Making of a Black Lawyer
This book is an informative read for any African American lawyer. It covers the first 100 years of African Americans in the legal profession

Gate City Bar Association
Established in 1948, the Gate City Bar Association is the oldest African American Bar Association in the State of Georgia.

George W. Crawford Black Bar Association
This Association is a volunteer, non-profit, state-wide organization of attorneys, judges, and law students in the State of Connecticut. Its purpose is to work aggressively for the enhancement of the role of Black people in the legal profession

Great Washington Area Chapter Women Lawyers Division
GWAC was founded in 1974 by a group of African-American women attorneys in D.C. who shared a vision of establishing a professional networking organization that serves the needs of the community and enhances opportunities for professional development.

Houston Black Lawyers Association
This Association seeks to address injustice and educate members and the community by serving as a redress conduit, improving legal services and providing a voice for the community through advocacy, mentoring, professionalism and coalition building.

John Mercer Langston Bar Association
This Association’s purpose is to be a facilitator for excellence within the legal profession while also encouraging community service for those in need.

Macon B. Allen Black Bar Association
The Association was founded in 1967 by a group of young African American attorneys residing or practicing in the County of Queens.

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association
Since 1973, the MBLA has provided a valuable network and visible presence for attorneys of color within the Massachusetts legal community.

Metropolitan Black Bar Association
MBBA promotes the exchange of information between lawyers and legal associations, covering all areas of law and public and professional interests.

Mike Saint Pre, Esq.
Mike St. Pre is a prominent black criminal defense lawyer and the owner of the Law Offices of Saint-Pre and Associates. He is a specialist in federal and state criminal defense, and high-profile federal, white collar, and drug cases.

Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers
Minority bar association dedicated to supporting the professional development of Black lawyers, judges, and law students.

Minority Bar Association of Western New York
MBAWNY is an organization comprised of minority attorneys in Western New York, whose goals are to protect the civil rights of all people, and to enhance the legal services available to minority communities.

Monumental City Bar Association
This Association provides mentoring and counseling to law students and young lawyers, as well as training opportunities to advance the education of minority attorneys.

National Attorney of Color Network
The only online network dedicated exclusively to promoting diversity in the legal profession by providing America’s leading companies and law firms access to attorneys of color.

National Black Law Students Association
NBLSA is a national organization formed to articulate and promote the needs and goals of black law students and effectuate change in the legal community.

National Conference of Black Lawyers
This is an an association of lawyers, scholars, judges, legal workers, law students and legal activists whose mission is to serve as the legal arm of the movement for Black Liberation, among other important things.

New Mexico Black Lawyers Association
Throughout the nearly three-decade existence of the organization, NMBLA has promoted social justice, encouraged mutual support among the members, and has contributed to worthy endeavors.

Race, Racism and the Law
Race, Racism and the Law considers race, racism and racial distinctions in the law. It examines the role of domestic and international law in promoting and/or alleviating racism.

Rochester Black Bar Association
One of the purposes this Association assumes is To serve as a voice for the concerns and opinions of African American attorneys in Monroe County, and to promote the professional development and networking opportunities.

Sam Cary Bar Association
This Association was created in order to create a self-help group to instill professionalism and serve as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among African-American lawyers.

Texas Black Lawyers
This group promotes the inclusion objectives of the State Bar of Texas as they relate to African-American attorneys, both in the profession and within the State Bar.

University of South Carolina Black Law Student Association
This Association provides formal and informal academic, professional and social support to African American law students.

Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter National Bar Association
The organization began in the 1950s with a group of African-American lawyers that mercilessly fought against injustice in Florida.

W. Harold Flowers Law Society
In 1938, the Wonder State Bar Association was formed with W. Harold Flowers being one of the organizers. The association formally changed its name to the W. Harold Flowers Law Society in 1981 to recognize and honor Harold Flowers for his many years of service to the bar and on behalf of human rights.

Wiley W Manuel Bar Association
The Association maintains a supportive role with African American law students and aids in representing the legal interests of African Americans in the greater Sacramento area.

Willie Gary Law Firm
Willie Gary is a well-known Black lawyer who has handled some of the largest jury awards and settlements in U.S. history. Based in Florida, he has received several honorary doctorate degrees.

What Is A Black Lawyer?
A lawyer who specializes in areas that are relevant to other African Americans. Most Black lawyers have a practice in civil rights, child support, and marriage/divorces. However, there are many who practice in business law, real estate, and more.

Why Is There A Need For Black Lawyers?
Black lawyers are needed to keep the arena diversified. In the early 1900's, a black defendent had to depend on a white lawyer to win his case. The problem was that most whites at the time were racists. To this day though, many Blacks prefer a Black lawyer to defend them in court.

Who Are Some Celebrity Black Lawyers?
Johnny Cochran was probably the most well-known African American lawyer. He died, however, in the early 2000's. Others include Jock Smith (who co-founded the Cochran firm), and Willie Gary - who is best known for winning a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Walt Disney World for patent infringement.

Is It True That Black Lawyers Are Rare?
According to a 2007 report by the Associated Press, the number of Black lawyers has actually on the rise. However, the article states that only "about 5 percent of law firm partners are black." The real problem, though, is that Black lawyers are not regularly appearing in Supreme Court. That, in itself, is rare.