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3 Black Super Heroes Descended on Festival de Cannes and Walked Away With the Hot Topic Spotlight While Entertaining, Educating & Elevating!

Reginald F. Lewis Film at Festival de Cannes

Cannes was an Explosion of Film, Music, Fashion, History, Art, & Influencers from across the Globe. The focus was 3 Black Men: 1. TITAN Reginald F. Lewis FILM HONORS (European […]

Against the Odds, Black Entrepreneur Signs Major Deal with Sam’s Club to Take Her Family Tea Recipe Nationwide

Nailah Ellis-Brown, founder of Ellis Island Tea

Nailah Ellis-Brown, maker of Ellis Island Tea, is the only female African American beverage maker in the United States with her own manufacturing plant. Her family recipe for Jamaican Sweet […]

24-Year Old Black Student Graduates With Two Degrees From Two Different Colleges... on the Same Day!

Darrell Landon Kelly

Cincinnati, OH — Darrell Landon Kelly, a 24-year old African American from Cincinnati, Ohio, has proven his #BlackExcellence after graduating with two advanced degrees — one Master’s degree and another law […]

New Member Elected to Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Board of Trustees

W. Melvin Brown, MUSC Board of Trustees Member

College of Medicine alumnus, U.S. Navy veteran W. Melvin Brown, III, M.D. serving 6th district Charleston, SC — The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is pleased to welcome W. […]

Possible Police Cover Up Sent an Innocent Black Man, Kevin Keith, to Prison For 24 Years -- Case Now In Front of the US Supreme Court to Reopen the Case

Kevin Keith

Nationwide — A powerful multi-part limited documentary series, Proving Innocence: Kevin Keith vs. The State of Ohio, examines alarming new evidence in a 24-year-old capital murder case where a possible […]

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Whose Platform Makes Online Shopping 10 Times More Enjoyable (And Cheaper!)

John Cornelius McCaskill, founder and CEO of Rewardance

By Shantell Robinson Nationwide — So you love online shopping right? Well it just got a whole lot better! Founder John Cornelius McCaskill has created a Black-owned company based in […]

New Children's Book, "I Didn't Leave Because of You," Helps Explain Why Mommy or Daddy Left

Tyechia White, author of I Didn't Leave Because of You

Nationwide — Millions of children being raised by a single parent have inevitably wondered, “Why did my mother or father abandon me?” A new children’s book, I Didn’t Leave Because […]

12 Modern-Day Black Women Who Became the First to Do What They Did!

Modern day Black women history makers

African American women have always made history in science, technology, business, politics and even sports. Some of them are well-known, and others have gone unnoticed. Their accomplishments have dated back […]

Los Angeles Area Black Entrepreneurs and Professionals to be Inspired and Educated by Master Networker Dr. George Fraser

George Fraser

Los Angeles, CA — The Master Networking Guru, Dr. George C. Fraser is coming to Los Angeles. Dr. Fraser is the CEO of Fraser Net, Inc., a company he founded […]

Even Unarmed Black Grandmothers Are Being Cursed at and Arrested By White Police Officers

Black grandmother, Rose Campbell, being arrested by police

Nationwide — Rose Campbell, a 65-year old unarmed Black grandmother from Alpharetta, Georgia was yet another victim of a police brutality and violence. She was stopped by a police officer […]

Genius Mind Films Announces a New Superhero Franchise -- "Eyes of Esca" Starring Cymphonique Miller

Eyes of Esca starring Cymphonique Miller

Nationwide — From the comic book and novel Eyes of Esca comes the highly anticipated screenplay adaption. The story range carries a potential of Star Wars and is comparable to […]

Black PhD from the Poorest Part of Jamaica Launches Book Tour to Share Her Story of Survival and Resilence With Women Around the World

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown during a book signing with a fan

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown was once homeless in a third world country, she failed high school as a teenager, and she was recently held up at gunpoint… but she still […]

Ed Lover, Roxanne Shante, Angie Stone and More to Attend Black Writer's Weekend and AAMBC Literary Awards in Atlanta, June 7-10th

Ed Lover, Roxanne Shante, and Angie Stone

The event will honor African American literary artists. Atlanta, GA — The African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) will return with its tenth Annual AAMBC Awards, and kick […]

In New Book, African American Entrepreneur Shares His Secrets on How to Generate Passive Income Online

Passive income book by author, Brandon Gates

Brandywine, MD — Passive Income Generating Methods: How to Make Money While You Are Sleeping by Black author and entrepreneur Brandon Gates was recently released on Amazon as an e-book, […]

Talented 9-Year Old Girl Born Without Hands Wins Handwriting Contest... For the 2nd Time!

Anaya Ellick holding her award

Chesapeake, VA — Anaya Ellick, a 9-year-old girl who was born without hands, proves that nothing is impossible even with such condition as she recently received a national award for […]

Black Teen Awarded $1 Million Settlement After Cop Slammed Him Through a Window and Shattered His Lungs

Javier Payne

Bronx, NY — Four years ago, Javier Payne nearly died from severe injuries after a police officer pushed him through a window in a brutalizing arrest. Now, Payne has been awarded a $1 million […]

Meet the First Black Woman Owner and Operator of a Nationally Distributed Vodka

anessa Braxton, owner and CEO of Black Momma Vodka

Vanessa Braxton is the owner and CEO of Black Momma Vodka, a company that offers various unique flavors of handcrafted, gluten-free vodka. As the first African-American woman to own a […]

Negro League Baseball is Back with the Official Launch of the National Urban Professional Baseball League -- Opening Game is on May 25th

Coach Mike Mayden, director of the National Urban Professional Baseball League

Nationwide — Thanks to the National Urban Professional Baseball League, the rebirth of Negro League Baseball will take place with opening day on May 25, 2018 in Laurel, Mississippi at […]

Young Unarmed Black Man Choked, Slammed and Arrested By White Police Officer Outside of Waffle House

Police officer chocking Black man outside Waffle House

Warsaw, NC — Investigation is now underway regarding the viral video of the incident that happened at a Waffle House in Warsaw, North Carolina last Saturday when a local police […]

68-Year Old Grandmother and Her 22-Year Old Granddaughter Graduate From College... Together!

Grandmotther and granddaughter graduate together at Tennessee State University

Nashville, TN — Although born more than 40 years apart, Theresa Lyles and her granddaughter Zuri Lyles were part of the same graduating class at Tennessee State University.

New Debut Production Tells the Powerful, Untold Story of African American Nurses During World War II

Fort Huachuca play about Black nurses during World War II

Los Angeles, CA — Fort Huachuca: A Tale of Sisterhood, Patriotism, and Race is a debut production written by emerging actress and playwright Ailema Sousa and directed by Amen Igbinosun. […]

Another Black Man Arrested by Police... This Time For Leaving His Car Running in a Parking Lot

Craig Williams, Black man from Sacramento arrested for idling his car

Nationwide — Craig Williams, a 40-year old African American man from Sacramento, California, was recently detained and arrested by a white police officer for leaving his car idling outside of […]

Not Again! Employee at Nordstrom Rack Calls Police on 3 Black Men for Shoplifting... But the Truth Forced Them to Apologize!

Mekhi Lee, Dirone Taylor, and Eric Rogers II

Brentwood, MO — Three Black teenagers were recently shopping at a Nordstrom Rack in Brentwood Square, Missouri when suddenly they were wrongfully accused of stealing. A store employee reportedly called […]

Miami Police Officer Charged with Assault After Video Shows Him Kicking Handcuffed Suspect

Miami police officer kicks a handcuffed Black man in the head

Miami, FL — A Miami police officer has been charged with assault after allegedly kicking a handcuffed suspect, who is Black, in the head as seen in a cell phone […]

Black Millionaire Author, Ella M. Coney, Offers Free Books on How to Never Be Broke Again

Ella's Golden Egg by Ella Coney

Denver, CO — Ella’s Golden Eggs: How to Conquer Real Estate and Never Be Broke Again is real estate expert Ella M. Coney’s latest release. “No matter where you start, […]

Powerful New Book, "We Are Our Ancestors' Keepers," Empowers Children and Raises Cultural Awareness

We Are Our Ancestors Keepers Book

Nationwide — Those are some elements that readers will experience as they dive into We Are Our Ancestors’ Keepers, a Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curriculum for children K-12. Follow […]

MUSC Awards Faculty, Student, and Health Leaders of Diversity and Inclusion

MUSC awardees

Charleston, SC — The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has recognized Ebony Hilton, M.D.; third-year medical student Keeland Williams; and Michael Denham, M.D., chief of perioperative services, with the […]

Police Called After 3 Black Women Seen Checking Out of an Airbnb Rental Home -- The Company Calls it a "Terrible Incident"

3 Black women detained by Rialto Police while leaving Airbnb home

Nationwide — A group of three African American filmmakers who were vacationing at an Airbnb rental home in Rialto, California say they were surrounded by police and detained after a […]

Once Homeless, This Entrepreneur Just Launched a $36 Million Fund to Invest in Black Women Founders

Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital

Arlan Hamilton was once broke and homeless, but now she’s the founder of Backstage Capital – a venture capital firm that promotes underrepresented founders such as people of color, women, […]

Miami Beach Welcomes a Luxurious Lifestyle Event For Professional Men & Women of Color

Authenticity Event in Miami Beach, FL

Houston, TX — Need a safe space to heal from the daily grind? Being a person of color in corporate America can be draining. Join an intentional luxury four day […]

Music Extraordinaire Teddy Riley Becomes an International Ambassador for the Mother of Humanity® Monument Foundation, Inc.

Teddy Riley receives Mother of Humanity Monument Foundation Ambassador Proclamation

Los Angeles, CA — Music producer/songwriter and performer Teddy Riley, acknowledged as “King of New Jack Swing,” who’s enviable list of platinum-laced credits include Guy, the Winans, Joe (the Riley-produced […]

3 White Men Who Killed and Dismembered Two Black Men Won’t Be Charged With A Hate Crime

Jarron Moreland and Alize Smith

Oklahoma, OK — After being horribly killed by three white men, the two black men from Oklahoma City who were found dead, dismembered and chained in a pond, were not […]

Meet the Genius Black Inventor Who Created the Super Soaker Back in 1990 -- And Holds More Than 80 Patents on Other Popular Products!

Lonnie Johnson, creator of the Super Soaker

Lonnie Johnson, from Mobile, Alabama, was working as an engineer for NASA when he accidentally created what led to the invention of the Super Soaker water gun. It was the […]

Black-Owned All-Natural Mouthwash and Tooth Powder Brand For Children Uses the Power of Oxygen to Promote Healthy Oral Care

Children with Garner's Garden mouthwash and tooth powder

All-natural, fluoride-free kid’s mouthwash and tooth powder are the newest products offered by African American entrepreneur Philip Garner’s company, Garner’s Garden. Parents absolutely love the product line for their children […]

101+ Real Organizations and Programs That Help Single Moms Pay Bills, Collect Child Support, Attend College, and More!

Single Mom Financial Guide

Nationwide — An amazing new book entitled, The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom (101+ Real Organizations and Programs That Can Help You Pay Bills, Collect Child Support, Attend College, […]

Meet the 11-Year Old Entrepreneur Who Trades on the Stock Market

Christon The Truth Jones, 11-year old day trader

Barely standing 5 feet tall, 11-year old day trader, Christon “The Truth” Jones is on a mission to help 1,000 people become successful. And he does it one stock at […]

22-Year Old Black Man’s Death While in Police Custody Has Been Ruled a Homicide

Keeven Robinson

New Orleans, LA — Keeven Robinson, a 22-year old African American man, was killed during a violent arrest and his death was initially connected to his chronic asthma and poor […]

White Woman Calls Police on Black Real Estate Investor, But it Backfires on Her!

Michael Hayes

Nationwide — Michael Hayes, an African American real estate investor in Memphis, Tennessee, was basically doing his job inspecting a house when a white woman accused him of burglary and […]

Oprah Winfrey Had Long Been a Millionaire, But This is What Made Her a Multi-Billionaire!

Oprah from millionaire to billionaire

Oprah Winfrey became a millionare back in the 90’s when she was hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show talk show. The show began in 1986, but by 1992, it was the […]

Ayesha Curry is More Than Just the Wife of NBA Champion Steph Curry -- She’s a Business Woman With Her Own Restaurants and More!

Ayesha Curry

Most people know Ayesha Curry for being the wife of Steph Curry, an NBA superstar. But many people don’t have an idea that she is a very successful business woman. […]

Black Teen Who Received Scholarships to 113 Colleges Proudly Chooses an HBCU

Jasmine Harrison, winner of 113 scholarships

Greensboro, NC — While some high school seniors are stressing about whether they have been accepted to college, Jasmine E. Harrison, a 17-year old senior from The Academy at Smith […]

Black Woman From Canada Among One of the First Patients to be Cured of Sickle Cell Anemia

Revee Agyepong, patient cured of Sickle Cell Anemia

Revee Agyepong, a 26-year-old Black woman from Canada, has been the first adult to be cured of sickle cell anemia. Through a stem cell transplant and with the help of […]

LaToya Cantrell is the First Black Woman Ever to be Mayor of New Orleans

LaToya Cantrell

New Orleans, LA — LaToya Cantrell, the newly elected mayor of New Orleans, has officially sworn in the oath of office. She has set a significant milestone as the first woman ever […]

Lyft Commits $1.5 Million to Giving Free Rides to Low Income Families

Lyft Ride Relief Program

Lyft, the popular ride-hailing company, is committed to helping people solve transportation issues. And now, they are extending an affordable transportation option to people from low income households. In fact, […]

New Study Confirms That Black-On-Black Crime is No Different From White-on-White Crime

White on white crime

Nationwide — Almost every day a news report about police brutality and Black Lives Matter is getting coverage, and usually a conservative counters it by claiming that Blacks kill Blacks […]

This Black-Owned Company Makes a Fortune Turning Trash into Treasure

Black employees working at WeCycle

Waste management is one of today’s largest environmental problems, especially in poverty-stricken areas. Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, a Nigerian social entrepreneur, found a favorable solution and launched WeCyclers which offers waste collection […]

President Trump Says If Poor Americans Don’t Get a Job, They Will Lose Their Welfare Benefits

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, who has been making significant changes in the federal aid programs, has just signed an executive order that aims to force low-income recipients of the program to […]

Meet the Talented 19-Year Old Who Was Just Booked to Perform at the British Royal Wedding

Sheku Kanneh Mason

London, England — The Kensington Palace has announced that 19-year old cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, is on the list of artists scheduled to perform at the upcoming May 19th royal wedding […]

Golf Club That Called the Police on Black Women For Not "Keeping the Pace" Faces Business Backlash

Sandra Thompson, Myneca Ojo, Sandra Harrison, Carolyn Dow, and Karen Crosby

York, PA — Five black women were unjustly kicked off Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania for allegedly golfing “too slow”. The golf club even called the police twice to […]

This Black-Owned Vegan Company Produces Plant-Based Protein Powders and Shakes Now Available at Walmart and Wholefoods

Claude Telis and Kareem Cook, founders of Vegan Smart

Many would agree that a plant-based diet helps in keeping us away from diseases. To make more people, especially those that are underserved, aware of its benefits, Claude Tellis and […]

It’s True! MoviePass is Black-Owned -- And They Already Have Over 2 Million Subscribers!

MoviePass founders

MoviePass has recently been making a buzz, especially to avid moviegoers. Since the company lowered its subscription fee last August, they gained over a million subscribers. What’s more, the successful […]

3 Simple Changes to the Federal Child Tax Credit That Would Help Millions More Low Income Families

Federal Child Tax Credit

Many would agree that the Federal Child Tax Credit is providing assistance for children in poverty to succeed. However, its current structure is a hindrance for those who really need […]

White Police Officer Throws Black Woman to the Floor in Violent Arrest; Tells Her "I'll Break Your Arm"

Chikesia Clemons being arrested

Saraland, AL — Yet another video of a violent arrest by a White police officer of an unarmed Black person has surfaced and gone viral on the internet. This time, […]

Black Woman Who Lost Her Job Because of Her Locks Has Petitioned the Supreme Court to Look at Her Case

Traci Vance, owner of the Loc Nesst natural hair salon in Chattanooga, TN

Mobile, AL — Chastity Jones is an African American woman who lost her job offer after refusing to cut her locks. The racial discrimination lawsuit she filed against the company was dismissed […]

Black-Owned Restaurant in Dallas Reserves Mondays to Serve the Homeless

Paulette Johnson, founder of Truckers Cafe

Aside from her love for cooking, Paulette Johnson, an entrepreneur and the owner of Trucker’s Café, also loves helping people. Her café has been known not only for its “biggest […]