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All 6 Police Officers Acquitted in the Death of Freddie Gray -- His Mother Responds, "I Know They Killed My Son!"

Glorida Darden, mother of Freddie Gray

Baltimore, MD — It’s happened again. Last year, 25-year old Freddie Gray, an African American man, was arrested and died while in police custody in Baltimore, Maryland. This year, all […]

Hair Braiding Without a License Used to Be Illegal in This State, But Not Anymore!

Hair braiding Black woman's hair

Nationwide — Braiding hair without a cosmetology license used to be a crime in the state of Iowa, but as of July 1, 2016, it no longer is. Before the […]

12-Year Old Shiona "Shi" Curry's Natural Approach to Cooking Book Inspires Children to Make Healthy Choices

Shiona Shi Curry

Atlanta, GA — S.N.A.C. it up! CEO/Chef, Shiona “Shi” Curry authors S.N.A.C. it up! Cookbook: Shi’s Natural Approach to Cooking (www.snacitup.com) to inspire children to make healthy food choices. Shi’s […]

Black Sibling Entrepreneurs Invent New Premium Travel Pillow That Creates a First Class Experience For Travelers

Journey Pillow by Anthony and Candace Williams

— The Journey Pillow, created by Anthony and Candace Williams, is a one-of-a-kind travel pillow with individualized support that attaches to your seatbelt or waistband. — Atlanta, GA — We […]

Just Days After Keshia Knight-Pulliam Announces She's Pregnant, Her Husband Files For Divorce -- Wants Paternity Test

Keshia Pulliam-Knight Wedding

Nationwide — Former NFL player Ed Hartwell and his wife actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam are calling it quits, just days after she announced on social media that they are expecting a […]

Black Business Launches Nationwide $16 Million Dollar Job Creation Initiative

Let's Create Jobs

— Healing Summer 2016 is designed to help heal the roots of racial wounds in the USA — Albany, GA — TTTriumphant Enterprises 400, LLC, known as TTTriumph400, is launching […]

NBA Legend Michael Jordan Releases Statement on Police Brutality and the Killings of Police Officers in Retaliation

Michael Jordan speaks out on police brutality

Nationwide — Michael Jordan, whom many call the best basketball player of all time, has finally broken his silence. Many have criticized him in the past for not using his […]

Toy Designer Fires Back After Critics Say Her Dolls Are "Too Dark"

Malaville Toy Dolls

Nationwide — Entrepreneur Mala Bryan, via her company Malaville Toys, is an independent doll maker that designs dolls for African and African American girls to play with. Her unique dolls come […]

80% of Strokes Among African Americans Can Be Prevented By Doing This!

African Ameriacn taking blood pressure

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts (ruptures). African Americans are affected by strokes […]

With 300 Million Guns Already in the U.S., Gun Control is Not The Answer -- We Need Mindset Control

Orrin Hudson

By Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, Founder of Be Someone Inc. Nationwide — According to the U.S. government itself, there are an estimated 300 million guns in the United States. So is […]

#BankBlack — Top 23 Black-Owned Banks, Credit Unions and Other Financial Institutions

Industrial Bank, Black-Owned Bank in Washington, DC

The #BankBlack revolution has already began. Thousands of African Americans across the country are transferring their money to FDIC-insured, Black-owned banks that invest in urban communities and businesses. Initiated by […]

Low Income Mothers With Addictions Urged to Take Advantage of This Free Government Program

Low income mother with children

The U.S. government’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides access to food and health resources to low income women and their children. But […]

Video Shows Unarmed Black Man Pleading With His Hands Up Before Getting Shot by Miami Police

Charles Kinsey, unarmed Black man shot with hands up

Miami, FL — Charles Kinsey, a 47-year old man from South Florida, was shot in the leg by a Miami police officer as he laid on the ground with his […]

Young African American Entrepreneur That Owns and Operates an Independent Telecommunications Company Now Holds 4 U.S. Patents

Freddie Figgers

Tallahassee, FL — 26-year old Freddie Figgers became one of the youngest African-Americans to own and operate an independent, U.S.-based telecommunications company when he launched Figgers Communications.

Black-Owned Fashion Organization Empowering Women All Around the World to Become Entrepreneurs

Willow Tree Roots Fashion Designs

Entrepreneur Tiffani Sharp is the founder of Willow Tree Roots, a non-profit organization that helps women to succeed as entrepreneurs. Tiffani says the idea grew from a seed of love […]

Report: Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby Says He Is Completely Blind

Bill Cosby Gone Blind

Nationwide — As Bill Cosby awaits his trial for sexual assault charges, the legendary comedian has reportedly completely lost his eyesight due to a degenerative eye disease called keratoconus. A […]

Largest Black Online Marketplace to Expand to Include Service-Based Businesses

We Buy Black

— All are encouraged to join the WeBuyBlack.com campaign — Nationwide — Inspired by the popular mantra, “do for self” a phrase representing the idea that Black communities must work […]

Producer Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan Announces the Release of "The Black Light Chronicles," A Call-to-Action Concept Album About the Black Experience in America

Kevin Kwiz

New York, NY — Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan, producer/engineer, composer and tour audio programmer for The Formation World Tour, will release The Black Light Chronicles – a call-to-action concept album based […]

8,000 People Open Accounts At Black-Owned Bank In Atlanta

Citizens Trust Bank

Citizen’s Trust Bank, a historic Black-owned bank in Atlanta, GA, has seen a huge spike in business. In just five days, 8,000 people have submitted applications to open an account. […]

White House Dismisses Online Petition to Label "Black Lives Matter" A Terrorist Group

Black Lives Matter group protesting

Nationwide — Over 140,000 people have signed an online petition at WhiteHouse.gov accusing the Black Lives Matter movement of being a terrorist group that uses “violence and intimidation in pursuit […]

Actress Tatyana Ali Gets Married in Beverly Hills to University of Chicago Professor Dr. Vaughn Rasberry

Tatyana Ali with husband

Beverly Hills, CA — In a very intimate ceremony in Beverly Hills, actress Tatyana Ali, 36, married Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago. The two […]

Program Gives Millions of Low Income Families Internet Service for Just $10

The largest broadcasting and largest cable television company in the world has just announced that they will be expanding their $9.95 per month Internet service so an additional 1.3 million […]

These 4 Mood Boosters Could Put Antidepressants Out of Business

Depression is a brain disorder that causes people to be persistently in a depressed mood and is often accompanied by a loss of interest in activities. It’s not like just […]

U.S. Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas Gets Her Very Own Barbie Doll!

Gabbie Douglas Barbie Doll

Nationwide — Gabby Douglas has two gold Olympic medals to her name, multiple world championships, and now her very own look-a-like Barbie doll. She is currently training for the upcoming […]

Non-Profit Distributes More Than 8 Million Pounds of Healthy Food to Low Income Families

Brighter Bites

Eating healthy is a particular challenge for low-income families. They often do not have the money to purchase what they need to stay healthy — fresh fruits and vegetables. One […]

Executive Producer of Fox 5 DC to Speak at Power Networking Luncheon For Women in the Washington, DC Area

Terri Toliver

Washington, DC — Carolyn E. Howell, Founder and CEO of Fun Company Events and Director of Sterling Women of Washington DC is inviting all women entrepreneurs and professionals in the DC […]

Getting Teens' Passport Ready: The Passport Party Project to Gift 365 Passports to Underrepresented Youth, Ages 11-15 Nationwide

Passport Party Project

— National Geographic Travel award-winning global awareness initiative will give away one passport a day for one year with the help of travel advocates worldwide — Oakland, CA — The […]

Children’s Author Creates 7th Papa Lemon Book Focused on Depression

Lehman Riley, author of Papa Lemon Books

Minneapolis, MN — During his childhood author Lehman Riley was fascinated by his grandfather Papa Lemon. Unfortunately, Papa Lemon passed away in 1973 when Lehman was 10 years old. Lehman’s […]

What Every Black Woman Needs to Know About Having a Premature Baby

Black woman with premature baby

When a baby is born too early — before the average 38-40 weeks gestation period — it puts them at risk for serious health problems and death. According to information […]

First Black-Owned Vodka Company in South Africa Launches

Sibusiso Sibis, founder of Distinkt Vodka

A new vodka will soon be hitting the shelves in South Africa. Distinkt Vodka, created by chemist Sibusiso Sibis, will be South Africa’s first Black-owned vodka brand. Sibis started the […]

Legendary Division I Coach, Mike Jarvis, to Speak at Alfred Street Baptist Church Men’s Retreat, July 22-24 in North East, Maryland

Coach Mike Jarvis

Alexandria, VA — Mike Jarvis, legendary basketball coach, life coach, author, and sports analyst will be the keynote speaker at Alfred Street Baptist Church’s 2016 Men’s Retreat: Excellence Without Excuses. […]

Independent Black Label Artist, Vernon Neilly, Leaps Into Billboard Top 20

Vernon Neilly's They Don't Care Single

Los Angeles, CA — Boosweet Records, the award-winning independent Black-owned label based in Southern California, a few weeks ago released the new video “They Don’t Care” by Vernon Neilly. The […]

Founder of Miss Black United States Pageant Says, "Forget the Hairspray and Butt Glue… Black Women, Let’s Conquer the World"

Sonja McCord, Founder of Miss Black United States

Nationwide — In a world that seemingly revolves around hairspray, butt glue, and rhinestones, Founder Sonja McCord transcends the archetypal pageant into a quintessential finishing school and enrichment program. Miss […]

Nickelodeon Animated Series Debuts First Interracial Married Gay Cartoon Couple

Nickelodeon Loud House Gay Interracial Couple Cartoon

Nationwide — TV has become more gay-friendly these days, and not just for adults! Nickelodeon, which is owned by Viacom, apparently wants their animated programming to reflect more diverse types […]

Black Money Matters! Entrepreneur Launches Nationwide Program Giving African American Families Their Very Own Personal Accountant

Randy Hughes

Long-time entrepreneur and accountant Randy Hughes, via Counting Pennies, his accounting and tax preparation firm based in Orlando, Florida, is now offering affordable and much-needed financial services to urban and […]

Actress Lunden De'Leon to Star in New Romantic Comedy, "An Inherited Life"

Lunden De'Leon

Nationwide — It was announced today that actress Lunden De’Leon has joined the cast of the romantic comedy An Inherited Life playing the role of Bianca. Filmed in South Carolina, […]

Forbes Magazine Confirms Dwayne Johnson is the Highest Paid Actor in the World

Actor Dwayne Johnson

Nationwide — Actor Dwayne Johnson, who started out as “The Rock” in the world of professional wrestling, is now the world’s highest paid actor. According to Forbes Celebrity 100, he […]

International Headwrap Expo and Fashion Show Coming to Motown This Fall

Headwrap Expo and Fashion Show

— This unique event will be held at September 25, 2016 at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan from 1pm to 8pm. — Detroit, MI — […]

Can Constipation Can Cause Heart Attacks?

Black Woman with Doctor

Constipation affects about 42 million people in the U.S. African Americans, and women, are more likely to suffer from constipation that whites. In general, constipation does not constitute a serious […]

New Black History Bowtie Design Celebrates Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Bowtie

Nationwide — The African American civil rights movement can now be celebrated in style with the release of a high-quality, luxury printed bowtie that features Martin Luther King, Malcolm X […]

Baltimore-Based R&B Group, KSTONE, Releases First Single "Tic Toc"


Baltimore, MD — Baltimore-based R&B artist and family trio, KSTONE, announces the release of their long awaited CD single, “Tic Toc”, on their independent label, Unome Music, and is now […]

Black-Owned Cupcake Enterprise Named "Family Business of the Year"

Cupcake Collection

Every year, Black Enterprise names one family-operated business as “Family Business of the Year.” This year’s prestigious award went to Nashville, Tennessee-based cupcake company, The Cupcake Collection, owned and founded […]

Powerful Book Entitled, “America the Racist?” is Republished to Give Insight on How to Stop Killing Black Men... and Police Officers

America the Racist? book

— The book, written by H. J. Harris, changes the paradigm of racism that has created “Black Lives Matter”. — Nationwide — Author H. J. Harris believes the headlines of police brutality, […]

Singer Chaka Khan Cancels Show -- Checks Into Rehab For Pain Killer Addiction

Chaka Khan

Nationwide — Just two days before she was set to perform at the California State Fair, 63-year old singer Chaka Khan reportedly canceled her performance, and announced that she will […]

Multimedia Power Couple Gives Second Chances With "Free Jobs For Felons" Events

Jenny and Rufus Triplett

Nationwide — Felon, felony, criminal record, ex-offender, ex-con, etc., etc., etc. These labels in the job market are a hindrance. They are a separating factor of who gets in and […]

Kevin Durant Leaving Oklahoma City Thunder; Heading to Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors

Oakland, CA — OKC Thunder NBA star Kevin Durant has decided to change teams, and has already signed with the Golden State Warriors. He has apparently decided that he has […]

Free Video Streaming Service, ColoredContent.com, Offers Viewers Quality Black Web Series

Colored Content

New York, NY -– ColoredContent.com is the very first online video streaming platform dedicated to Black web series. The site launched last year and now has a variety of web series […]

LA-Based Luxury Medical Concierge Service Recruits Top-tier Physicians, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals


— Concierge medicine is a relationship between a patient and a physician or service in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer for ancillary medical or healthcare services. […]