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Top Black Authors and Publishers
Listings of web sites from African American authors and related organizations.
Black Author - Eric Jerome Dickey
Eric Jerome Dickey
A popular black author of several best-selling novels.
Black Author - Vickie Stringer
Vickie Stringer
This black author is the CEO of Triple Crown Publishing, one of the largest urban novel publishers.
Black Author - Zane
This black author has written several best-selling romance novels that appeal to African American women.

Aisha Ford
Aisha Ford is a Christian who writes inspirational fiction. Her goal is to write stories that represent African Americans in a positive way.

Allen J.Z. Shabazz
Allen is the author of 4 books and has over 30 years of experience and research about black history and world history.

Alonda Alloway
Alonda has composed several novels, as well as a variety of short stories.

Angela Benson
A writer of 9 novels, Angela is the winner of multiple writing awards, including Best Multicultural Romance

Angela Henry
Angela was awarded Honorable Mention from Ebony for one of her short stories and is the founder of the MystNoir website.

Angela Nissel
Not only does Angela write novels, she’s also co-producer for the tv sitcom Scrubs.

Angie Daniels

Angie is a published author with multiple publishers. Currently she has 14 books available for purchase.

Anthony Asadullah Samad
One of the most read columnists in the African American press over the last 15 years, Anthony has authored 2 books as well.

Barbara P. Fleming
Barbara is the author of several mystery related books.

Barbara Joe-Williams
Not only is Ms Williams an author, she’s also an independent publisher. She travels doing motivational speaking and conducting seminars and workshops.

Barbara Neely
Barbara is the author of the popular Blanche White mystery novels. Her short stories have also been displayed in multiple media sources.

Bebe Moore Campbell
One of Bebe’s books was one of the Best of 2001 by the LA Times. She’s written articles for the New York times as a journalist.

Bernadene H. Coleman
Bernadene was born in Post-Prohibition times, and she has chosen to write about events that she first heard about as a child. Multiple novels have followed her first.

Bernadette Y. Connor
Bernadette is an accomplished author of 4 novels, continuing with her writing career even still.

Bernice L. McFadden
Bernice began writing after being laid off from a job. She also writes under the name Geneva Holliday.

Bette Ford
Bette is the author of 10 novels in the romance genre. One was nominated for Romantic Times “Reviewers Choice Award.”

Brandon Massey
Self publishing his first book before being signed by a publisher, Brandon has continued to go on and write multiple suspense thrillers.

Brenda Jackson
Even holding down a full time job, Brenda manages to write multiple books each year. She has received numerous rewards for her written art.

Brenda Joyce Nichols
Writer of Christian fiction, Brenda plans to advance her writing to non-fiction as well.

Brian Egeston
Brian wrote while attending college, and then he entered the corporate world. Later, he quit his desk job to begin writing full time.

C. Kelly Robinson
Another corporate-American turned full time writer, C. Kelly wrote his first book and then re-released it by a different name. This time, it became a best seller.

Candice Poarch
Writing about African American heroes and heroines, Candice likes writing stories that will leave her readers feeling refreshed and hopeful.

Celeste O. Norfleet
Celeste, a romance author with 15 books under her belt, writes romance because she believes in “happily ever after.”

Chassie West
Chassie writes mystery novels and has four novels, all with the character Leigh Ann Warren. She, however, began writing in the young adult genre.

Cheril N. Clarke
Featured in Curve Magazine, as well as several other publications, Cheril has penned 4 novels thus far. She has also published poems and short stories.

Dante Lee
Dante is an entrepreneur and also the author of "Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies and Resources for the African American Entrepreneur " - which addresses the statistics that Black business owners are more likely to fail than their white counterparts.

E. Lynn Harris
Although E. Lynn was unable to find a publisher at first, he published his first novel himself. Once he received the acclaim he deserves, his career has gone on from there.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
A syndicated newspaper columnist and CNN political analyst, who is also the author of nine different books on race and politics.

Eric Jerome Dickey
Eric is the author of several best-selling novels, and is well liked and respected by female readers. Originally from Memphis, he has also worked as a school teacher and stand-up comic.

Farrah Gray
Farrah is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who made his first million at the age of 12. His first book was "Reallionaire", and his second book was "Get Real, Get Rich".

Gayle Jackson Sloan
Currently Gayle has 2 published novels, the second a follow up (not a sequel, as she says) to the first. She has another novel on the way.

Gloria Mallette
A self-taught writer who has written 9 books including There Be Pain, What’s Done in the Dark, and Distant Love. She has been featured in several publications including USA Today.

Harrine Freeman
Harrine is the CEO of a company that helps people repair their credit. She is also the author "How To Get Out of Debt" - a popular step-by-step self help book.

James McBride
An accomplished musician and the critically acclaimed author of The Color of Water and Miracle at St. Anna. He is also a former staff writer for The Washington Post, People Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

Janet McDonald
Janet passed away a year ago in April of cancer, but not before writing 9 novels. Her writings will live on.

J.L King
J.L is a New York Times best-selling author of "On The Down Low" and "Coming Up From The Down Low". He also has publishing company Urban Moon publishing.

Karen E. Quinones Miller
Publishing her first book herself, Karen went on the write 4 other bestselling novels. Even though she had to have surgery for a brain tumor, she continues to write.

Karrine Steffans
This controversial sex symbol and New York Times best-selling author has authored several books about her sexual experiences with celebrities - including Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and even HBO's Bill Maher.

Coach Koran Godwin
Koran is the University of North Florida’s All-Time Leading Scorer and founder of JumpStartHoops.com. He is also the author of Everyone Hates a Ball Hog but They All Love a Scorer: The Complete Guide to Scoring Points On and Off the Basketball Court.

Lawrence Christopher
Lawrence is a writer of short stories and has received many awards.

LeShawn Daniel
LeShawn has published author of 2 books, and he has also written songs for a Unityfest cd project.

Michael Baisden
Michael is a best-selling author, and now the popular host of the Michael Baisden show - an African American targeted radio show nationally-syndicated.

Michael Eric Dyson
The author of 14 books, Michael is an intellectual socially-conscious author who is also a professor at Georgetown University. Ebony magazine named him one of the hundred most influential blacks.

Minnie E. Miller
Minnie began her career with a book of short fiction stories, and she is currently in the process of her next novel.

Monica Regina Payton
Monica is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction. She penned an article that appeared in the Journal of American Academy of Physicians Assistants.

Nina Foxx
So far Nina has published 5 novels and has had a short story appear in Wanderlust. Her 4th novel was successfully adapted into a musical.

Omar Tyree
A 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award winner, Omar has published 15 books thus far. He’s been recognized as one of the most renowned contemporary writers in the Black community.

Relentless Aaron
A best-selling author from New York who has sold nearly 200,000 urban novels. Recently signed a deal with G-Unit books - a company owned by rapper 50 Cent.

Sandra Kitt
Sandra’s first book was optioned by HBO and Lifetime. She was the first black writer to ever publish with Harlequin.

Shannon N. Davis
Due to the rejections she received from publishing companies, Shannon Davis decided to start her own. She has 3 novels at this point.

Shelia Goss
Shelia has already received at least 10 awards for her writings. She has 3 novels and one on the way.

Vickie Stringer
Vickie is the queen of urban novels. After writing her first novel, she sold thousands of copies independently and went to launch Triple Crown Publications.

A New York Times best-selling author, Zane has written several books that collectively have sold more than 250,000 copies. In addition to being an author, she is also the founder and publisher of Strebor Books International.

What Is A Black Author?
Usually, a Black author writes books primarily for other African American readers. However, some Black authors write books designed for all readers. A growing amount of black authors write street fiction novels - also known as urban novels. There are quite a few, though, that write non-fiction books about business, health, and more.

Who Are Some Best-Selling Black Authors?
Best-selling African American authors include Bill Cosby, Tavis Smiley, Zane, James McBride, Eric Jerome Dickey, Karine Steffans, Farrah Gray, Terry McMillan, and more.

What Are Some Resources For Black Authors?

AALBC.com - web site devoted to book reviews that promote African American authors and their work. Also, serves as a resource and a forum - allowing readers to exchange opinions about their favorite authors.

African American Pavilion at BookExpo America - This annual event showcases African American books, authors, products and publishers is the market place for thousands of African American publishing industry professionals.

BlackNovels.com - A popular online and offline book club featuring thousands of books by African American authors.

Black Issues Book Review - a nationally distributed magazine devoted exclusively to covering the latest news and reviews on black authors and their books.

Black Writers On Tour - This annual event gives exposure to Black authors and writers, increase their book sales, motivate, and develop aspiring new writers and authors.

Black Writers Reunion and Conference - An annual conference held for Black authors that allows them to interact with other authors, playwrights, editors, and writers from across the country. Also, features relevant workshops and speeches.

MosaicBooks.com - Themed as "the quintessential place for booklovers", this web site offers exclusive book reviews and promotions of popular African American authors.

Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation - a resource center for writers, readers, and supporters of Black literature. This organization provides culturally-sensitive services and guidance for Black authors and writers at every stage of their development.