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Top Web Sites Related to Black Art
Listings of resources for African American art.
Black Art By Ernie Barnes
"The Beauty of the Ghetto"
This painting by Ernie Barnes was a significant contribution to the world of Black Art in the early 1970's.
Black Art By James Loveless
"Strong Black Love"
This powerful illustration, painted by James Loveless, is a favorite to many. His artistic capabilities are very impressive.
Black Art By Annie Lee
"Blue Monday"
This painting by Annie Lee won international attention. Her unique style portrays African American life.

African American Expressions
America's leading gift and greeting card company that empowers groups in earning revenue for their community activities while sharing the beauty of our culture. America's Best Fundraiser!

African American Museum of Philadelphia
The first institution built by a major United States city to house and interpret the life and artistic contributions of African Americans.

Afro-American Cultural Center
Located in Charlotte, the Center exists to present, preserve and promote African American art, culture and history for the education and enlightenment of all.

Andre Guichard
The work of Guichard, a black artist, was published in African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond The Daniel Texidor Parker Collection by Daniel Texidor Parker, 2004.

Annie Lee
This popular female artist uses acrylic paint to create interesting images of African Americans in their daily life habits. She began her professional career as an artist at the age of 40, and has become an international sensation.

Anthony D. Lee
Lee has been creatively influenced by the city's culinary and musical atmosphere and the years following the Civil Rights Movement.

Anyta Thomas
Thomas' artwork has been shown at exhibitions such as the African American Art Museum in Philadelphia.

Arna Bontemps African American Museum and Cultural Arts Center
Their mission is to further knowledge of the legacy of Bontemps and to promote awareness of African American history and culture through programs in the humanities and arts.

ArtJaz Gallery
This gallery, established in 1999, provides a venue for exhibiting contemporary fine art by new and emerging Artists of African descent.

Association of African American Museums (AAAM)
This association is a non-profit member organization established to support African and African American focused museums - nationally and internationally. It is the premier organization that represents such art museums, and others.

This site features a large selection of limited edition and open edition prints and posters by popular African American, African and Caribbean artists.

Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia
The museum's goal is to become a statewide resource on the many facets of Black history through exhibitions, discussions and celebrations.

Black Art Depot
Based in Atlanta, this company's goal is to be the number one supplier of african-american art, gifts and collectibles in the Southeast. They donate 5% of all profits to a deserving charity within the community.

Buchi Upjohn Aghaji
Aghaji, born in Nigeria, expresses his art through a variety of media including oil, watercolor and acrylic on cold-pressed paper, canvas, burlap, wood and pottery.

California African American Museum
The museum's mission is to research, collect, preserve and interpret for public enrichment, the history, art and culture of African Americans.

Calvin Coleman
The messages that Coleman's works relay are global as he strongly believe that his spiritual beliefs are global and has the power to transcend cultural, ethnic and national barriers.

Charly Palmer
Charley Palmer has his artwork displayed at art galleries all over the United States and has received multiple awards and commissions. 

Chattanooga African American Museum
The museum is a source of curricula, historical references, creative works and media about the African American experience. 

Cynthelia L. Cephas
The interest of Cephas, a quilter, was ignited when she became a member of the Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild of New Jersey and her hobby developed into a small business, C. C. Quilts.

Dane Tilghman
Tilgman has established himself as one of the premier painters of African American Golf Art and Negro League Baseball images.

Diana Shannon Young
Diana's artwork of vibrant hues has been shown at exhibitions all over the country. He work was even commissioned by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in 2004.

Ernani Silva
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, this Black artist has developed a distinctive style that contains abstract, Brazilian and African elements, laced with rich and vibrant color.

Felicia Grant-Preston
This Black artist feels her work is a "reflection of deep spirituality, her identity as a black woman and her love of color." Her work is very popular, and highly-respected in the industry.

Gale Fulton-Ross
The art work of Gale Fulton-Ross can be seen at the American Museum of African American Artists in Boston and the California Museum of African American Art - among other places.

George Nock
Nock, a former runningback for the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins, has created artwork that has been exhibited all over the United States.

Jackson Collins
Collins' style is inspired by the trials and triumphs of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Muhammed Ali, and documents history through a unique cultural perspective.

An annual program produced by the Cotton Club Museum and Cultural Center in Gainesville, Florida. The program runs an annual competition for Black artists from all around the world. The event
celebrates African cultural heritage with fine, and folk arts.

Jose Sebourne
In 2004. Jose was the recipient of the African American Visual Artist Master Artist Award for the Tri-State Area.

Katherine Kisa
Born in Kenya, this well-known African artist has earned many awards and has her artwork shown in numerous exhibitions in the United States.

Kimmy Cantrell
Cantrell uses ceramic sculpture as her art platform and has her sculptures have been exhibited at New York's prestigious National Black Fine Art Show and International Art Expo.

Lois Mailou Jones
For more than fifty years, Lois Mailou Jones has enjoyed a consistently successful career as a painter, teacher, book illustrator, and textile designer until her death in 1998.

Moe Brooker
Moe teaches two-dimensional design and painting at Moore College of Art and Design, the nation's first and only women's college devoted to the visual arts.

National Museum of African Art
This nationally-recognized museum fosters the discovery and appreciation of the visual arts of Africa. It features art from various countries - including Kenya, Somalia, and South Africa.

Oggi Ogburn
Oggi is touted as a celebrity photographer due to his unique ability to capture a backstage perspective through his lens – often of the moments not captured by those documenting the music scene.

Paul S. Benjamin
Benjamin primarily uses collage and acrylic paints, and he was published in Daniel Texidor Parker's book "African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond."

Richard Watson
Watson's work can be identified by themes, which infuse some element of the African American experience: landscapes, contemporary women, and works which allow Watson to form a dialogue with his ancestors.

Tubman Museum
The museum's mission is to educate people about African American art, history and culture and to promote harmony among all races.

US Black Art
Launched in 1997, this company sells African American art and works to develop and promote new and original art work by a rich and diverse group of young artists.

What Is Black Art?
Black art is the products of creativity produced by Carribeans, Africans, and African Americans. This can include paintings, drawings, sculptures, crafting, photography, dance and even graphic design. It can also include animation and film. Black art has grown to be extremely popular in many countries because of its unique and original contributions to the world of art.

Such art is kept alive in many daily and weekly newspapers in the United States. Popular cartoonists such as Keef Knight (Kchronicles), Aaron McGruder (Boondocks), and Jerry Craft (Mama's Boyz) have their work featured regularly in publications read nationally and internationally. Their style of drawing and comedy stands out quite a bit from that of other cartoonists.

Who Are Some Popular Black Artists?
Ernie Barnes was undoubtedly one of the first African American artists to be come popular. He is best known as the father and creator of the Neo-Mannerist style. His art was regularly showcased on Good Times and The Cosby Show. To this day, his art is heavily recognized by art enthusiasts and is displayed in many museums. In addition, many African Americans have his work on display in their homes.

James Loveless, a portrait artist, is probably one of the most sought after artists. He has created two and three-
dimensional designs for companies such as Pizza Hut and Anheuser-Busch. He also designs wall murals, post cards, flyers, brochures and calandars for you and/or your company. He is best known for his designs that portray Black love.

El Anatsui is an internationally-recognized artist from West Africa. His creativity is based on metal sculptures made from wood, tin, aluminum, and bottle caps. His work is inspired by ancient wisdom and customs of African culture, and has earned him prestigious awards and notoriety from the industry.

There is no shortage of Black female artists either. Tonya Engel, a contemporary self-taught painter, is known for her "igurative form mixed with the emotion and expressionistic boldness." Her designs depict domestic settings of children in curious game-play within rooms wall-papered with flowers. A deeper look, though, reveals adult-like figures within narrative worlds. Tonya and several other Black female artists were recognized at group exhibition called "Subjective Visions: Contemporary Art by African American Women" at the University of Texas in San Antonio.

How Did Black Art Get Its Start?
Many believe that black art began amongst talented West Africans who often painted pictures about their suffering. Their emphasis was alway on the human figure, visual abstraction, sculpture, and performance art. The earliest form of art was African rock art created in the country of Niger.

Traditional art was then created, and is often what's seen in museums today. This type of art included wooden masks - made with ivory, animal hair, plants, gems, and more. It also included the design of statutes made from wood or ivory.

What exists today is mostly contemporary art. This is mainly paintings and drawings. Such work is contributed by African American and African artists, and displayed all over the world.